I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 15: "Slave"

The big races didn ’t discriminate against the mixed-blood anymore, but they still couldn ’t accept those with demonic blood, even if the bloodline were faint. 

Coincidentally, Axelle had exactly half the blood of the demons, not a quarter or less than that. 

He ’s really the elves ’ biggest shame in this sense. 

Of course, Finley ’s mind was on Chronos ’s words rather than the mixed-blood ’s fates or Axelle ’s circumstances. 

[Why can ’t I use my fairy magic? Is that not suspicious? Or maybe I told her that the elders use something to seal my ability…] 

The fairy world was naturally magical. 

There would be some items or materials that could seal a fairy ’s magic, only leaving them with their innate racial talent.

[Just tell her the elders seal your magic so that you can ’t run away. Did you forget all fairies need their magic to come in and out of the fairy world?] 

Sometimes, Chronos really forgot that Finley wasn ’t a real fairy. 

Finley only rolled his eyes at Chronos before putting up an act for Ainsley. 

”It ’s like this. I can become smaller, yes, but I need magic. And…because I am locked up in the fairy world, the elders seal my magic… ” 

Finley bit his lips as he looked at Ainsley with slightly teary eyes. 

”I ’m sorry. I don ’t have any magic other than my innate talent to control the wind. I can ’t even fly using my wings. ” 

Ainsley ’s face instantly turned pale. She hurriedly hugged Finley, who was a head taller than her and patted his back. 

”My bad, I ’m sorry. I didn ’t know it was like that for you.  I won ’t ask you to do anything again, okay? ” 

How would she know that Finnie was actually treated like that because he snuck out of the fairy world?? 

Well, he ’s still young and really shouldn ’t be playing outside, but the fairy elders are too much, right? 

Ainsley felt that she had just poked Finnie ’s sore spot about his fairy ’s magic being sealed. 

Thus, the baby immediately let go of her wish to see the small version of Finnie, but Finley only wanted to delay the issue, not forgetting it completely. 

”It ’s okay. When I come back next time, I will have regained fairy magic. Then, I ’ll show you my small size! ” 

The next time would be Ainsley ’s birthday next year, which was still a year away from their two-year promise. 

After all, this year ’s birthday wasn ’t counted as a year yet because Finley left Ainsley only for a few months, not even close to six months. 

”I ’ll ask my elders to unseal my fairy magic on the day of your birthday next year! ” 

Ainsley ’s heart instantly felt warm. She looked at her innocent fairy friend and was really touched by their friendship. 

”Okay, I ’ll be waiting. But don ’t force yourself or argue with the elders, okay? Even if you ’re a royal fairy, I ’m afraid you will get into trouble… ” 

After all, the elders had lived longer than some of the royal fairies. It ’s never a good idea to oppose the family elders. 

”Hum. It ’s okay. The elders actually quite like me a lot. That ’s why they ’re so overprotective and won ’t let me play outside of the fairy world until I ’m considered older. ” 

Finley lied without batting an eyelid as he pulled out his oscar-level acting once more. 

Really, Finley was the elders ’ favorite human despite not being a fairy. 

But he ’s still not a fairy, okay? At most, he became the elders ’ golden boy or something…

The ones the elders liked the most were the sun fairy, the moon fairy, and other nature-related fairies. 

Aetheria and Chronos as the fairy of space and time, should also be the elders ’ favorite, but because they ’re naughty, the elders get a headache because of them. 

Aetheria was a fairy with black skin, unlike most fairies with fair skin. Her existence was bound to be unique. 

The fairies never discriminated against skin color, and Aetheria was actually considered a goddess among the young fairies. 

Still, Aetheria was too rebellious. The same goes for Chronos. No wonder the two of them often got punished or simply locked up by the elders. 

Ainsley didn ’t know anything about Chronos and Aetheria ’s history, so she just focused on Finnie ’s well-being in the fairy world. 

Whether the other fairies bully him or not, whether his parents loved him or not, and so on. 

In the end, Finley managed to dodge the bullet once more and left the bedroom with a belly full of ’debt ’ to solve. 

After that little session with Finley, Ainsley stored the gifts she got from Zev and Finnie before going to bed. 

The next day, she woke up at 9 a.m and hadn ’t even eaten breakfast when the core members started to surround her. 

”Boss, boss. There is a notice from the government and the mafia council today. It ’s about the annual beast and monster tide… ” 

Jevon handed the written invitation to Ainsley while Elliana showed Ainsley the digital notification. 

The others went to pick up the baby and brought her to the dining room to eat breakfast while discussing this matter. 

”Right, the beast tamer, monster tamer and shaman guild also sent formal invitations to invite you to attend their summer camps. It ’s in May. ” 

The annual beast and monster tide would start in early February or mid-Feb. 

So, after the annual tide was gone, the big guilds usually held a summer camp for the younger generations. 

The academies also usually opened their doors to formally receive new students in March or April. 

The Sloan Family ’s core members told Ainsley all the important news she had to know, but for now, the baby only wanted to focus on the beast and monster tide. 

That ’s an opportunity to show off the Sloan Family ’s strength! 

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