I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 346: "Wait For Me!"

Chapter 1142: ”Starting The Challenge ”

Aside from the individual POV live broadcast room, Ainsley also has a personal bystander live broadcast that she opened on her own because of her identity as a live broadcast anchor. 

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Many Ainsley ’s fans chose to enter Ainsley ’s personal live broadcast to show some support to the cute anchor instead of the one opened by the battle arena ’s officials. 

When the camera was on and started to record the challengers, Ainsley immediately greeted the viewers through her personal camera. 

”Hello! Good morning, all~ ” 

The baby only looked at the personal camera that she brought on her own, which means those who didn ’t choose to enter her personal live broadcast missed this special privilege. 

Realizing this, many Ainsley ’s fans in another live broadcast room immediately left their room and entered Ainsley ’s personal live broadcast room. 

[Ah, ah! Good morning, cub!] 

[Morning, Ain~] 

[Ganbatte, Ain! you can do this!] 

[Ain, you have to win!] 

Ainsley saw the flashing barrage above the camera as a light screen holographic project and couldn ’t help but smile. 

”Thank you for the support, everyone.
Today, I ’ll show you the famous Spirit Cave… ” 

The baby started to interact with the audience, really showing her skill as a live broadcast anchor. 

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On the other hand, Keane never dealt with this kind of thing, so he only stiffly greeted the bystander camera and then didn ’t talk anymore. 

Compared to Ainsley, who looked casual and leisurely as she chatted with her audience, Keane looked extremely nervous and anxious. 

Many Shaman Guild members entered Keane ’s live broadcast room to support him on behalf of their Shaman Guild, but the young man didn ’t notice that. 

He just kept staring at the Spirit Cave ’s entrance and occasionally glanced at Ainsley. 

Ainsley, this baby, really looked as if she was just going for an outing at a famous scenic spot instead of doing a dangerous challenge. 

This kind of relaxed attitude and mentality greatly pressured Keane. 

The young man couldn ’t help but think wildly, speculating whether Ainsley had some tricks up her sleeve to win the challenge like him. 

The two sides went to do their own things for close to five minutes before the official battle arena ’s staff came to greet them. 

”Okay, the two challengers.
It ’s almost nine o ’clock.
Please get ready to enter the cave. ” 

The staff beckoned Ainsley and Keane to walk closer to the cave ’s entrance. 

Of course, they didn ’t forget to give the two challengers some flashlights to aid them. 

”Once you ’re inside, you can ’t communicate with anyone outside the cave.
You also won ’t be able to see the broadcast ’s comment barrage. ” 

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The staff glanced at Ainsley as he spoke this and politely asked the baby to turn off the light screen projector so that she wouldn ’t be able to see the comments anymore. 

After that, the staff gestured at the two challengers who were still wearing thick clothes and such, to stand still. 

”We will check your clothes, pocket and other things to ensure you don ’t bring any kind of spatial storage item with you. ” 

Female staff and a male staff came forward to do a body check. 

After a few minutes, they ended the inspection and held onto both parties ’ spatial storage for the time being. 

After the staff did all the procedures to ensure the challenge ’s rules won ’t be broken, they finally took a white flag and waved it in front of the two challengers. 

”Okay, challengers, you can enter the cave with your contracted spirits in three, two, one…. ” 

”GO! ”

Right after the staff blew the whistle, both Ainsley and Keane immediately rushed to the cave along with their contracted spirits. 

The two people didn ’t have wings, and both of them could only run as fast as they could. 

After all, they only had an hour to hunt as many spirits as possible, which meant meeting spirits sooner would allow them to hunt more spirits. 

The two challengers ran fast, but there would still be a difference between the two.
Keane was a shaman and rarely exercised. 

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On the other hand, Ainsley often joined wars, battles and fights that required physical endurance and flexibility. 

Thus, in just a few seconds after entering the cave, Ainsley left Keane behind, and in the next few minutes, her figure already disappeared from Keane ’s sight. 

The audience watched all of this from various cameras, and they couldn ’t help but comment. 

[Both of them are shamans but the little baby has a better physique.] 

[This is the difference between a Gasha Country ’s ability user and a Godlif Country ’s ability user.] 

[Upstairs, can ’t you not bring nationality here? This is not a battle between the two countries!] 

[Anyway, I have to say the little baby is really a genius.
Looking at her age and gender alone, Keane ’s physique should be stronger.
But it ’s the opposite.] 

I can ’t imagine how the little baby practiced to have such a good physique.] 

[She doesn ’t practice like we do.
She simply goes to the battlefield and bet with her life there.] 

[I think we should also consider training the young ability users around twenty years old by tossing them to some battlefield…] 

[Nonsense! Where can you find a battlefield in Gasha Country? Unless they join the military, there ’s no way they can join any kind of battlefield.] 

[That ’s why ability users in our Gasha Country can only fight on the ring and nowhere else.
They seriously lack fighting experience this way.] 

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[Agree, agree.] 

Don ’t talk too much.
Let ’s see what Ain is going to do.] 

At this time, Ainsley and the Godfather had already entered deep into the cave. 

The audience who thought that they couldn ’t see anything interesting for a while, didn ’t expect to see a sudden change within seconds!

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