I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 332: "Finish It!"

Chapter 1128: “Bad News From Axelle”

Ainsley and the Téssera Alliance really did plan to create such an overlord for each country. 

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Each country could only have a dozen forces that had the reseller license.
Others could only buy the stones for their private uses. 

The Téssera Alliance also didn’t accept orders from families outside of their business circle, which means other families had to find these ‘overlords’ if they wanted to buy stones. 

Thus, whoever could become the overlords in their country would be a fearsome existence in their prospective country! 

This is Jake’s idea to open a connection in various countries with Ainsley and Pandora Island as the center. 

This way, the baby didn’t have to go to various human countries to establish her guild and could rely on the local overlords to help her. 

These overlords included various military families, noble or merchant families, organizations, guilds, clubs, and so on. 

Of course, the government of each country also had a portion, but Jake believed that the government would be too busy to strengthen their own country’s military strength. 

Where would they have time to resell the stones they bought from Téssera Alliance? 

Jake also knew that these overlords would definitely sell the stones in a high-sky prices, especially because they could monopolize the stones’ business. 

However, Jake didn’t care about the profit and such.
What he cared about was to build a sturdy network for his cute daughter, relying on Pandora Island. 

Because of this, the Téssera Alliance and whoever was included in the alliance sent almost all their people to guard Pandora Island. 

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Now, Pandora Island has become a place with a super-strong defense.
Maybe the top ten places in the world with the strongest defense. 

People all over the world flocked to either the Sloan Family, the Billios Family or Pandora Island. 

When Ainsley heard the news and welcomed so many people who wanted to take a shortcut through her, she immediately consulted Jake. 

“Dad, is everything okay? I don’t know how the news suddenly spread again.
I’m afraid there will be people who want to attack Pandora Island again.” 

She’s worried because the big guys that joined her in Pandora Island’s war back then shouldn’t be on the island right now. 

Should she go back first or something? Anyway, the big guilds’ pressure here already lessened, and her guild was slowly getting better. 

Jake immediately reassures Ainsley, who should be busy in Gasha Country. 

“Don’t worry.
Everything is okay.
Pandora Island already has a complete facility, and their defense is also top-notch.” 

Jake even invited several non-human races who used to visit his Port island to help him keep an eye on Pandora Island. 

After all, these people also got some benefits from Jake and Pandora Island.
How could they not help Jake to defend the golden chicken? 

“Ain, I think you should finish your business in Gasha Country before going to Pandora Island.” 

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Jake persuaded Ainsley not to go to Pandora Island for a while. 

“Although the big guilds are silent now, I’m sure they still underestimate you and your guilds.
You really need to show your guild’s true strength.” 

Not only to guilds in Gasha Country or the local citizens but also to the other human countries. 

If things go well, Ainsley could expand her guild even faster and didn’t have to come to each country just to solve local suppression things personally. 

“You need to use the Gasha Country’s big guilds as an example to warn other guilds in other countries who might want to suppress your guild’s growth.” 

Ainsley listened to Jake’s words and felt that his suggestion was right. 

Since she was already here, she should leave grandly too.
She should beat these guilds first before leaving her guild to develop on its own. 

For this…she really had to keep harming the local guilds’ geniuses. 

“Okay, dad, I get it.
I’ll finish my business here quickly and go to Pandora Island.” 

Oh, right.
My grandma just returned to Gasha Country.
She’s also a shaman.
If you are fated, you will definitely see her in the next few days.” 

Jake didn’t forget to tell Ainsley his own grandma’s words but he didn’t say that his grandma was actually the Shaman Guild leader. 

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He’s afraid Ainsley would misunderstand things and dislikes his grandma because of the stuff with the big guilds’ suppression.

Ainsley never heard Jake talk about his grandparents before, and now he mentioned his grandma…Ainsley was instantly interested. 

“Great-grandma is also a shaman?? Dad, your family is really too powerful, ” 

Ainsley teased Jake lightly but once again thought that Jake might be the real protagonist in a novel if this world is a novel. 

Or maybe he’s the ultimate villain? Who knows! 

Jake heard the teasing in Ainsley’s voice and immediately sighed dejectedly. 

“I rarely see my grandma.
She’s mysterious and a bit different from us, but yes.
She’s also a shaman, and she’s more powerful than Riemann!” 

Hearing that this shaman is even more powerful than Riemann, the Guild Leader of the Godlif Shaman Guild, Ainsley was instantly excited. 

“Really, really? Then, I look forward to meeting her!” 

Jake said that his grandma had just returned to Gasha Country…so she should see her soon, right? 

But since this old woman was such a powerful shaman…shouldn’t she have some connections with Gasha Country’s shaman guild? 

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Ainsley was a bit puzzled, but she didn’t want to think about one of the big guilds who suppressed her. 

Thus, she tacitly forgot about her doubts and continued to chat with Jake until Axelle suddenly barged into the room with a pale face. 

Without bothering to see that Ainsley was talking to Jake on the phone, Axelle immediately spoke in a trembling voice. 

“M-master, master! Bad news!” 

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