I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 143: "Stop Her At All Costs!"

Chapter 1086: “Charm Ability Users In Gasha Country”

Ainsley even contacted her old friend, Zenan, to help her build a new overseas guild app for the Gasha Guild branch. 

This way, the Gasha Guild branch had their internal app but also had the overseas app to connect with members from the Godlif Country. 

Of course, Ainsley rewarded Zenan handsomely for his good service. 

Everything was ready, and Ainsley only lacked guild members who wanted to join her Irregular Tamer Guild in Gasha Country. 

However, speaking of potential guild members…Ainsley got reminded of something unpleasant. 

Its about the lack of potential members from ordinary backgrounds. 

“Right, Aaron. About the other charm ability users…from the data I got, there are more charm ability users in Gasha Country than in Godlif Country. Is that true?” 

Ainsley easily found the data on the internet and was shocked when she saw this. 

She knew that this world was much bigger than her previous world, and the number of living beings with intelligence here was higher than the number of the entire Earths population. 

Still, it was shocking that the charm ability users in the Gasha Country counted around 5% of the whole ability user circle. 

5% is a lot! Thats so abundant! Even a lot more than daily life ability users! 

Not even the winged ability users can reach this terrifying number despite being hailed as the most influential ability user in Gasha Country. 

If Ainsley didnt see the data, she would think that the winged ability users, who counted for around 3% of the whole ability user circle, were the one with the highest number. 

But no. The charm ability users turned out to be much more abundant than the winged ability users! 

Maybe this is also why the Winged Guild and other big guilds were especially afraid of Ainsleys new guild. 

If all theseuseless charm ability users could be fighters and tamers…the Irregular Tamer Guild would be the number one guild in the whole country within months. 

They were sure of that because the number of guild members also corresponded to the guilds entire strength. 

Although there were many guilds with little members who became strong guilds because of the members quality, the majority of the big guilds had many guild members of varying quality.

Hearing Ainsleys question about the charm ability users percentage in Gasha Country, Aaron went to check the internet for a few minutes before nodding his head. 

“Yes, guild founder. What you said is true. There are so many charm ability users here and most of them become tour guides or stars in the entertainment industry.” 

Because the Gasha Country was bigger than the Godlif Country and had many foreign visitors from the Celestial Kingdom, their entertainment and tourism field was developed well. 

This is also why the Graph Family was seen as one of the top-tier families despite only engaging in the tourism field. 

“The entertainment industry in our country is much better than the one in Godlif Country, and the majority of stars are ability users, ” Aaron added. 

In Godlif Country, the entertainment industry was a place for the leftover ability users withmagic skills or beautiful and capable ordinary people. 

Because the Godlif Country was usually full of infighting, wild monsters and beasts attack, and other dangers, the entertainment industry was a bit backwards. 

One of the proof was the fact that even a small internet celebrity like Leroy who didnt have any notable work, could have countless fans. 

Even Ainsley who followed his ex-fathers footsteps, was super popular in Godlif Country despite only using her fame as a baby mafia boss and a little anchor. 

But in Gasha Country, Ainsleys feat of 300,000 live viewers was only peanuts. 

“Half of the first-line celebrities in our country are all charm ability users. The other half are ability users with magic-like skill…” 

There are almost no ordinary people who become celebrities in this country, except for the rich people and those with high-face value or talents. 

Ainsley nodded at Aarons words and was silent for a few seconds before quietly asking him in a low voice. 

“Then…have you investigated the reason why there arent many charm ability users from ordinary backgrounds who enter the pre-registration list?” 

She believed that a lot of people already knew about the news, but the result was unsatisfactory. 

Its normal for the charm ability users in the entertainment industry to reject the idea of joining the dangerous ability user circle when theyre already flourishing in the entertainment industry. 

But what about those who werent in the entertainment industry? 

Aaron actually had already investigated the case and was about to tell Ainsley, but coincidentally, Ainsley called him first to inform him about tomorrows registration. 

However, he was a little hesitant to tell Ainsley the result of his investigation because he could imagine Ainsleys response after knowing the truth. 

It wouldnt be a good response, anyway. 

“That…I have investigated the cause. Do you really want to know the truth, guild founder?” 

Aaron asked cautiously, afraid that he would accidentally give more burden to this little baby. 

Although Ainsley looked calm in front of the big guilds suppression, she was actually upset and a bit nervous inside. 

Aaron knew this very well, especially because the baby ate more than usual to vent her anger and would often ask him about the guilds future. 

She looked less confident than when she created the guild in Godlif Country. 

Aaron was a sensitive guy and felt that Ainsleys burden was actually too much. 

She was alone in this foreign country, and she faced the pressure from countless local giants. 

Even adults might collapse under such a pressure, but so far, Ainsley was still rational and didnt act rashly. 

Its all because she still had a bit of confidence in her unique Irregular Tamer Guild. 

But soon, her confidence would shatter to pieces. 

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