I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 326: "An Unexpected Item"

Chapter 1121: “Mysterious Shaman Woman”

The government would rather throw some of these businesses to an outsider rather than leave them to their Merchant Guild! 

But the government also used this to strengthen the non-guild forces such as the noble families and other business families. 

Now, the Merchant Guilds authority was divided into various parts and various forces in Gasha Country occupied this big pie. 

The Merchant Guilds sudden decline immediately made a huge impact on other big guilds who relied on the Merchant Guild to sell their products or services. 

Because of this, many of them had to take over their own business and manage them on their own, but since they had never managed their businesses…

Their business started to decline fast. 

“The government is really ruthless. But I think they have long targeted this chance to weaken our authority…and that brat is just the tool.” 

The Merchant Guild leader, a woman with a voluptuous body clicked her tongue in annoyance. 

She got some reports from her personal disciple Gia and knew that this matter wasnt that simple. 

She guessed that the Billios Family behind Ainsley simply cooperated with their countrys government to give a hard blow to their guilds. 

The government was more than happy to have this chance, and since the Billios Family never threatened the countrys authority and instead helped the countrys economy…

The government didnt hesitate to harm the guilds in their own country. 

After all, guilds were like private forces and the guilds in Gasha Country held way too much power compared to guilds in other countries. 

The government simply used this chance to educate them. 

Of course, the blow was big, but with their guilds deep foundation, their guilds still had some prestige that the government couldnt shake at all. 

“What do we do now? Simply lifting the ban and such wont stop the government from investigating us all over again.” 

The guild leaders of the two tamer guilds couldnt help but ask with some concern. 

They were the most affected by Ainsleys guild emergence in this country, but who would have known that they unknowingly dragged the other guilds down with them. 

The Shaman Guild leader, a mysterious and quiet woman who looked like shes in her twenties silently raised her hand and spoke in a quiet voice. 

“How about giving some problems to the government so that they dont have time to investigate us? We can also divert the citizens attention with some huge events.” 

She didnt believe that with their collective abilities, they couldnt confuse the governments. 

The other guild leaders simultaneously looked at the mysterious woman with her black veil covering her hair and face. 

This woman had always been mysterious, but shes also the wisest among them all. 

“How should we divert the citizens attention? And what kind of problem should we give to the government?” 

Thats the hard part. Its easy to say but not easy to do. 

However, the mysterious woman wasnt nervous at all and calmly answered the sharp question. 

“I got some insider news that there is an island full of inheritance stones. That little mafia boss is the owner of that island– ” 

The Healer Guild leader, who was silent all this time, suddenly slapped the table and excitedly replied to the mysterious shaman. 

“I know! We should incite the government to rob that Island or something– ” 

“No.” The shaman woman immediately interrupted. 

She directly posted an hour-long video of Ainsleys war against all the people who wanted to rob her island. 

“This baby already has her own alliance, and they can withstand various forces at once. The enemy failed.” 

The woman was calm, but the others in the room werent calm at all. 

They didnt know that Ainsleys ability was that strong, strong enough to gather allies and resist countless enemies who wanted to rob her island. 

“Instead of using the violence path, let the government negotiate some terms with the islands owner…” 

The Monster Tamer Guild leader immediately refuted the shaman womans words. 

“No! How is that giving trouble to the government? Thats just giving them some help to increase their strength!” 

Although their guilds didnt need the inheritance stone, the government would want that stone very much. 

If they gave them a hand related to this…they would be idiots! 

The shaman woman was still calm as she whispered to the people in the room. 

“What if we spread the news to all people in this country and abroad? Not many people abroad and other countries governments know about this.” 

Once they knew…some would be foolish enough to try to attack the island while others would fight to get Ainsleys cooperation. 

With more rivals, the local government would have no time to investigate them any longer. 

Anyway, the government already took some of the guilds authority. 

They would choose to stop in time and then chase after those inheritance stones. 

“I heard that the non-human races are also interested in these legendary stones. If we can make the news so big that everyone forgets about this incident…” 

The emergence of a legendary inheritance stone should shake the world. 

Actually, the news already spread before but the common people and the majority of various forces didnt know. 

After all, the elites kept the news among themselves, not wanting to share the big pie with many people. 

Although the island had the inheritance stones mines, the Téssera Alliance only sold a fixed amount of stones each month, which was still too few compared to the market demand. 

Now, imagine if almost all people in this world knew about this…wouldnt the government also have headaches trying to win the stones from Ainsleys hand? 

Thats the same as giving trouble to the government! 

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