I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 135: "Bye-bye Cheeks…"

Chapter 1068: “Multitasking”

Under thestun effect, Charles wings reacted a step slower because he had to control his wings manually. 

This slightest mistake immediately gave him countless injuries from head to toe. 

Blood trickled down his wounds. Some blood icicles also got stuck in his flesh, continuously giving him pain and even slowed down his movement. 

But Charles was also a veteran. His muscle memory enabled him to cover his whole skin with feathers. 

Yes, its not protecting his body with his folded wings, but directly growing hard feathers on his skin.

This is also one of the winged peoples innate skills. 

Charles muscle memory saved his vital areas from the blood icicles. 

The hard feathers covered his body like armor, and then his navy blue wings also didnt stay still. 

He knew it was better for him to make a cocoon like what Ainsley did when facing his intense attack, but he felt that he would lose if he did that. 

Its just an instinct. 

And sometimes, instinct was what saved countless ability users in a real battle. 

This time, Charles really felt what it means to be in a real battle. 

Even when he fought someone in an official ring before, he never felt such urgency. 

After all, the other party might be cruel, but they didnt have any killing intent. 

Ainsley is different. 

Her every battle from the beginning of her life to now is either kill or be killed. 

She rarely engages in a meaningless fight to beat up someone and such, except for when shes training. 

And so, even when the baby didnt deliberately do things, she still subconsciously showed her killing intent. 

The blood wings faithfully captured the babys feelings and reflected them in this one attack. 

Charles felt that every single blood icicle came to him like the God of Death. 

Yes. These icicles did target his vital parts like when he attacked Ainsley, but they were much more vicious. 

The icicles attacked him from tricky angles. Not to mention the height advantage. 

When Charles attacked Ainsley, their altitude was the same, and his wind only rushed in a linear trajectory. 

But Ainsleys attack came from above, like spears from heaven. 

The burden and the fatality was much higher than his own wind attack! 

The wind might be dangerous, but such hard feathers turning into icicles were 100% more dangerous than the wind attack! 

For a moment, Charles was busy growing hard feathers to be his armor while flapping his wings to cut the surrounding icicles. 

His wings were also usually soft and flexible, but when Charles changed the structure, it became a double sword. 

The advantages were there. Charles easily cut the blood icicles and advanced toward Ainsley, trying to end this mini domain. 

But the disadvantages were also not small. 

His wings became heavier and denser. He flew forward so slowly, and it was hard to dodge any sudden attacks. 

Because of this, Charles relied on his feather armor to protect him. 

His feather armor covered him from head to toe, not even sparing his face. 

This instantly changed Charles human-like feature to that of a bird man or something. 

In front of the live broadcast camera and the arenas own camera, Charles changed from a handsome young man to an identified being. 

But who cares about beauty and appearance when hes fighting to the death? 

Even Ainsley didnt care about her own appearance or her opponents appearance. 

When she saw Charles slowly marching towards her, Ainsley immediately knew that Charles was indeed a veteran. 

The elites she fought before in the battlefield would be caught off guard and would soon die under the blood icicles. 

Most of them died mainly because they didnt have any defensive abilities. 

Charles had both defense and attack skills in one ability. 

And he chose to match towards her instead of using his wings to create a cocoon to protect him. 

The baby also knew that right now, her wings were hard and dense. 

It was only good for flapping in place, keeping her floating in the air. 

But if she wanted to fly smoothly, it would be hard. 

Actually, it would be easy to attack Charles with her realism art. She could just create other items or beasts to attack Charles and she would immediately win. 

But Ainsley wanted to beat Charles in what hes proud of and what hes good at. 

This is not only a warning to Charles but also a warning to the rest of the Winged Guild and her future competitors in Gasha Country. 

She would defeat Charles with only her blood wings! And the wings werent even a part of her blood manipulation ability. 

Ainsley tried to control her wings, and this time, the wings were obedient. 

The baby still supplied energy to maintain this realism arts product as she slowly controlled the frequency of the wings flapping. 

No one said that she couldnt do a second round of attack when she had already created the blood rain. 

Ainsleys mind became one with the wings, and she poured all her concentration on the wings while leaving her instinct alive to detect any dangerous movement from her opponent. 

In less than a minute, Ainsley had already grasped the theory behind creating a new round of attack while still shooting hard feathers to attack Charles. 

This kind of thing is like multitasking. Ainsley had to draw a circle with her left hand and a triangle with her right hand. 

It was absolutely a hard thing to do, especially in such a battle. But Ainsleys concentration and imagination skill were top-notch. 

As an avid anime and manga fan, she was used to binge-reading or binge-watching for a whole day without getting disturbed. 

Ains concentration must be super high, right?! 

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