I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 19: "Illegal"

Next issue. Regarding a mafia family creating a guild…

In fact, there was no rule that the mafia family couldn ’t make a guild. 

The Meidian Family created a healer guild and became the healer guild ’s biggest backer in Godlif country. 

But in other countries, they had no influence because the so-called guild they built was only influential in the Godlif Country. 

Ainsley was different. The Irregular Tamer was so unique that no other charm ability users had this skill. 

Plus, Ainsley could make a lot of charm ability users to have this skill, allowing her to build a guild that could be effective worldwide. 

One could imagine the Sloan Family ’s influence in the future wouldn ’t be limited to the Godlif Country alone. 

The Irregular Tamer Guild would be their catalyst to expand further! 

The Sloan Family might be an international mafia family that had influences all over the world. 

There were many families like this, but Ainsley ’s family wasn ’t there just yet. 

The Billios Family could be said as one of the ’giant ’ families worldwide, and the Walter Family was also aiming to be one of these giants. 

Of course, there hadn ’t been any giant families from the mafia society, simply because the mafia society couldn ’t develop easily in other countries besides the Godlif country. 

Thus, the Sloan Family might be the first to be a worldwide giant family belonging to the mafia society! 

The audiences had this kind of thought, so how could the other mafia families couldn ’t think of this? 

Instead of being jealous, they actually wished to see the Sloan Family bringing the mafia society to grow further outside of the Godlif country. 

At least the mafia council wished that. 

The news of Ainsley ’s official press conference topped the trending ranking on various social media platforms once more. 

Those who had charm abilities immediately flocked to register to be the new guild member, while those who didn ’t kept an eye on these potential guild members. 

Many big and small guilds at the Godlif Country also paid attention to the emergence of this new guild. 

It has been so long since the country had approved a new guild. 

Of course, for the ability user guild society, the emergence of a new guild could be both good and bad. 

It was good since they welcomed a new member and could strengthen their guild society. But it ’s also bad because it means competition. 

Fortunately, the new guild ’s business was too unique and didn ’t even clash with other guilds ’ business. 

In a sense, they could actually cooperate with this new guild to contract monsters for their guild members. 

At this time, the people were waiting for the day the guild officially opened their business and let the members attend the inheritance ceremony. 

On the other hand, the Sloan Family was increasingly busy because of the new guild they had just created. 

Countless people applied to be guild members, and they had to screen these people to avoid admitting a spy into their guild.

The screening process took three whole days, even longer than the time period allocated for members to register. 

In the end, Ainsley accepted 80.000 new guild members but less than 5.000 could live at the dorms and at the two guild branches. 

The Crimson Lily Branch Guild provided rooms for nearly 3.000 people while the one at the Roid Valley could only accommodate up to 500 people. 

Because of this, there were still a lot of guild members that didn ’t have houses and needed accommodations. 

For the time being, Ainsley stuffed them into the Sloan Family ’s main territory. 

There were a lot of vacant buildings there, and they could wait until the headquarters building at Pandora Island was finished. 

The headquarters building could accommodate more than 10.000 people. 

The building itself was not big, but there were many apartments built just to accommodate the guild members. 

Because of this, the headquarters building area was actually bigger than the Sloan Family ’s main mansion and even bigger than the Sloan Family base at Pandora Island. 

Of course, Ainsley also built many smaller guild branches all around the Godlif country. 

For now, she should build the guild buildings at her family territories, such as near the Godfather Mausoleum, and so on. 

In the end, Ainsley planned to build three more guild branches, mainly at the prostitution area she had demolished earlier, near the Godfather ’s mausoleum, and near the Sloan Family ’s main territory. 

But those guild buildings wouldn ’t be as big as Crimson Lily branch and would only be bigger than the one at Roid Valley. 

In almost a week, the guild was established pretty well, and everything had been going on smoothly. 

Ainsley had prepared for the new members to register to the Crimson Lily branch first before dividing the members and sending some of the weaker ones to the Roid Valley branch. 

Because there were too many new guild members, Ainsley planned this registration thingy to last for a week. 

Plus, the day they registered, at night, they would immediately receive Ainsley ’s inheritance and would be the true guild member. 

Time was pressing. Ainsley only had a month to train the new members and brought them to participate in the annual monster and beast tide phenomenon. 

Thus, Ainsley asked her people to pick up the most talented members later on and send them to the annual beast and monster tide with her. 

At the same time, the plan to create her own elite team was also on the agenda. Ainsley had a better intelligence team now, mainly because she had Martin. 

But for an elite team, other than the five buds, she didn ’t have anyone else. 

That ’s not so good! Other families had their elite teams to protect their heirs and family head, but Ainsley had none. 

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