I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 16: "6 Branch Families"

”Did the mafia council tell us how many people we should send to deal with the monster and beast tide? ” 

Ainsley immediately asked Elliana as she gulped her hot milk and munched on her croissant. 

Ah, a chocolate croissant is really good! 

Elliana immediately sorted the data and answered Ainsley ’s inquiry. 

”They did. ” 

”How many? ” 

”At least 1000. ” 

1000 people. That ’s a lot! 

But most high-ranking families had around 10.000 mafia members, so sending out 1.000 wouldn ’t be a big problem. 

Plus, they wouldn ’t be fighting in close range with the beasts and monsters. The casualty rate wasn ’t as high as the daily territorial war. 

This annual event was usually used by various powerhouses to show off by killing as many monsters and beasts as they could. 

The beast and monster tamer guild would also use this chance to pick up quality beasts and monsters to be tamed. 

After becoming a high-ranking mafia family, the Sloan Family hadn ’t participated in any events. 

This annual monster and beast tide is the best venue to make a splash. 

”Hmmm, should I also attend the meeting related to this annual tide? ” 

Heard that in mid-January, there would be a meeting to discuss the annual tide. 

”Yes, you have to go to the capital. The meeting will last for three days…so I suggest we quickly open our Irregular Tamer Guild this week. ” 

Because it ’s a guild, it had to be neutral. Although the backing would be the Sloan Family, the guild master couldn ’t be Ainsley. Ainsley could only be the guild master in the dark. 

The real guild master would still be Ainsley but the guild master in name should be someone else. 

Ainsley had built the branch guild ’s building at the Roid Valley, and another one at the Crimson Lily Forest, near the Xocolet Lake. 

The one at the crimson lily forest was bigger than the one at the Roid Valley. 

Two guild buildings were ready. The official documents were ready as well. They only needed the opening ceremony and the member recruitment. 

Thinking like this, Ainsley tapped the table and nodded. 

”Let ’s spread the news asap. I need marketing accounts to spread the news on the internet. Lure all charm-type ability users to join our guild. ” 

After all, they could become tamers as long as they joined the guild and swore a soul oath to Ainsley. 

Who wouldn ’t want that? The charm ability users had always had a low presence beside being used as spies and honey traps. 

If they could become irregular tamers and could help others make a contract with beasts or monsters…

That ’s epic! 

Of course, Ainsley had told the beast and monster tamer guild about this and the three forces decided to create a tamer alliance to avoid friction. 

First, Ainsley ’s guild would focus on selling the monster contract service rather than the beast contract service so as not to rob the beast tamer guild ’s business. 

Then, they would also tame a lot of monsters and beasts, but it would be for personal uses and not for sale. 

The ones for sale would only be the monster contract service, and the guild also wouldn ’t go through the mercenary route like the monster tamer guild. 

This way, they would avoid stealing other guilds ’ sources of income. 

The monster tamer and beast tamer guild would even sell contract scrolls to Ainsley ’s guild to help her maintain her monster contract service business. 

”Let ’s spread the news about the benefits of joining the guild. Send out the guild ’s detailed information too, ” Ainsley added. 

The Sloan Family had their own public relation team and this team would be responsible for marketing and other things related to the public ’s interest. 

The Irregular Tamer Guild already created their own website and other social media accounts as well and had been actively sending out hints about the new guild emergence. 

”In two days, I ’ll hold a press conference and live broadcast to attract new members to join our guild. ” 

After all, the members had to come to their guild branches from faraway if they wanted to apply as a member. 

Since their guild had just started, they didn ’t have a lot of branches outside of the Roane Region. 

”On it. ” Elliana nodded at Ainsley ’s request and immediately asked the public relation team to make a move. 

In the afternoon, the Sloan Family ’s social media accounts and website simultaneously dropped a bomb. 

[Surprise~ Our family is backing a new guild in the town– Irregular Tamer Guild! Click the link below to know more about Irregular Tamer Guild.] 

The accounts also posted videos of Ainsley subduing monsters and beasts in the war, plus videos of her helping others to contract monsters. 

The Sloan Family had always been a hot topic lately, and even the non-mafia people paid attention to them because of Ainsley ’s birthday becoming a trending topic. 

Thus, after the Sloan Family announced the news, countless netizens instantly reacted. 

[Wha?? A guild that can make charm ability users charm monsters and beasts just like the lil boss??] 

[Sounds too good to be true.] 

[Heard that the Lil boss can pass down her ability skill to others as long as they swear a soul oath to her.] 

[Is that her special ability or something?] 

[No. It must be her sacred beast ’s ability. Lil Boss now has contracted two sacred beasts in total!] 

The Sloan Family did tell others about Ainsley contracting the second sacred beast, and the netizens had long been aware of this issue. 

More and more people clicked the link leading to the Irregular Tamer Guild ’s social media and website accounts. 

The social media accounts made a short summary of what the guild was about. 

Included the benefits the members would get, why they should join, plus the requirements to join the guild. 

Then…it instantly became a trending topic! 

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