I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 338: "The Third Wave"

Chapter 1134: “Two-faced Shaman”

Since Ainsley was proven to be strong, It’s no wonder the baby became so famous here that she should have started covering her face when she went out if she didn’t want to cause a stampede! 

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When Ainsley arrived, the staff immediately made way for Ainsley, keeping the visitors a few meters away from the guild founder. 

The surrounding onlookers noticed Ainsley’s arrival and the lobby started to get noisy. 

“Ahhh! That’s Ain-sama!” 

“I heard that Ain’s real hair color is purple.
I really want to see it.
Must be cute!” 

“She’s even cuter than in the video! Ahhh! I want to hug her!” 

“Be careful, man.
You might be arrested for molesting an underage girl.” 

“Ain is just too cute, okay?” 

“I can’t believe that such a cute baby is so powerful.
Will she accept disciples? If she does, I’ll immediately rush to be her first disciple!” 

“I want her autograph…” 

“I want to shake hands with Ain-sama!” 

“Take a picture with me!” 

The onlookers frantically took a picture of their little idol, and some die-hard fans even screamed loudly, almost fainting on the spot. 

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The sweet smile on Ainsley’s face almost cracked because of the die-hard fans’ loud shout. 

The lobby was indeed huge, but when someone shouted that loudly, everyone almost went deaf. 

Ainsley gestured at the security guard to calm down the die-hard fans, afraid that if they fainted here, malicious people would slander her for this incident. 

After the security guard calmed the mass, Ainsley sat on the couch across from the three boys. 

After the boys were ‘baptized’ with Ainsley’s fans’ enthusiasm, they retracted their arrogant aura and became much more low-key within minutes. 

Hey, they’re not dumb.
If they kept their arrogance when Ainsley’s fans were around, wouldn’t the fans tear them to pieces? 

The boys were quite well-known among their guild members, but because they were rarely exposed to the public through the internet or the battle arena…

Their popularity was much worse than Charles and the three geniuses from the Winged Guild. 

Of course, Ainsley’s popularity after her two duels in one go soared to the sky and was enough to crush Charles and others’ popularity. 

With how developed the internet was and ever since the internet ban was lifted, almost every netizen who liked to surf the internet at least knew about this ‘blood clan’s cub’ from Godlif Country. 

Most of them knew Ainsley’s disguised appearance and only a few knew Ainsley’s true appearance. 

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However, the majority still knew that Ainsley was a mafia boss in her young age! 

Although they didn’t really know which mafia family this baby belonged to, that one unique title was enough for many people to remember Ainsley. 

After all, the contrast between a cute toddler and a usually fierce mafia was too huge. 

People couldn’t imagine how a mafia boss turned out to be a toddler who was so cute that she could debut as a child idol.

The three boys didn’t know that Ainsley was already so popular in their own country until now. 

They thought that Ainsley was still ‘hated’ by the whole netizens due to the rumor regarding her guild itself. 

Who would have known that within just a few days, Ainsley turned the table by winning a battle royale against three geniuses at once? 

She’s too unpredictable! 

The three boys were also not idiots. 

After witnessing Charles and the three geniuses’ tragic end in Ainsley’s hands, they didn’t want to propose a life-risking challenge. 

Ainsley had just sat down when Keane, the genius shaman in his early twenties, immediately straightened his back as he looked down at the tiny baby in front of him. 

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, guild founder.” 

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Keane had a polite smile on his face, completely different from when he talked badly about Ainsley behind the baby. 

This is a pro-two-faced young man! 

Ainsley raised an eyebrow at Keane’s sudden change but didn’t talk much and just nodded at the young man. 

Rather than being interested in Keane’s two-faced character, Ainsley was more interested in the two spirits floating behind Keane. 

This is why Ainsley immediately knew that Keane must be a shaman, and a talented one on top of that. 

So far, she had never seen a shaman in their early twenties having more than one contracted spirit! 

The two spirits looked young, maybe around the Godfather’s age in appearance, but of course, the Godfather was way older than them both in spirit age or the day they died. 

The Godfather was at least thirty-ish years old when he died, and he had been a spirit for thousands of years. 

On the contrary, the two spirits behind Keane looked like they died young, even before they reached thirty. 

Their spirit age was also not that old because their bodies were mostly transparent and had no color, unlike the Godfather, who still retained some of his bright color, such as his hair or eyes. 

The two spirits must be relatively young spirits who had died in less than a decade. 

Keane didn’t know that Ainsley was observing his two spirits but his two spirits noticed Ainsley’s gaze. 

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Of course, because the two spirits were relatively young, they weren’t as arrogant as older spirits and immediately averted their gazes. 

They weren’t dumb either, okay? They could feel the power of a much stronger spirit related to this little shaman…

This little shaman’s spirit must be an expert! A true legend! 

If they’re only a town legend or something, this baby’s contracted spirit must be a worldwide famous person. 

The two spirits didn’t know what business their contractor had with this baby, but they swore they must never offend this baby’s contracted spirit! 

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