I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 364: "What Happened To Him?"

Chapter 1164: ”The Godfather ’s Counterattack ”

Following the sneak attack, the live broadcast audiences were too shocked to comment and the comment section was only full with ”••• ” until one or two audience members snapped out of their daze. 

[Did someone just break their brain and dare to attack Ainsley in front of the Godfather?] 

[…I think so.
Don ’t you see the Godfather ’s lightning ability is still there.
What did they feel when they attacked Ain?] 

[Did these spirits think they won ’t die? Or maybe they don ’t know the Godfather ’s notorious reputation because they ’re too young?] 



Some people immediately ridiculed the five spirits, but more people were worried about Ainsley and instantly pushed back those who didn ’t comment about Ainsley. 

[You guys– why aren ’t you worried about Ainsley?! Is she still alive or not? Did she die? Just what ’s going on!] 

[Yes, yes! What will happen now? Is Ain okay? I ’m really worried, ah!] 

[She was wounded quite heavily…but the ice sculpture restricted her movement.
She has to melt the ice first!] 

[Ah, ah! Godfather, save her!] 

[Can Ain still borrow another spirit ’s ability? If she can, that will be good!] 

[Anyone still watching through Ain ’s point of view? If so, those who still linked their five senses…what did you feel?] 

Some clever audiences immediately asked those brave warriors who didn ’t cut off their five sense link to Ainsley. 

The camera that captured the scene from Ainsley ’s point of view was so small, and it was placed on Ainsley ’s chest like a sticky brooch. 

But this camera was invisible and weightless, really a high-tech technology. 

Now that the five-sense linkage was still there, if the person who held the camera died, those who felt the link would also feel their death. 

This is really exciting for those who were curious about the feeling of death but didn ’t want to die for real. 

When the audiences asked the brave warriors among them, the brave warriors were silent before hurriedly posting a string of comments. 

[It ’s okay! Everything is okay! I feel Ain ’s pain but she ’s not dead.
I don ’t know what she did at the last minute but that thing really protected her from death.] 

If not, Ainsley would have long died inside the ice sculpture.
After all, the ice wasn ’t ordinary ice, and it sucked people ’s life force. 

Fortunately, Ainsley raised her luck to the max and this incident only lowered her raised luck to her original luck and it didn ’t continue to lower her luck. 

The sucking life force thing was a one-time attribute and if the person managed to survive, the ice would just be ordinary ice. 

Maybe just tougher than ordinary ice.

When the live broadcast ’s audiences knew that Ainsley didn ’t die and was not in danger at all, they collectively sighed in relief. 

However, the people at the scene still didn ’t know that Ainsley was fine. 

The Godfather, who was usually calm and rational even when he was called a madman, couldn ’t control his emotion at all. 

His face darkened bit by bit, and his golden eyes flashed with a hint of lighting. 

The tiny sparks around his body suddenly became bigger and bigger. 

The stiff lightning on his left hand and the agile lightning on the right hand suddenly moved without a warning. 


The stiff lighting instantly struck one of the five spirits who attacked Ainsley. 

The purplish lightning struck within less than a second, and the spirit couldn ’t even use his ability to defend. 

The moment the lightning hit his body, the electric current immediately burnt him and devoured his spiritual energy wildly! 

”AHHH– ” 

The poor spirit shouted with fear in his voice yet his shout hadn ’t ended and the whole spirit had already turned into countless tiny sparkles. 

The stiff purple lightning that struck the spirit went straight through the disappearing spiritual body and boldly hit the hard crystal floor. 

Immediately, another thumb-sized hole appeared on the floor and the smell of a burnt thing became even more intense than before. 

The Godfather ’s attack came too fast. 

The man himself didn ’t look as if he had made a move, but when everyone blinked, the lightning struck, and the target was already gone. 

The remaining four spirits were instantly dumbfounded. 

They looked at their friend who was still alive a second ago but suddenly disappeared into nothing the second later– 

The four spirits shuddered, and one of them almost died of a heart attack. 

Impossible! How did their friend die? The attack came too fast! W-who could survive that kind of fast and lethal attack?? 

The four spirits hurriedly huddled together and used all sorts of abilities to keep them safe, but the Godfather only glanced at them as if looking at nothingness. 

In his eyes, the four spirits were already dead even as a dead spirit. 

The Godfather didn ’t roar wildly like before or show his mad, crazed look. 

He only lifted his right hand, and the agile lightning immediately formed four thunder tigers.

The thunder tigers looked like countless tiny purple lightning in one body, but the tigers themselves still felt like an intelligent being!


”GRRRRR. ” The four tigers growled at the four targets, and their growls somehow resembled the sound of their lightning ’s buzz. 

Each of the tiger was as huge as an adult wild tiger, and their body was indeed full of the lightning element, something that every spirit feared. 

Just by standing there in the air on four feet, the tigers already scared most of the spirits at the scene until they almost peed their pants! 

The Godfather didn ’t even look at the other frightened spirits and ignored their small whispers. 

He looked at the four spirits who attacked Ainsley and now were trying to use their abilities to fight him. 

These people were the ones who killed Ain! 

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