I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 355: "Its Over!"

Chapter 1155: ”The Baby Bull ’s Spirit Army ”

When Ainsley heard Zev ’s words, the baby immediately growled at him and her hooves scratched the cave ’s ground. 

[Don ’t you dare! I don ’t want such a reward!] 

The baby bull snorted and kept moving her head, wanting to stab Zev with her small horns that hadn ’t even grown yet. 

Seeing this, the live broadcast ’s audience endured the urge to laugh but no one noticed her conversation with Zev. 

Not even those who watched the live broadcast from Ainsley ’s point of view and shared the five senses. 

Seeing Ainsley ’s fighting stance, Zev hurriedly hid behind the Godfather, only showing his butt and his diaper as usual. 

He ’s afraid that Ainsley would stab his butt and he would be a goner! 

At the same time, the three evil spirits slowly recovered and then looked at Ainsley ’s purple ’wig ’ on her bull cub ’s state. 

They also knew this kind of transformation and although they didn ’t know how Ainsley did it, they immediately thought that she might have a bull transformation ability. 

But this ability came with a side effect which made the ability user retain some of their unique, natural features when they became other races. 

For example– Ainsley ’s purple bob hair and her large blue eyes. 

This means her real hair was indeed purple and the iconic one wasn ’t her long wavy hair style but the bob style. 

The most important thing was…how come a blood clan ’s member had purple hair and blue eyes? 

Even the mixed breed and those who only had a little lineage from the blood clan still had their iconic black hair and crimson eyes– albeit the shades were lighter. 

Thus, the three spirits couldn ’t believe what they saw at all.
If this person wasn ’t a blood clan ’s cub…why did they attack her?! 

The twins immediately looked at the man and furrowed. 

One of the twins, the one who manipulated light, couldn ’t help but ask her teammates. 

[Could it be that we targeted the wrong person?] 

The woman who manipulated darkness immediately replied to her twin sister. 

[She must be a shaman for sure, but as for her blood lineage…I don ’t think she ’s from the blood clan…] 

The man was hesitant for a while but he also contributed an opinion. 

[If she ’s not a blood clan ’s cub, why can she control blood?] 

[Blood manipulation is that clan ’s special ability from generation to generation, right?] 

But usually, only the pure-blooded blood clan ’s members inherited or awakened this ability. 

The others usually awakened other abilities such as bat transformation, and anything related to the blood clan. 

The twins looked at Ainsley once more and suddenly didn ’t know whether the baby was a blood clan ’s cub or not. 

If she ’s not, how could she manipulate blood? 

It wasn ’t as if the blood clan was the only race that could manipulate blood, but usually, people had to be really cruel and bloodthirsty to have this ability. 

The Godfather was a war maniac back in the days and he easily awakened this nasty and eerie ability. 

But Ainsley…she looked so young! How could she awaken such an ability? 

Unless…it is her contracted spirit ’s ability and as a shaman, she only uses her spirit ’s ability! 

The three spirits suddenly realized their mistake but they were also arrogant. 

They didn ’t want to apologize to Ainsley and lost their face as a powerful spirit. 

Thus, the three of them pretended to have something to do and before Ainsley ’s group could react, they immediately ran away. 

They ran so fast as if their lives depended on it!

The three spirits left just like that, and Ainsley hadn ’t even captured them or something, which was a loss. 

She didn ’t know how to return to her human form because this ability seemed to stick to her, and she couldn ’t get rid of it. 

Thus, the baby could only stay in this form for twelve hours…which means she couldn ’t even use the Godfather ’s ability! 

The little bull slumped on the ground and let out a long sigh, as if she was an old man worrying about their family. 

[What to do, ah? I can ’t go back to my human form…what ’s wrong with this transformation ability??] 

The bull spirit rubbed his nose and laughed dryly before he tried to comfort his little ’granddaughter ’. 

[It ’s okay.
It is not a malfunction.
You are just not used to controlling a transformation ability.] 

[All people who first awakened this ability can ’t control their transformation for months.] 

So, it ’s normal for Ainsley to be stuck in this form until she couldn ’t use the ability anymore, which was twelve hours later. 

The baby immediately lowered her head in depression, regretting her decision to borrow this ability. 

She did evade the attack but in the end, she didn ’t win at all! After all, the spirits ran away and she couldn ’t harvest more spirits….

Seeing Ainsley pouting her mouth like that, the bull spirit was reminded of his granddaughter when he was still alive. 

When his granddaughter was sulking, she also liked to pout her mouth like that.
It was super cute. 

The bull spirit ’s heart melted for Ainsley and immediately condensed a part of his palm just to rub Ainsley ’s head. 

[It ’s okay, it ’s okay.
This old man is here—the stinky boy, your spirit, is also here.
We can help you catch whatever spirits you want.] 

The bull spirit fulfilled his promise and immediately used his connection to abduct some old spirits he knew. 

The Godfather also started to threaten every spirit that he met to join Ainsley ’s gang. 

Just like that, the spirits in this cave would see a tiny bull cub trotting cheerfully with an army of spirits behind her. 

All hail the baby bull! 

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