I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 296: "Shes Dangerous"

Chapter 1092: “A False Rumor”

Of course, now that she became the patriarch, she focused on the Billios Familys internal matters while Jake concentrated on his business empire. 

“Jake inherited his fathers hot-blooded nature when he was young, but after becoming the family head, he changed his attitude to be a mysterious, playful casino owner.” 

Jakes vibe always felt like a naughty and charming fox that would trick you into giving him money because he loved money so much. 

But hidden behind his playful nature was ruthless blood and a strong bone. 

“Jake once brawled with the 7 sacred families young masters and almost killed all of them. This battle made him famous all over the capital.” 

Jacqueline laughed when she mentioned the past, but Ainsley was truly shocked. 

No wonder Jake was the unwritten lord of the capital city and the 7 sacred families didnt dare to touch her after she got along well with Jake. 

They still got some past traumas from Jake! 

Maybe Jake once beat Michael black and blue in his younger days, right? 

No wonder Jacqueline said like father like daughter…the blood feud is still there, and the nature to provoke so many people at once was also there. 

Ainsley suddenly suspected that she might be Jakes child in her various past lives or something. 

“Anyway, you can go and provoke those youngsters but be careful of the older generation. No matter what, theyre all-powerful.” 

Jacqueline didnt forget to remind Ainsley to keep her head clear and not be arrogant because of her strength. 

After all, those grandfathers and grandmothers could already open a fully functioning domain for all their abilities. 

If Ainsley fought them one by one, without using the full strength of her luck manipulation ability, she would most likely die without a burial. 

After all, in the past year, she had never fought the older generations even in wars. 

The older generations usually didnt join any territorial war and would only come out when someone provoked their grandchildren or their children. 

Up to now, Ainsley had never seen the older generations of the seven sacred families or the seven great families. 

She had never seen Finleys grandparents or Jakes grandparents either. 

She had only seen the big guild leaders and they were all really strong. 

If Ainsley didnt have the Godfather by her side, she would be much more nervous in front of the big guild leaders in her country.

“Owkay, auntwie, Ill be careful around the older generation.” In the end, Ainsley promised Jacqueline not to take the older guys easily. 

After the conversation, both people separated to their own rooms and slept until they woke up naturally. 

That morning, Ainsley went to the guild building to accept the new guild members who would register today. 

From the listed 200 people, at least 80% of them came and registered, while the rest didnt come until the inheritance ceremony. 

They didnt even participate in the inheritance ceremony and just disappeared like that, never coming to the guild. 

At first, Ainsley was too lazy to care about this, but then, one of the young new guild members cautiously approached her. 

“T-that…guild founder, did you see the news on the internet?” 

Ainsley was busy preparing this and that, so how could she have time to check the internet except for when she was doing a live broadcast? 

Its been a few days since she last opened a live broadcast, mainly because the following content was not suitable for the audience. 

After all, it was a kind of guild secret when she filled up the building and did other things. 

Now that the new person suddenly asked, Ainsley couldnt help but retort. 

“I havent checked the internet these days. Whats wrong?” 

Somehow, she got a bad feeling…

The new person fidgeted as he looked down at the baby, who was even younger than his youngest sister in the family. 

For a while, he felt pity and remorse that the baby had to face such an accusation on the internet. 

Thus, he didnt dare to explain the truth and just urged Ainsley to open the internet, especially the local social media app for the Gasha Country. 

“I-I believe in you. Dont worry, guild founder. Dont take all those words to heart!” 

The new member cheered on Ainsley before slowly leaving the building. 

Only Ainsley was left on the lobbys couch, busy checking the internet. 

Maybe because both Elliana and Aaron were busy, none of them checked the internet and noticed the ongoing storm. 

Once Ainsley opened the Gasha Countrys most famous social media app, the first on the trending list was actually related to her and her guild. 

“The unique Irregular Tamer Guild from the neighboring country is actually a scam?!” 

The article and the discussion that topped the whole Gasha Countrys internet didnt reveal the fact that this guild had already started to expand in their country. 

But this discussion still brought many people both from the Gasha Country and from the Godlif Country to argue. 

[What the hell is this article? You are slandering someone! Just because this is the Gasha Countrys social media, it doesnt mean you can slander something from our Godlif Country!] 

[The mafia countrys citizens upstairs, how can you believe such a magical guild exists? If its not a scam, what is it?] 

[I remember the guild founder was said to be a toddler? Will you believe a toddler so easily? What a dummy.] 

[Upstairs, close your stinky mouth. You dont know Ainsley Sloan. Shes not an ordinary toddler. Shes stronger than a bastard like you!] 

[I dont care whether its a super baby or not. Theres no ability listed in her personal information that can make charm ability users into a unique tamer.]


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