I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 304: "A Grand Entrance"

Chapter 1099: “Great Teamwork”

Ainsley smiled sweetly at the three people, as if what she said was just a casual small talk. 

But her words really poked peoples nerves, especially arrogant geniuses like the three people. 

“Dont be so arrogant! You want to fight the three of us at the same time? You wont even last long facing Cameron!” 

Sean raised his voice a bit and his face also flushed red from anger. 

Theres no way he wouldnt feel provoked because the way Ainsley looked at him and Felicia were like looking at small fries…

This cant happen! Although hes not as strong as Charles or Cameron, hes really great in a group fight! 

Apparently, Ainsley couldread Seans mind and couldnt help but chuckle. 

“Im not looking down at your brother Cameron or you or this lady. I just feel that if I fight you and this lady alone, you will be too weak to defeat me.” 

Ainsley shrugged casually as she inched closer to Aaron, who already felt better after Ainsley counter-attacked the trio. 

“I know that this young man and this young lady are better in a group fight. Isnt that why I propose a battle royale? Otherwise, it will be boring, ah.” 

Ainsleys tone of voice was really annoying, but both Sean and Felicia couldnt refute him. 

After all, theyre really good in a group fight but never a solo fight. 

“I just want to defeat the three of you when all of you are at your best. Lest that you think Im just lucky to win over you because youre not in your best state.” 

Ainsley smiled warmly at Sean and Felicia, completely giving off a good baby vibe. 

Its just that…this good baby severed their best friends arm without a single hesitation. 

At first, Felicia didnt really want to get involved in this matter because shes not that close to Charles, anyway. 

But when she saw Sean slowly getting provoked, she knew that she had to join the fight. 

Anyway, the three of them plus Charles were said to be the best team in their Winged Guild because, so far, no one ever survived under their joint attack. 

Now that this ignorant baby is challenging their team…why not? Lets teach her a lesson! 

The usually silent and shy Felicia immediately lifted her chin as she spoke in a slightly arrogant tone of voice. 

“Okay, lets apply for a battle royale tomorrow. I dont believe you can defeat the three of us with your meager abilities.” 

They could use items to block Ainsleys shaman and charm ability, so what else does Ainsley have? 

The shaky curse ability and the one she showed in the battle against Charles, right? 

As long as they attacked her before she finished her drawing or her summoning, they could finish this ignorant baby within a few seconds. 

Charles was unlucky because he didnt know Ainsleys hidden ability, but now that they knew…it was easy to guard against that ability! 

Cameron didnt speak, but he nodded at Felicia and Seans decision. Anyway, he also wanted to avenge Charles, who became his shield for all these years. 

Maybe this battle royale could be his stage to debut and showed his true ability to the whole world. 

His family situation had stabilized, and he didnt need to conceal his ability from other people anymore. 

Ainsley was pleasantly surprised that it was quite easy to provoke the three teenagers with hot-blooded nature to agree to fight her in the arena. 

She was lucky that the rumored mysterious and calm Cameron actually agreed with her proposal. 

Ainsley immediately flashed a satisfied smile at the three people. 

“Okay, lets meet at Arena C, how is it? I heard that only Arena C and above can host a battle royale.” 

After all, Arena Cs official battle arena was already above the ground and not an underground venue anymore. 

It was three times bigger than the volleyball field-sized arena that Ainsley used to fight Charles back then. 

As for why she didnt want to fight at Arena B or Arena A…lets just use a bigger arena to climb higher and attract more attention. 

The three teens didnt know that Ainsley took them as stepping stones. 

They only focused on tomorrows battle royale and agreed to apply for the battle at Arena C. 

“Okay, thats it. We will be waiting for you at 2 p.m in the afternoon. We will apply for the battle royale, and you only need to come and fight.” 

Sean was quite generous to help Ainsley, considering that shes a foreigner and might not know how to apply for a battle royale. 

Anyway, they also wanted to use this chance to show other people how they avenged Charles and restored their guilds name! 

Battle Arena C could host 3,000 people and there was even a special broadcast channel in Gods view for online audiences. 

The arena sold the online ticket for those who wanted to watch the live broadcast. 

Each fighter could also open their own live broadcast and that could be a paid broadcast as well! 

Ainsley knew about this from Jacqueline, and of course, she intended to make a paid broadcast as well, but the price would be much lower than the official arenas broadcast. 

That way, more people would watch from her POV and more people could see how she handled her enemies perfectly. 

After the four people make the agreement to fight, the trio doesnt talk about the coffee incident anymore and just leaves Ainsley to go to Celestial Lake. 

Before going, the usually silent Cameron suddenly looked back and smirked at Ainsley. 

“I advise you to take the magical lake water too for tomorrows event.” 

The meaning is– you will need the lake water to heal your broken or severed limbs. 

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