I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 297: "How Pathetic!"

Chapter 1093: “Great Slander”

[Just because she can be a tamer herself, it doesnt mean she can make others into a tamer, right?] 

[The article said that the Irregular Tamers are indeed tamers who were once charm ability users, but it was said that there will be a huge side effect from this transformation.] 

[What do you know? Its not a transformation. Its a skill of enlightenment! Theres nothing dangerous with that!] 

[Im from the Irregular Tamer Guild that you mentioned and I can assure you that its been a few months and theres nothing wrong with me!] 

The person attached his guild license and guild identification to the comment, proving that hes really someone from the Irregular Guild Tamer.] 

[I demand the person posting this discussion and article to immediately delete it. Even if youre not from the Godlif Country, this article is a huge slander!] 

[Upstairs, I know you want to protect your own country but look at the evidence written in the article. I think its all true.] 

[What do you know?! Are you one of the people who had become an irregular tamer like me?? If not, shut up and go away!] 

[Yes, yes! Dont speculate things without proof! Even the person involved said that this article is wrong.] 

[I dont care whether its true or false. Anyway, if theres such a guild in my Gasha Country, I wont let my friends and family join it.] 

[Its so shady, right, right?] 

[Ewww. Just spread your cult to your chaotic mafia country. What is a mafia boss doing in our Gasha Country?] 

[Hey, hey, I heard that the guild founder fought someone from the Winged Guild. Let me fetch you the link ASAP!] 

[Goddamn. Shes too ruthless, right? She wants to shame our Gasha Countrys people!] 

[Upstairs, are you crazy or what? The battle arenas rules are like that. Its not ruthless at all for the baby to do that. If she didnt do that, Charles would be the one breaking her limbs!] 

[A bunch of weak ability users from Gasha Country. Just sparing that Charles life is already taking it easy, okay?] 

[If that Charles guy comes to our Godlif Country, he would have died without a burial. So weak.] 

[No wonder these idiots can believe the articles nonsense. They dont understand anything even though theyre ability users. Shame on you!] 

The topic escalated from the article itself to a fight between the Gasha Country and the Godlif Country. 

Many people from the Gasha Country who previously didnt think that the article is correct, started to side with the person who posted the article– 

Simply because the discussion started to involve the two countries dignity. 

Ainsley didnt know who reposted the article and the discussion on various global social media. 

When Ainsley checked Godlif Countrys special social media, the number one trending topic was also this article. 

Countless people started to drag the internet experts to see whether the article is true or not. 

Ainsleys guild members also joined the fight and posted various proof that they were fine and healthy. 

The article is big nonsense! 

The topic became so popular that even ordinary people knew about this and lamented that the ability users circle seemed to be more dangerous than what they thought. 

[Fortunately, we arent ability users. Its so chaotic every day in that circle.] 

[Hey, hey, I heard that ordinary people in Z Country live a better life than in other countries. I really envy them…] 

[We, ordinary people, are actually the majority in various countries, but these ability users dominate the society, simply because this world respects the strong and doesnt respect the law!] 

[Heh. Once someone wants to stand up for the ordinary people, its easy for those lunatic ability users to kill them. Who wants to defend us, the weak side?] 

[I dont care about this article. Anyway, the guild founder of that Irregular Tamer Guild is a mafia, and I cant say that shes completely innocent.] 

[I heard that this mafia is akind one but hey, if shes kind, why did she become a mafia? Disgusting.] 

[Dont you know that this baby even abandoned her powerless father and chose a strong father to replace her biological father? What a filial child.] 

[Shes clinging to a more powerful force. As expected of a cunning mafia.] 

[I hate the mafia. Even if this mafia boss looks cute and harmless, shes still a disgusting mafia!] 

[You people– arent you ashamed talking bad about a four-year-old toddler?! Wheres your humanity??] 

[Ability users arent human. Humans dont have special power.] 

[What the heck– are you an ordinary people activist? Go away! This article is the ability users field. What kind of trash can enter this discussion?] 

[I think the ordinary people are the ones who cant be called humans. Obviously, you guys are lesser humans and not humans.] 

[Lesser humans. What a good nickname for these people who can only protest and cant do anything! Hahaha!] 

The topic deviated a lot from the original one, and it even involved injustice towards ordinary people. 

There was also bias and prejudice towards all mafia in Godlif Country. 

The people were talking about the topic day and night. 

Naturally, those who knew that the Irregular Tamer Guild already existed in Gasha Country became even more confident in their judgment to obey the big guilds. 

The big guilds threatened them not to join because they felt that the Irregular Tamer Guild was shady as hell! 

Many members who had listed themselves on the pre-registration list became wary of the guild because of this rumor. 

Eventually, their family forbade them from joining the guild, and thats how only 80% of people on the pre-registration list came to register formally! 

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