I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 352: "Wake Up"

Chapter 1148: ”Godfather vs Bull Spirit ”

Aside from exorcists who could use their abilities to harm them, spirits equally hated the blood clan who could use their bodies to physically injure them! 

Not to mention that the blood clan ’s blood brought unknown effects to spirits like them. 

So, all spirits were extremely vigilant towards a blood clan member. 

Although he didn ’t know why there was such a young blood clan member here, it didn ’t stop him from secretly observing her. 

Unfortunately, the Godfather didn ’t give the spirit a chance.
He didn ’t even reply to the spirit ’s words a few seconds ago. 

With a flick of his hand, the Godfather instantly shot the special blood ball towards the bull beastman! 

The bull spirit had already been guarding against Ainsley since he knew that shamans who came here had absolutely no good intention. 

He was also not a newbie and was actually a veteran fighter. 

The moment the Godfather attacked him with that adult man head-sized blood ball, the spirit immediately dodged. 

Then, within seconds, the spirit raised his hand and a huge axe suddenly appeared in his hand! 

The axe was also as ghostly as the spirit, but it was full of color and looked more condensed than other spirits that Ainsley saw before. 

The bull spirit himself was also like that. 

Although no one could touch him, his body looked clearer and full of color than other spirits who were either fully transparent or blurry. 

The axe appeared so fast and before the Godfather could launch another attack, the axe already fell down, about to chop Ainsley ’s body. 

Indeed, all spirits could attack shamans even when they weren ’t in their shaman mode, but usually, low-level spirits couldn ’t do this because they lacked too much energy. 

After all, spirits had to condense their body and their special ability first to attack the shamans. 

As for attacking other living beings aside from shamans when they were only wild spirits with no owner…the rules of the spirit world prevented them from doing that. 

Thus, only mid-level and high-level spirits could be so casual as to use their stored energy to condense themselves just to attack shamans. 

This bull spirit was one of those who didn ’t mind spending spirit energy to attack shamans. 

Rather than bowing his head to be a shaman ’s contracted spirit, he chose to torture those shamans first and killed them! 

The axe fell straight to Ainsley ’s tiny body and those who were watching this through the live broadcast couldn ’t help but scream. 



[I mean…Godfather, dodge!] 

[This is the first time I see spirits condense themselves and attack shamans….] 

[But that means the shamans can also attack them with their abilities, right? If the spirit is not in their condensed state, the shamans won ’t be able to do that.] 

It was exactly like what this netizen said. 

Since the bull spirit chose to condense himself, the Godfather finally could use the other blood he found inside the crystals. 

The Godfather snapped his Matcha Pocky with one bite as he waved his hand, forming a lean yet sharp spear made of blood. 

The spear immediately parried the huge axe and it didn ’t even get thrown away or broken! 

The blood spear was so tough that the axe ’s blade couldn ’t make any cracks– albeit it could create countless scratches on the blood spear ’s surface. 

The Godfather parried the axe attack within seconds and right after he bounced back the axe, he bent his forefinger and the blood spear immediately changed direction. 

Now, the spear stabbed straight to the bull spirit ’s chest! 

The bull spirit was indeed a warrior. 

Even when the Godfather ’s counterattack was so fast, he skillfully manipulated his axe and the stabbing spear only touched the axe right in front of his chest. 

He used the axe to protect him like a shield!

Just like how tough the blood spear was, the rusty-looking axe was actually as tough as the blood spear. 

The axe didn ’t even get a dent or hole after receiving the blood spear ’s full speed thrust! 

The Godfather saw the situation and immediately spoke to Ainsley, who was still manipulating the blood wings behind her back even when they didn ’t use the wings at all. 

[Reform the wings.
Create a sword instead.
After that, manipulate the sword and attack that spirit from an angle he will never expect!] 

Ainsley immediately reacted and carefully detached the blood wings from her back. 

Then, the baby clenched her fist bit by bit, trying to decompress the blood wings into several long swords. 

This was the first time Ainsley tried to form something from blood instead of just manipulating the ready-made item. 

Cold sweat trickled down her face as she focused on forming two swords as fast as she could. 

At the same time, the Godfather distracted the bull spirit and launched a ruthless attack using both the blood spear and the blood clan ’s blood ball. 

The young man formed a kind of vampire claw using the blood clan ’s blood, creating another threat to the spirit. 

If the ’vampire claw ’ touched his body, no one knew what would happen.

Thus, under the Godfather ’s double attack, he didn ’t have time to pay attention to the small blood wings on the baby ’s back. 

The baby looked small and weak, but her attack was ruthless, aiming at his vital attacks. 

Usually, a shaman wouldn ’t do that because if the spirit was heavily wounded, it would also be a loss to the shaman who needed spirits to be their ’weapon ’. 

This was the first time the bull spirit met such a ruthless shaman who didn ’t care about other spirits at all! 

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