I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 18: "An Order"

Yes, there were many water monsters and water beasts at the Xocolet Lake, the magical lake that could give people a chance to awaken their abilities if they drink the water. 

As for the map of the whole area…

Looking from above, the guild building was placed at the center of the lake, and there was this huge bridge stretching to the lake bank, all formed by sturdy tree roots. 

To avoid monsters attacking those crossing the bridge, there were many barrier tools and breath-concealing items placed on the bridge. 

The monsters wouldn ’t sense there were humans crossing the bridge and go to the building. 

The building also had this special effect, allowing it to stand still without being attacked by water monsters. 

The camera faithfully captured all of these display details, and those who watched the press conference live stream couldn ’t help but marvel. 

The netizens immediately bombarded the live stream comment area. 

[I think this the most unique guild building I ’ve ever seen. And this is not the headquarters yet?] 

[Insane. The Sloan Family is really serious when creating this guild.] 

[Yes, yes. I ’m an alchemist, and somehow, I envy whoever can join this guild in the future. Just look, the buildings alone are so good!] 

The road cutting the crimson lily Forest leading to the guild building was also a safe road, free of monsters or beasts ’ sudden attack. 

No one knew how the Sloan Family achieved this state, but this directly showed the power of the new guild. 

At the press conference itself, Ainsley explained the details related to the Irregular Tamer Guild and other official information that she had to say. 

”The guild will recruit new members once a year, and every year, I will personally create an Inheritance Ceremony to share my ability ’s unique skill to the newcomers. ” 

That ’s how Ainsley could save time from enlightening the guild members. 

”Of course, the gathering venue will change from time to time, but this year, the venue will be in this forest. Next year, it will be at Pandora Island. ” 

Ainsley told the people that the guild headquarter would be at Pandora Island, and only outstanding guild members could be registered as the headquarter ’s members. 

Since the Pandora Island development was still ongoing, Ainsley had to use the two branch guilds which were those at the Crimson Lily Forest, and the one at the Roid Valley. 

The one at the Roid Valley was smaller than the one at Crimson Lily Forest. The building was like the hobbits house, just larger. 

Since the landscape was quite unsuitable for large buildings, the one at the Roid Valley was twice smaller than this tree-like building. 

Plus, that branch guild specialised in taming reptile-type monsters rather than beasts. 

On the other hand, those at the Crimson Lily forest specialised in forest-type monsters and beasts, plus lake water monsters and beasts. 

Of course, the majority would want to be registered as the Crimson Lily branch  guild members. 

Those registered as the Roid Valley branch guild members would only be weak members, the bottom of the pack. 

The potential guild members who have applied to be a guild members were also watching the live stream with flushed faces. 

Some of them were suddenly proud of the guild they would belong to in the future. 

Others were curious about how Ainsley could share her ability ’s unique skill, allowing them to be as unique as the baby. 

A minority of the member ’s candidates were worried about whether they could be registered as the headquarters members or not. 

At least let them be the Crimson Lily branch members, not the Roid Valley! 

At the conference, Ainsley also told the netizens that outstanding members could be relocated to register as the headquarter members once the headquarter building was finished. 

A lot of people didn ’t want to live at Pandora Island, but they were also curious and wanted to visit that island. 

When these guild members became the headquarter members…they could have a chance to visit Pandora Island! 

”The new members will also undergo a three-month training program at Pandora Island, and it will be carried out per batch. ” 

Ainsley calmly applied the same regulation she used for her mafia members to the guild members. 

”Every member will have a three-month training camp experience once they become a member. Those who don ’t join the training camp in a year will be kicked out of the guild. ” 

In short, the training camp is compulsory. 

Other big guilds also had the same programs, just like the summer camp programs they created for kids and teens. 

Ainsley didn ’t think of providing a special program for kids and teens just yet, but those under 18 years old didn ’t need to do this compulsory training until they turned eighteen. 

”For now, only guild members around eighteen years old and above will have to join the training camp. ” 

For an hour, Ainsley talked about many things related to the Irregular Tamer Guild, giving the audience a better understanding of this new guild that was suddenly registered as an official guild. 

The guild wasn ’t only registered at the Godlif country, but also at other human countries as well. 

In the future, if Ainsley decided to expand beyond the Godlif Country, those who weren ’t the Godlif country ’s natives didn ’t have to go far away to the Godlif country to be a guild member. 

”Even though this guild is backed and fully supported by the Sloan Family, the Sloan Family will never drag the guild into the family matters, ” Ainsley added once more. 

It means that if there were a territorial war or something, she wouldn ’t force the guild members to come and fight with her. 

But, of course, those who volunteer to help would receive a different reward! 

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