I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 319: "Creating A Mess"

Chapter 1114: “A Surprise Punch”


Camerons body touched the ground quite hard, but he was actually lucky enough to land on his own severed wings. 

The wings served as his padding and reduced the impact on the boys body. 

Still, it was estimated that Cameron would still break a few bones. 

While Cameron was facing his end result, the two swords in front of Sean werent Idle either. 

One of them slashed Seans left eye while the other one slashed his right-wing. 


Blood spurted out from Seans face and his right wing, and the pain instantly knocked the boy straight to a dream land. 

Because only one of his wings got severed, the boy fell slowly, unlike Cameron, who rushed straight to the ground like a cannon. 

Still, the angel lost one of his wings, and once his body touched the gray floor, only his left brown wing was left to protect his body from the impact. 

Both boys fell to the ground at almost the same time. 

Cameron was a bit faster because he lost both wings but in the end, both boys fell onto the pool of their own blood. 

The four swords of judgment silently hovered mid-air with blood trickling down its already crimson blades. 

For a moment, the entire arena was silent. 

Severing a winged ability users wing was a taboo in Gasha Country who loved wings a lot and would also anger the celestials. 

But in front of true strength, who cared about the custom and tradition? Not to mention that Ainsley was a foreigner. 

The audience in the arena and the ones watching the live broadcast held their breath for a few seconds before the MC snapped out of his daze and announced the end of the battle. 

“C-congratulations to the red side, Godtoddler! The winner is out!” 

Right after the words fell, the pause button seemed to work again, and the frozen time started to move. 

The audience immediately cheered but some also shouted in anger, either cursing Ainsley or lamenting the fall of the three geniuses. 

“Ain! Ain! Ain!” 

“Ain! Ain!” 


Along with the cheers, the arenas barrier slowly disappeared, allowing the fighters to exit the battle ring and hear the noise from outside the ring. 

However, this means the audience could also approach the fighters who had just finished their battle. 

The medic staff immediately approached the three geniuses, and all people who were worried about the trio also got extremely busy, trying to heal their wounds. 

On the contrary, Ainsley slowly returned to her original appearance, and the Godfather also left her body. 

Then, the baby calmly walked toward her people, who were also walking towards her with calm faces, as if winning this fight wasnt something big. 

Everything should be normal, and there shouldnt be anything happening after this, but who would have known that out of the blue, a young man suddenly dashed towards Ainsley. 

“YOU BASTAAAARDDD– ” The young man shouted at the top of his lungs as he punched straight towards Ainsleys face! 

The young man was so fast, and Ainsley almost didnt see his movement just now. 

However, as someone who was used to raising her guards wherever she was, Ainsley immediately reacted. 

The baby released her charm ability and hit the boys face with her pink aura before the fist could touch her face. 

Then, the baby didnt even flinch or move away and only calmly spat one word from her mouth. 


The babys cold voice rang throughout the surroundings, directly hitting the young mans eardrums. 

In that second, his pupils turned pink and he didnt know what happened, but his body just didnt follow his mind. 

His fist, which was only a centimeter away from hitting Ainsleys face, actually stopped and suddenly wouldnt move no matter how the young man insisted. 

The young man was dumbfounded. 

The people around Ainsley, who were still a distance away, were also dumbfounded. 

Even the arenas staff, the audience who were still at the battle arena and didnt go home yet…all of them suddenly zipped their mouths. 

The noisy battle arena immediately quieted the moment they heard the young mans shout and witnessed what happened next. 

This…whats going on? 

Someone suddenly attacked the winner outside of the battle ring and Ainsley actually stopped him with just a word! 

Everyones mind didnt work for a few seconds until Elliana shouted while running towards Ainsley at her fastest speed. 

“Boss! You– you okay??” Ellianas heart almost burst out of her chest, and even her voice was trembling. 

Her ability was super speed, but just now, she failed to react in time and allowed that young man from nowhere to approach Ainsley. 

What is this? She failed Ainsley and the entire Sloan Family! Useless! 

Axelle, Code-L, the two cats and Aaron, who came to watch the battle, immediately rushed to Ainsley, each of them hurriedly pushing Ainsley to hide behind them. 

“Are you okay, lil brat?” 

“Guild founder! That was dangerous! Ah! Ah!” 


“Wheres the security guard?! Someone is violating the countrys law here!” 

Aaron was fuming in anger. The young man directly tried to find the security guards to catch this offender. 

At the same time, the young man who wore a robe similar to the Godlif Countrys alchemists used in their guild couldnt help but break in a cold sweat. 

He– he still couldnt move his body, ah! 

“Y-you! What did you do to me?!” 

The young man was under Ainsleys charm ability control, but because he really hated her, the charm effect was minimal and could only restrain his movement. 

Ainsley also noticed this, so she secretly summoned her brush, ready to fight this young man anytime! 

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