I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 310: "Dont Snatch My Baby!"

Chapter 1105: “A Slime Hybrid”

The cheers and shouts outside almost paused for a few seconds, and even the commentators, who were busy praising Camerons move before, choked on their saliva. 

What is that thing? How come they have never seen it?! 

Even the trio flinched at the sight of such a bizarre thing the size of half of the battle ring. 

“C-cameron, what is that?” The more timid Felicia hid behind Cameron, and even her white wings trembled with fright. 

Sean and Cameron werent any better. They looked at the slime-like thing that was so big it didnt look like a slime– and they couldnt smile. 

The slime thingy wasnt transparent and it was actually reddish blood, as if it was made out of some creatures blood. 

If its just a large slime, the trios and the audience wouldnt be shocked. 

But the thing is…this slime actually looked like a monster and actually had high intelligence. 

Those pairs of black eyes were staring at them with malice. The slime wiggled its huge body in the air, ignoring the black particles around. 

Wait. It even subconsciously ate the black particles, storing the black particles into its jelly-like body! 

The Gasha Countrys people never saw such a slime, and the majority of the live broadcast audience also didnt know what kind of creature this was. 

But those who once visited Pandora Island were most familiar with this creature that lived in the sea and could also live on the land. 

This creature was actually harmless and only liked to eat trash, but…this creature was a type of beast and monster– a hybrid. 

It had the intelligence of a beast, and the body of a monster. 

Since its harmless, Ainsleys people who went to Pandora Island ignored the slime that could expand to such gigantic size. 

But this isnt a natural slime from Pandora Island. 

This one is a creature that Ainsley created by mimicking the real thing, which means the creator could add more features to this beast, right? 

Ainsley drained half of her entire energy just to create this thing, and even her four wings shattered, leaving only two wings. 

But the baby was satisfied with her first attempt to draw a living being. 

Standing behind the giant blood slime, Ainsley snickered and snapped her fingers. 

“Go. Play with these three people and force them to use all abilities they can use.” 

A harmless slime from Pandora Island that never attacked humans didnt mean it wasnt dangerous. 

It was just lazy in nature and didnt want to fight if it didnt have to. 

But this creature that came out of Ainsleys drawing inherited Ainsleys bloodthirsty nature and it was extremely fond of the fight. 

The giant slime let out a low bubbling roar from itsmouth and immediately slithered into the air! 

The slimes body was extremely elastic and it could reach Cameron and the other twos places, no matter how high they flew. 

Not to mention that this giant and lazy-looking slime was actually fast! So fast! 

Sean only had time to cast a negative slowing buff to the slime, but the slime still reached its place within seconds. 

Seeing such an unknown creature that came out of nowhere, the trio were vigilant and immediately chose to attack it with all their might. 

“Go!” Cameron retracted all his black particles around Ainsley and smashed them toward the slime! 

The mini black holes also changed their target and started to suck the slime instead, successfully catching a few jelly-like body parts into their deadly holes. 

A pity…the slimes lost body part slowly grew back as if it was nothing and the slime didnt even feel any pain. 

Hey, this kind of thing is just a plaything for a high-level sea hybrid monster like her! 

The slime didnt have any gender, but this one directly addressed herself as a teenage girl. 

The slime girl wiggled its huge body and suddenly smashed countless slime Cannon balls toward the three moving targets! 

It ignored the black particles sticking to its body and just attacked first. 


The blood-red jelly-like cannon balls flew fast toward the three geniuses and they immediately flapped their wings to dodge. 

“Dodge! Dodge! We dont know that those cannon balls are– ” 

Cameron hadnt even finished his words when he saw one of the missed cannon balls hitting the arenas barrier. 

Then, within a few seconds….the barrier part melted. 

It melted!! 

Such a sturdy barrier that countless barrier ability users erected couldnt stand a single blow from this weird hybrid! 


The trio, the audiences and even the commentators were shocked silly. 

What kind of monster is this?? 

The live broadcast audience were also stunned on the spot. 

There seemed to be such a slime in their Godlif Country that usually lived in the sea near Pandora Island, but they never knew it was so lethal. 

Or maybe it was only Ainsley who modified the creature with her drawings? 

No. The slime is really powerful, but it is too lazy to fight humans or other living beings, which is why it usually sneaks into Ainsleys camp to eat leftovers and trash instead. 

This slime is actually OP! 

But the energy expenditure to retain this giant slime is also huge…

Ainsleys face was already pale and beads of sweat dripped down her forehead. 

It turned out that maintaining living creatures from her drawing was so difficult! 

But she had to endure and force Cameron and the others to use all their abilities to fight! 

Indeed, in front of such a weird yet deadly being, Cameron didnt have time toplay anymore. 

He immediately condensed his wings and fired countless black feathers toward the slime! 

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