I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 315: "Secret Exposed!"

Chapter 1110: “The Blood Manipulations Comeback Moment”

The on-site audience and the live broadcast audience couldnt help but gasp at Ainsleys first time showing her shaman ability in front of the audience. 

They couldnt help but murmur excitedly. 

“Oh, damn. So thats Ains shaman ability! The one controlling her body now is her contracted spirit, right?” 

“Yes, yes. Her spirit is a legend in her country and throughout the mafia society. Do you know the Godfather? That one.” 

“Sh*t. Im not a mafia, but I also know this legend!” 

“I heard that Ainsleys ability when shes in her shaman mode is blood manipulation ability. I want to see it!!” 

A thick smell of blood slowly spread throughout the battle ring as the Godfather controlled all the blood he took out from the storage necklace. 

The MC and the commentators, who were busy commenting about Felicias injury here and there, immediately changed their topic. 

“Ohhhh! Our red sides fighter finally shows her ultimate ability– blood manipulation!” 

“I heard that this ability is really powerful and dangerous. I cant wait to see this legendary ability!” 

The audience was hyped but the celestials watching the battle from their VIP box couldnt help but frown.

“This blood clans cub…is she really not a blood clans cub? If shes not, how can she control blood?” 

The Celestials who had eased their misunderstanding of Ainsleys true race a few days ago started to doubt their vision once more. 

“I heard that its a special ability among humans. But theres still a possibility that she has the blood of a blood clan running through her veins.” 

“If thats the case, she will be a big threat to our celestial race. At such a young age, shes already so powerful.” 

“Lets just watch the battle first and decide things later.”

This is the first time Cameron and Sean saw Ainsleys blood manipulation ability in her shaman mode. 

Unlike Ainsleys aura and pressure, which was still a bit friendly before, once the Godfather took over, his pressure spread throughout the battle ring like a tide. 

The spirit was just gathering blood to create his own mini-domain, but the boys already shivered in their place. 

They wanted to fly to reach Ainsleys place, but even their wings were stiff, and they flew crookedly! 

The boys were indeed geniuses, and Cameron had even participated in various real-life battles. 

But in front of the Godfather and Ainsley, who almost fought their enemy every single day in such a dangerous country like the Godlif Country….

Their Guild Union Zone and their peaceful Gasha Country were like their greenhouse or a carefully managed park. 

They claimed that they had seen the world but they hadnt even stepped into a real wild forest, only an artificial forest. 

The boys finally felt what it means to face a true genius. 

Ainsleys previous battle already gave them a mental blow, and now, facing the Godfather inside Ainsleys body, the boys almost couldnt move. 

Thestun effect in games turns out to be real! 

Both Godfather and Ainsley didnt know the boys mental activity, and they only focused on continuing the fight. 

This time, the Godfather forced Ainsley to learn to maintain the blood wings while he used the rest of the blood to attack. 

[You can already move some limbs in shaman mode. Now, you have to learn to control some of the blood to maintain the blood wings.] 

Maintaining the blood wings wasnt that difficult, but for Ainsley, it was still a challenge. Especially when they were currently battling two other people! 

Ainsleys slow buff already expired the moment Sean went to save Felicia, so she didnt have any excuse not to try to maintain the blood wings. 

But if she failed to maintain the wings…wouldnt she fall to the ground and fall to her death?? 

The Godfather is really ruthless. He rarely appeared in front of Ainsley lately, but once he did, Ainsley almost kneeled. 

Ah, ah, please let me go! 

Ainsley only cried in her heart as she stared at the darkroom deep inside her consciousness. 

Well, since her consciousness was trapped here in the shaman mode, Ainsley had nothing to do other than obeying the Godfathers instruction. 

[Okay, uncle Gwodfathel. Ain will do her best!] 

Ainsley tried to act cute to bribe the Godfather, but unfortunately, the Godfather directly let go of his control over the blood that condensed into the pair of blood wings. 

In that moment, the blood wings staggered and almost directly turned back into a pool of blood. 

Ainsleys body herself also staggered, almost losing her balance in the air. 

The baby was caught off guard and immediately used her focus to control the blood behind her body to maintain the blood wings! 

If she didnt, she would lose the battle like an idiot. 

No! She had a face and reputation that she had to keep! 

Ainsley used all her might to control the blood to shape the blood wings. 

This is the first time Ainsley felt how it was to control a bunch of blood to create something. 

It was like a water bender…

But Ainsley felt that if she controlled the blood like playing with clay or something, it was easier to manage. 

However…things are easier to be said than done. 

The first few seconds, the blood wings got deformed into various wing shapes, immediately bringing Ainsleys body to fly around in the air. 

The next few seconds, the blood wings basically stabilized, but Ainsley still couldnt use a mini blood domain or use the blood rain skill through the blood wings. 

The two boys saw all of this, but none of them dared to look down at Ainsley and the Godfather who was possessing Ainsleys body. 

What if all of these are tricks? 

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