I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 336: "The Second Wave"

Chapter 1132: “Becoming An Elite Guild”

As an insider, how could the blonde woman not know that some geniuses from other guilds were waiting to challenge Ainsley? 

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Although Gia from Merchant Guild couldn’t do that because she wasn’t a battle-oriented ability user, her other friends could challenge Ainsley on her behalf. 

The blonde woman was ‘generous’ enough to wait for Ainsley to clean up the brats, inflated her ego and then challenged the celestials with her eyes above her head…

And then they would teach this girl a lesson! 

“For the time being, we won’t take the blue Phoenix, but if you lose the fight, we will forcibly take the blue Phoenix.
How is it?” 

The blonde woman added more conditions to their agreement, and Ainsley immediately agreed. 

“Of course.
That’s a good idea.
But if I win, I want you to gather Blaze’s evolution materials that only the celestial race have.” 

Ainsley also didn’t want to swallow any loss and raised her condition if she won the challenge. 

The celestials should have a lot of things that would be beneficial for Blaze’s development! 

This is really a good chance to evolve Blaze  from a high-level beast to a sacred beast. 

It was really hard for beasts to awaken their sacred bloodline, and Ainsley was also worried that Blaze couldn’t advance further no matter what. 

After all, many mutants with legendary beast’s bloodlines couldn’t activate their bloodlines and couldn’t be sacred beasts all their lives. 

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If she could help Blaze with an external factor, that would be the best. 

The blonde woman pondered for a moment, but in the end, she also agreed to Ainsley’s request. 

It wasn’t hard to provide evolution materials for that little phoenix.
Anyway, whether the baby could win against them or not was still a question. 

The blonde celestial believed in their race’s strength. 

If they couldn’t defeat such a young human with a suspected blood clan’s lineage, they wouldn’t be worthy of their celestial race’s prestige! 

After the two sides reached an agreement, the trouble ended right there, and everyone dispersed. 

The Celestials returned to the Winged Guild while Ainsley strolled around the other big guilds, waiting for the geniuses to challenge her. 

That evening, Donny and Terry, the two geniuses from the tamer guilds, got a green light from their guild elders to challenge Ainsley. 

“If you can injure that brat in the challenge somehow, that will be good.
But don’t forget to protect yourself.” 

The elders agreed to using challenge instead of a frontal duel because they learned from Charles and the three geniuses from the Winged Guild. 

The Winged Guild suffered the most damage, and this little brat was one of the damage dealers who dealt the biggest blow to the Winged Guild. 

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Learning from the Winged Guild’s misfortune, the other guilds were cautious and hoped their geniuses could protect themselves and chose the most favorable challenge for them. 

That night, Donny and Terry contacted Keane, agreeing with his proposal to issue a joint challenge to Ainsley. 

Of course, the content of their challenge would differ because they weren’t the same ability user. 

“Let’s visit the Irregular Tamer Guild tomorrow morning and meet that brat,” Keane suggested. 

The other two agreed with Keane’s idea, and that’s how they settled their agreement. 

At the same time, the Irregular Tamer Guild welcomed a surge of new guild members. 

Once the ban was lifted, and many people knew about this guild, the guild staff had to work overtime because there were just too many people who wanted to join the guild! 

Now that the guild was popular among charm ability users in Gasha Country, Ainsley immediately raised the bar so only strong and suitable charm ability users could join the guild. 

It was even harder to join the Irregular Tamer Guild in Gasha Country than in Godlif Country! 

But precious and limited things had always been cherished. 

When the Gasha Country’s charm ability users knew that the threshold to enter the guild was so high, they didn’t feel bad at all. 

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On the contrary, they felt that the guild was an elite one and not a cheap guild where anyone could join. 

Because of this, even charm ability users who had already become famous stars all around the country were also interested in joining the guild– 

Simply for the guild’s prestige that symbolized high status. 

Not to mention many rich daughters and sons joined this guild and for celebrities like them, creating connections with these people was important. 

All of them scrambled to get closer to these rich and influential young people to get more resources in the entertainment industry! 

At the same time, Ainsley, who was a quasi-celebrity, gradually became more popular due to her case on the internet, and many people started to fall into her pit. 

They unknowingly became Ainsley’s fans. 

Ainsley’s fame also spread from the Gasha Country to Godlif Country’s capital city. 

By now, even ordinary people knew that there was such a good ability user who ‘represented’ their country abroad. 

Although this representative was a mafia, and they hated mafias, because of Ainsley’s age, people tend to be more lenient to her. 

Even the haters were a bit embarrassed to talk bad about Ainsley on the internet. 

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After all, cursing and bullying a four-year-old toddler didn’t sound good at all. 

Who told Ainsley to be so good when she’s so young? 

The haters were simply unable to bully Ainsley anymore, afraid that the whole netizens would condemn them for driving a baby. 

Just like that, Ainsley smoothly accepted a few batches of new guild members and the next day, the people she was waiting for finally arrived. 

The three geniuses from the Shaman and Tamer Guilds are here! 

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