I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 298: "Mission Accomplished"

Chapter 1094: “Thank You, I Love You”

After reading the whole discussion for more than an hour, Ainsley finally put down her phone and rubbed her tired temple. 

She really underestimated the big guilds small tricks to prevent her guild from developing in Gasha Country. 

They even dared to share false news and slandered her guild! 

But just like how people couldnt really prove that her inheritance was abnormal, she couldnt really prove that it was harmless. 

Maybe it really had a certain risk and price to pay, but its so cheap that the charm ability users didnt feel anything. 

Or maybe it was completely harmless because it was an item that Zev gave her and Ainsley believed Zev wouldnt be so malicious to give her something dangerous. 

But theres no concrete proof to all of this. 

The big guilds used this loophole to slander the Irregular Tamer Guild and even if the people from the Godlif Country wouldnt believe it…

Others from other countries might believe it because only a few people from their countries had joined the Irregular Tamer Guild in Godlif Country. 

This slander not only planted a seed of doubt in the potential guild members in Gasha Country but also in other countries potential members! 

Ainsley couldnt explain her emotion right now. Mad? 

Shes already fuming in anger that she almost crushed the floor with the magical brush. 

Anxious? Shes really worried because she doesnt know how to refute the article. 

Nalisha had contacted her just now, and she also asked Ainsley what their guild had to do to respond to this article. 

After all, the crux of the problem came from Ainsley and Nalisha needed Ainsley to personally handle it. 

The three cats, Godfather and Zev also read the entire discussion with Ainsley, and now, all of them were itching to find the big guilds to fight. 

“Lil brat, this is already too much. Lets visit those big guilds and destroy their buildings!” 

Its easy to camouflage things as a natural disaster or something. After all, Code-Ls ability enabled her to do that. 

No one would know that it was a man-made disaster from Code-Ls special ability! 

Even Jake called Ainsley a few times and comforted herfragile heart. 

“My daughter, dont be sad, okay? Dad can handle the matter on the internet for you. Lets find the person who posted the article and expose them.” 

Jake believed that this person should have a connection with the big guilds in Gasha Country.

That way, they could expose the big guilds cunning tricks. 

“Okay, dad, you can do that. But still, people had already doubted my guild, and I cant prove them wrong.” 

This is the main issue, and Ainsley was frustrated that she couldnt do anything! 

“How about asking the special doctors to check all the guild members and post their test results on your guilds official social media account?” 

“That can suppress the rumor a bit, but dad…people will still come up with various excuses…” 

Anyway, the seed of doubt had been planted and Ainsley needed a way to completely eliminate this doubt. 

“Its okay, just do it. At least the rumor will be suppressed.” Jake comforted Ainsley before giving her another suggestion. 

“As for eliminating the doubt…you can create a plan to showcase your guilds ability, just like at the beast and monster tide event.” 

“Hum. I planned to challenge all the big guilds after provoking their younger generations…maybe I need to make this a bigger issue than I previously planned.” 

Now, Ainsley wanted her to fight with the big guilds to be a global sensation among other human countries, not just a national event in Gasha Country! 

For this, Ainsley might need Jakes influence to lobby the Gasha Countrys government. 

After all, if Ainsley single-handedly defeated all the big guilds in Gasha Country and the whole world was watching….

That would be embarrassing for the Gasha Countrys government itself. 

They might reject the proposal after thinking about this possibility. 

“Okay, okay, just tell dad what dad can do for you. For now, you should just focus on your agendas. Dad believes in you!” 

Jake was always gentle and accommodating in front of Ainsley. 

Of course, he would also tease Ainsley from time to time but in this situation…he is highly reliable. 

Ainsley felt her eyes getting slightly wet with tears. Her heart was full of family warmth that she rarely felt in her previous life. 

“Thank you, dad. I love you!” 

Ainsley suppressed her shame and blatantly expressed her love for Jake, her father who was really the best young father in this world. 

Previously, Ainsley had never said the wordlove to Jake and Jake also knew that she might feel awkward about it. 

But now that Ainsley suddenly gave him a surprise, Jake squealed excitedly before laughing out loud. 

“Hahahaha! Dad loves you too!”

After the two people chatted with each other to comfort their hearts, they said goodbye and went to do their own business to solve this problem. 

Ainsley left the matter to Jake while she prepared for the inheritance ceremony. 

Since all the people who registered today trusted her, even after reading the false news, Ainsley was extremely kind towards them. 

“Dont worry, that article is false. There wont be any side effects after getting enlightenment.” 

Ainsley explained herself in front of the new guild members and didnt forget to comfort them, afraid they still had some anxiety and small doubts. 

“After all, I only guide you guys to be enlightened, and how far you can be enlightened depends on you.” 

Ainsleys words really soothed the new guild members and they no longer had even the slightest doubt about the guild! 

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