I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 144: "Cornering Grandpa Yofan"

Chapter 1087: “Blocked On The Internet”

Ainsley was confident that no charm ability users would reject such an opportunity to be a unique and powerful tamer. 

But Ainsley didnt know that the Gasha Countrys ability users werent as extreme as the Godlif Country. 

Here, weak ability users could still live well if they could use their special ability in the right place. 

It doesnt matter if they dont become strong. Anyway, there isnt any beast and monster tide each year. 

Theres almost no danger of beasts or monsters sudden appearance on the street, unlike the chaotic and dangerous Godlif Countrys capital city. 

Even if there is a beast and monster tide or a beast and monsters sudden attack, the celestials will help everyone to face the beasts and the monsters. 

Because of this, many charm ability users dont think that its really tempting to be stronger if they have to offend all the big guilds that hold their lifeline. 

Isnt it good to lay down and become an entertainer or something. Having a sugar momma or a sugar daddy is also okay, right? 

Prostitution here is extremely common, and strangely, the prostitutes rights are well-protected. 

They arent treated like a sex slave or something lowly comparable to animals, unlike the prostitutes in Godlif Country. 

Thus, even if Ainsley wanted to save the prostitutes in this country, they might not thank her and might even curse her for being a busybody. 

Aaron didnt have the heart to tell Ainsley all of this cruel reality. Thus, he tacitly shifted the blame to the big guilds. 

Still, he asked Ainsley whether she really wanted to know thetruth and Ainsley said yes. 

Then, he could only push all the blame to the big guilds because the big guilds were really the perpetrator. 

If the big guilds didnt threaten these charm ability users, many of them would still be interested to join the Irregular Tamer Guild to earn easy money by becoming a unique tamer. 

As for training to fight others? Some may want to do this while others will only want to train to be a good tamer to get more money. 

“I investigated the case and found that the big guilds threatened the charm ability users with ordinary backgrounds.” 

Aaron took a deep breath and explained carefully. 

“Thats why, a lot of charm ability users dont dare to register to be our guilds member…” 

Ainsley was silent for a few seconds. The news she just heard was too much for her brain at the moment. 

Really. This is the first time she ever knew of big guilds threatening others not to join her guild. 

This is too extreme, right? Just how much hatred these big guilds have to threaten the whole capital citys charm ability users not to join her guild? 

Ainsley tried to calm her mind by imagining sweet cakes and candies she ate a few days ago before slowly replying to Aarons reports. 

“What about those outside of the capital? Dont tell me the big guilds inform their branch guilds to stop the charm ability users from joining my guild in the capital?” 

“This…the big guilds didnt do that, but they…they blocked the news about the Irregular Tamer Guild from spreading to other cities…” 

Aaron inhaled sharply and decided to break the jar. 

“They even collude with the internet-focused guilds to block the Irregular Tamer Guilds name from appearing on the internet.” 

Because of this, many Godlif Countrys people dont even know about the Irregular Tamer Guild already appearing in their country. 

They know that Ainsleys guild is powerful in the neighboring country, but they dont know that the guild has already started accepting new members in their country. 

Ainsley had actually spread the news through her live broadcast, but her live broadcast platform was one from the Godlif Country. 

Although it could accept foreign accounts, not many foreigners knew about this live broadcast platform, especially when the one in Gasha Country was bigger. 

If Ainsley wanted to attract more Gasha Countrys people, she had to use a local live broadcast platform. 

However, foreigners couldnt register because they wouldnt be an official citizen of the country. 

Hey, its so difficult! 

Theres almost no global live broadcast platform like YouTube in this world, only processed videos could be uploaded in global platforms like Youtube. 

Theres a global video platform like Youtube in this world too, and Ainsley had an account there. 

She had many followers thanks to her battle broadcast and other battle videos throughout the year, but her videos could still be blocked in some countries because of the violence content. 

The big guilds in Gasha Country colluded with many hackers and internet-focused guilds, even governments officers to block Ainsleys channel from reaching the people in Gasha Country. 

Thus, only a fraction of Gasha Countrys people knew about Ainsley and her Irregular Tamer Guild. 

Most of them were from the capital city. 

Ainsley never imagined that the big guilds hated her so much until they did such a complicated thing such as blocking her news and information on the internet. 

Thats not an easy thing to do, but the big guilds still did it! 

Just how much hate they got for her?! Is it really necessary to block people to this extent?? 

Ainsley didnt know that her Irregular Tamer Guild brought much more threats to the other big guilds than what she could imagine. 

The Irregular Tamer will crush the monster tamer to the ground. 

This new guild can even surpass the Winged Guild as one of the strongest and most respected guilds in this country. 

The matter already involved the Gasha Countrys pride as a country with the most winged ability users among other human countries. 

This also indirectly involved the celestials who had close relationships with the Winged Guild! 

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