I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 294: "Pick Me!"

Chapter 1091: “Like Father, Like Daughter– Jakes Past”

Ainsley almost laughed out loud at the thought of fighting so many people a few times just to confront the big guilds– even having to act like a villain against those teens. 

But this seems to be an effective idea. 

“So…I might have to apply for three battle royales in total, right?” Ainsley joked with Aaron but what she said was true. 

The first battle would involve the three geniuses from the Winged Guild– Charles close friends. 

And then the second battle would involve that granddaughters suitors and best friends. 

The last battle would involve the older brothers and sisters of the suitors and that genius merchant girl. 

All in all, Ainsleys battle would be more complicated and dangerous as she proceeded further. 

But Ainsley had never been afraid of challenges. 

She was used to winning in many fights and had never encountered a bitter fight except for when fighting monsters and beasts. 

This battle royale could actually push her into a dire danger, but it would also further hone her battle skill. 

She had to prepare to fight against the transmigrator hunters, right? So, fighting these people would be a way to strengthen her abilities further. 

Ainsley quickly decided when to provoke the three geniuses, and she chose to do it tomorrow. 

“Help me inform the potential guild members that Ill start the inheritance ceremony once the sun falls down. After that, Ill have to rush to Celestial Lake.” 

Aaron, who had beentrained as the Gasha Countrys Irregular Tamer guild branch, was happy to execute Ainsleys command. 

“Roger, guild founder! Ill also get someone to leak the news that you are coming to Celestial Lake. This way, you can confront the three geniuses faster than ever.” 

Aaron only knew Ainsley for a few months, but he already had an unwavering faith in Ainsleys strength. 

He had seen Ainsleys various fights and believed that the girl would emerge victorious. 

Alas, the upcoming battle royales would definitely give Ainsley some injuries and Aaron could only hope that Ainslet wouldnt be seriously injured. 

After arranging the plan, Ainsley said goodbye to Aaron and went to find Jacqueline. 

The baby invited Jakes mom to live in the same hotel as her, and the woman happily agreed. 

Of course, she also told Jacqueline about the things she planned to do to end these little tricks. 

To Ainsleys surprise, Jacqueline didnt denounce Ainsley for being hot-blooded and rash. 

On the contrary, she started to laugh out loud. 

“Ah, ah, hahaha! Really– like father, like daughter, huh?” 

Jacqueline fell onto Ainsleys bed in the hotel while wiping her nonexistent tears. 

The baby could only look at Jacqueline with eyes full of confusion. Even the invisible Godfather and Zev were curious about Jacquelines words. 

“Auntwie…what do you mean by like father like daughter? Did dad do the same thing as me before?” 

Ainsley couldnt imagine Jake challenging a lot of guilds like her. 

After all, in her mind, Jake was a businessman, and he would choose a safer option rather than engage in such a dangerous fight. 

But Ainsley was wrong. 

Jacqueline quickly hugged Ainsley and dragged her to the bed before telling Ainsley a story about when Jake was still seventeen or eighteen years old. 

“You see. Back then, he was just a potential heir to the Billios Family, and he is still not restricted to the familys image.” 

So, why should he solve things peacefully when he didnt carry the burden of the whole Billios Family as amerchant family? 

“Back then, he used his God of Wealth ability to challenge many people who play tricks on him when hes doing business.” 

The Godlif Country was a chaotic family, after all. 

Jake often challenged people and beat them until their mother couldnt recognise them! 

“One of the reasons why the current Billios Family is so feared and has such a huge influence is also because of Jakes brutality when hes young.” 

Jacqueline reminisced about Jake when he was in his rebellious period. 

“His God of Wealth ability is really strong. Jake uses his business talent to gather a lot of money and then use the money to fight people who dare to provoke the Billios Family.” 

This is also why Jake became the family head in the end because their Billios Family lacked someone who could bare their teeth to others who wanted to covet their familys wealth. 

“Im also an ability user, but my ability is not suitable for a fight.” 

Jacqueline let out a long sigh as she stroked Ainsleys head. 

“Because of this, when I was the family head, many people wanted to mess with me and my husband.” 

Thankfully, Jakes dad, the mysterious guy, was quite powerful and despised not having a business talent…he could protect his wife and child along with the entire Billios Family. 

Jakes dad, whom Ainsley had never met before, was an orphan, but his unique ability was what made the Billios Family insist on taking him home as Jacquelines husband. 

“My husbands ability is a bit similar to Jakes God of Wealth, but the thing he has to sacrifice is not money. Its his body part.” 

Jakes fathers ability was similar to Code-Ls ability in terms of paying the price. 

Because of this, Jakes dad often lost a lot of blood, hair, and so on. 

“Of course, hes quite powerful because his second ability is actually regeneration and healing ability.” 

Because of this, he could sacrifice his body parts like a madman and then regrow his limbs and heal his wounds. 

If not for Jacquelines husbands strong ability, so many enemies would have killed Jacqueline when she was the family head! 

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