I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 330: "Why Are You So Kind?"

Chapter 1126: “Challenging Ainsley”

“Dad…what happened?! Why are you suddenly demoted? What about me? The others will laugh at me…” 

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Keane knew how arrogant he was in the past few months up to a year because his father was the one in charge of the guild. 

But now that the guild leader was back and even demoted his father…his peers would surely take this chance to trample him! 

Keane panicked, and his dad was also a bit bitter for his son. 

He knew that his son offended a lot of people inside the guild and even had a grudge against that super genius from the Irregular Guild Tamer. 

Usually, they relied on his position as the shaman guild vice leader but now…

The guild leader returned and is dissatisfied with dad’s actions in the past year.” 

The father smiled wryly but he still tried to comfort his son. 

“Dad can’t help much anymore, but if you can show others how strong you are…maybe we will still have a chance to turnover.” 

He knew that the guild leader cherished talented people and if his son could get into the guild leader’s eyes…

“Since you already have a grudge with that little mafia boss, how about using her as a stepping stone? She’s also a shaman, right?” 

“Yes, dad.” Keane nodded and immediately thought of the battle royale challenge…

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He didn’t dare to tell his dad that this baby might actually be a more powerful shaman than him….

But he got two spirits, and that baby only had one! Although his nerves weren’t as famous as Ain’s contracted spirit, he could still win, right? 

Keane immediately decided and nodded at his dad. 

“I’ll challenge her, but I think I won’t ask for a duel or a battle royale.
She’s too experienced in fights and duels.” 

There’s no rule that the battle arena only allows duels and battle royale. 

People can also have other challenges and it’s actually more interesting than mere duels and fights. 

Keane’s father really supported Keane’s idea. 

He also knew that his son wasn’t that good in a frontal battle, but in other challenges, he wouldn’t necessarily lose against that brat. 

Anyway, they had to use this chance to show Keane’s potential to the guild master, especially when Ainsley was also a shaman. 

Since Keane’s dad couldn’t offend the guild leader even when the guild leader had been away for almost a year, he could only pin his hope to Keane. 

He was indeed demoted and could no longer become the Shaman Guild’s vice chairman, but his son still had a chance to be the future vice-chairman. 

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Or even better, if the guild master fancied Keane, she could accept him as her apprentice, and maybe Keane would be the future guild leader! 

Keane”s dad was confident not because he’s blind but because Keane was really the best shaman in his generation. 

Even among his seniors, he could be ranked in the top ten. 

Thus, although his seniors might be the ones inheriting the guild leader’s throne in the future, Keane could still be the vice chairman at least.

Not to mention that he was really young compared to his seniors who had passed twenty-five years old. 

Keane was only in his early twenties.
He had just graduated from the Elton Academy a year ago.
His potential was really better than his seniors. 

“Son, you should inform your few friends to challenge that brat together too.
That way, no one will be suspicious when you challenge her.” 

Keane’s dad was keenly aware that others couldn’t know what they wanted to do. 

If Keane’s friends also challenged Ainsley without a frontal fight, no one would suspect Keane’s motive at all. 

Anyway, the father knew that Keane liked that girl from the Winged Guild, and since the girl was heavily injured, he could use this reason to challenge Ainsley. 

Keane immediately nodded, and to show his sincerity…he even called his two friends right away– the two young men from the tamer guilds. 

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The two people weren’t really his friends because they were technically his love rivals, but because they loved the same person and wanted to protect the same person…

They had cooperated in the dark to protect Felicia one way or another. 

The two tamers had just gone home from their guilds when Keane called them to a group call. 

Brandon from the monster tamer guild and Terry from the beast tamer guild immediately picked up the phone call. 

“What’s up, Kean?” Brandon, who was often called ‘Donny’, couldn’t help but ask in a slightly irritated tone of voice. 

After all, he had just witnessed his sweetheart getting heavily wounded in front of his eyes, and he couldn’t do anything to save her. 

Not to mention that Borbon, one of their accomplices, was caught in trouble because of punching Ainsley in public. 

Terry also joined the conversation shortly after Donny spoke. 

“Yes, yes, what’s wrong? Do you want to visit Felicia together or something?” 

In the past few days up to a week or so, their guilds were also in trouble, and geniuses like them who had certain power in the guild could sense the depressing atmosphere. 

Thus, the two tamers really didn’t have time to chat with Keane. 

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Who knows if Keane wanted to play some tricks to hit them when they were down. 

But they didn’t know that Keane was the one who got hit the hardest. 

Of course, Keane suppressed the news from spreading to other guilds, especially to the younger generation. 

Keane suppressed his disdain for his two rivals and slowly explained his intention. 

“It’s like this.
I think we have given our enemy enough time to rest, so should we challenge that brat who hurts Felicia?”

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