I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 306: "A Dual-tamer Baby?"

Chapter 1101: “Nervous”

Regardless of the audiences impatience, everyone had to wait until two p.m. 

Of course, the ticket for this match instantly got sold out within the first thirty minutes, almost breaking the record of the fastest ticket sales in Battle Arena C. 

If others didnt know, they might think this battle is between two famous elites in the country or something. 

After waiting for a few hours, the time finally arrived. 

Thirty minutes before the match, the two sides had arrived at the battle arena and also had signed the battle arenas agreement. 

As usual, the fighters got their own waiting room and could watch the ongoing matches on the lounges TV. 

Of course, Ainsley and the others only watched the matches for fun and didnt really pay attention to these official matches because none of them were famous fighters. 

They werent even as strong as Charles, so why should they watch the match? 

After waiting for another thirty minutes, ten minutes before the official match started, the arenas staff came to Ainsleys group and Camerons group one by one. 

“Excuse me, fighter. The match will start in ten minutes. Please go to the corridor and wait until the arenas gate is opened before you enter the ring.” 

The staff kindly instructed Ainsley and even accompanied her to the barrel corridor, afraid that the baby would be lost in this huge backstage.

After all, there were training arenas and other facilities as well, so newbies usually got lost here. 

It would be bad if Ainsley lost the fight before even fighting because of this ridiculous reason. 

“Twank ywou, big sistel.” Ainsley thanked the staff with her sweet, milky voice as she went to the corridor all on her own. 

As for her people? They got a special seat near the ring for the fighters family members and close friends. 

The staff was usually a little bit alienated from the fighters to maintain their neutral stance, but after Ainsley thanked her like that, she almost got a nosebleed. 

The sister clutched her heart without looking back, afraid she would faint from excitement. 

Too cute! This babys charm is too wild, ah! 

If her enemy didnt drink any anti-charm potion, they would lose the moment this baby opened her mouth! 

The staff tried to act a little cool and stiffly answered while looking at the front. 

“Y-you are welcome. Good luck with the match.” 

The staff hurriedly led Ainsley to the small area behind the gate leading to the ring. 

After she accompanied Ainsley to the small resting area behind the gate, the staff immediately excused herself and left. 

Five minutes before the match. 

The previous match had ended fifteen minutes before Ainsleys battle royale, and the staff had already repaired all the broken parts on the ring. 

They even cleaned up the blood and other battle residue to not affect the next matchs fighters. 

As soon as the previous match ended, the audiences who had bought the ticket to watch Ainsleys battle royale already rushed to the seats. 

Some were even impatient and urged the audience of the previous match to give up their seats, almost creating chaos among the audience. 

After the hustle and bustle in the audiences seats while the staff cleaned the ring, all the audiences finally got seated. 

All the 3,000 seats were fully booked, and no one gave up on their seats. The 3,000 seats were all full of people! 

The staff in charge of selling food and drinks immediately called for more reinforcement and for a moment, the audience seats got as noisy as the morning market. 

The barrier wasnt activated yet, and Ainsley behind the gate could even hear the low murmur among the audience. 

With 3,000 people in one enclosed area, how could it not be noisy? 

Especially when the people who came here were usually hot-blooded and battle maniac people. 

Ainsley listened to the hustle and bustle outside with relish, not feeling nervous having to fight under 3,000 peoples eyes at all. 

On the other hand, the three geniuses were a bit nervous, mainly because they rarely fought in the official battle arenas ring. 

Even if they did, the audience wouldnt be as much as today. Maybe only 1,000-1,500 people. 

Although they didnt use Battle Arena E, the smallest one in the Guild Union Zone, it didnt mean the seats would be full when it was their match. 

Facing the full seats outside, the three geniuses who loved face and reputation so much couldnt help but feel anxious. 

There should be a lot of Winged Guild members in the audience seats, and they couldnt bring shame to their Winged Guild! 

The three people even got insider information that their close relatives also came to watch their match! 

Although Felicias grandfather, the leader of the Winged Guild, didnt come, her four suitors and her female best friend came. 

They all occupied her close friends and family members seats designed for the fighters. 

At the same time, Seans aunt and uncle also came to watch his battle. Not to mention the people from Camerons family. 

Knowing that his elders came to watch his debut for the first time, the usually calm and gloomy Cameron suddenly fidgeted on the spot. 

One must know that his family was really an ex-mafia, and theyre really strict with him as the familys future heir. 

He has been cultivated to be the proud heir of their family, so if he didnt do a good job this time…

The family would be disappointed in him and the end result wouldnt be good! 

While the three geniuses were nervous facing their own circumstances, as usual, because it was only five minutes before the match began, the MC finally took over the stage. 

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