I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 328: "All-rounded Alchemist"

ame out, the vice leader of the shaman guild was caught off guard. 

He had just listened to his son complaining about Ainsley and wanted to comfort him when he was dismissed from his position. 

The man’s face instantly turned pale.
He held his phone tightly as he questioned the assistant. 

“How could this be?! Are you sure? How can you dismiss me like this– ” 

The assistant only said a few words to block the man’s mouth. 

“The guild leader is back, and she’s displeased with your action.
You make the entire shaman guild not a neutral party anymore, and now, she has to pick up your mess and continue to mingle with other guilds.” 

This is also why grandma joined the secret meeting despite not wanting to join. 

She used this chance to help Ainsley instead as a way to compensate her for what her subordinates did. 

“Anyway, you are not the vice leader anymore starting from tomorrow.
We will post the official announcement and replace you with someone new.” 

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The assistant’s voice was cold, clearly despising the man. 

After all, in these few months up to a year when the guild leader went to other continents, the vice leader changed many things in the guild. 

The other party also looked down on her despite her being the closest person to the guild leader in the guild. 

Because of this, grandma had to demote a lot of higher-ups who were in this man’s camp. 

Of course, if they were dissatisfied, they could directly leave the guild and let go of their guild identity. 

But most people in this position were only good at being a shaman. 

Many of them were multiple ability users, but their other abilities wouldn’t get them a good position in other guilds. 

The shaman guild was their only home! Not to mention that the shaman guild already became a prestigious one in Gasha Country, unlike a decade ago. 

No one was willing to leave the guild.
So, although they were dissatisfied with the demotion, they had to keep their mouths shut. 

After all, in front of the guild leader, all their petty schemes and strategies were all child tricks. 

The vice leader was shocked to death, not imagining the day the guild leader’s return would be so abrupt. 

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Of course, the vice leader didn’t know, but other guild leaders knew about this and were happy to welcome this mysterious shaman back to their country. 

On the premise that they didn’t know this grandma actually became a spy for her grandson and her great-granddaughter…

After the phone call ended, the vice leader slumped on the couch and Keane, who heard all the conversation, also turned pale. 

Everything suddenly changed! 

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