I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 365: "Cellinos First Duel"

Chapter 1165: ”Killing The Rest of The Murderers ”

Looking at the four murderers, the young man couldn ’t help but sneer. 

His eyes were full of malice and hatred, just like a cold cobra eyeing its prey— extremely sticky and grim. 

[This lord hasn ’t been fighting for so long but this lord will tell you four brats why this lord was called the God of War.] 

Once the Godfather ’s icy and gloomy voice fell, the four tigers immediately pounced on the four spirits within seconds. 

When they dashed forward, purple lightning swept by their feet, and their whole body looked blurry as if they were only after images. 

But how could people see the speed of lightning with naked eyes? 

The four spirits just blinked, and the four tigers had already bypassed all their defensive abilities and directly targeted their necks.

The lightning tigers ’ sharp fangs easily stabbed the four spirits ’ necks, and the moment the fangs pierced into the spiritual body….

The tigers even injected all their lightning in their body into the four spirits! 

The four spirits were much stronger than the one who died under the Godfather ’s first stiff lightning. 

However, facing the lightning tigers, their spiritual bodies were immediately drowned and devoured by four tigers. 

The fierce purple lightning gobbled up all their spiritual energy, leaving nothing but empty air. 

”AHHH– ” 

”HELP ME! ” 

”HELP! ” 

”DAMN– ” 

”Ah! Ah! ” 

The four spirits struggled to fight the lightning tigers with all of their elemental abilities, but the speed of the lightning devouring their spiritual energy was too fast. 

The four lightning tigers suffered some injuries from the four spirits ’ collective elemental attack, but while the tigers were only injured…

The four spirits were already drained of their all spiritual energy until they slowly disappeared into countless beautiful sparkles. 

The fight was so fast, only less than five minutes, and from the initial screams and shouts to the deadly silence…

Everyone at the scene didn ’t even interfere or help the four spirits. 

The other spirits turned their heads away from the tragic scene, afraid they would be implicated. 

The middle-aged spirits also looked at the scene with cold eyes, not intending to help at all. 

For them, those who didn ’t obey the leader didn ’t need their protection. 

The five spirits obviously saw Ainsley ’s improved relationship with their leader, but those idiots still dared to attack Ainsley. 

Isn ’t that the same as slapping the leader on the face and not respecting her at all? 

Thus, it was completely normal for the Godfather to avenge Ainsley and kill the five spirits. 

They didn ’t know whether Ainsley was still alive or not, but even if she was still alive, the five spirits deserved their retribution. 

If they didn ’t blindly attack Ainsley, would Ainsley also attack them? 

Obviously, the girl did intrude into their living space, but she didn ’t attack them or do anything harmful. 

She chose to negotiate with the spirits first, not using her strength to bully other people. 

It was the spirits who attacked first, and Ainsley ’s spirits, the elderly who followed her, only fought back to defend themselves. 

They didn ’t even intend to kill these young spirits, but these young spirits were too arrogant. 

Thinking that they were strong enough because they lived in the Monarch Area, the young spirits looked down on the old spirits, including The Godfather. 

This is the spirits ’ first mistake and what happened from then on was something they deserved. 

After solving the five spirits neatly, the Godfather hurriedly went to see the ice statue with Ainsley inside. 

Since the one who created the ice had already disappeared into countless sparkles in the air, the ice slowly melted and disappeared into flashes. 

Unlike ability users, when the spirits who created something with their abilities died and disappeared, their abilities would also cease to exist. 

After all, they were only ghosts in the first place, and they could use their abilities on non-spirits solely because the other party was a shaman. 

On the other hand, if an ability user died, their abilities would also go offline and would be nullified but there were types of abilities that couldn ’t be undone even after the owner died. 

In this sense, facing ability users was still a lot more dangerous than facing spirits– unless the spirits possessed their shamans and attacked the living beings. 

The Godfather watched the ice block disappear into countless tiny sparkles, slowly revealing the numb little bull cub inside. 

The frost on the baby bull ’s body had already disappeared too, and even the fire and the earth spear scattered into dust. 

The only thing that remained was the wound caused by the abilities. 

Thankfully, although Ainsley ’s bull face was half-burnt, the fire ability didn ’t have any additional buff. 

Otherwise, the fire would still give a burn effect on Ainsley even after the fire died out. 

If that happened, they would have to find Nouvan back home to heal Ainsley ’s negative ailments! 

Once the baby bull could move her limbs, she immediately limped to the Godfather and whimpered while showing her injuries. 

”Mooo– moooo…Moo! Mooo! (Look, look! My leg is bleeding hard, and my face is burnt! Ahhh! What if I am disfigured when I turn back into a human??). ” 

Even her bouncy, bob-cut purple hair had traces of burnt, looking unsightly and pitiful. 

The Godfather had thought that his little disciple would die just like that, but when he saw her trotting to him while complaining childishly…

The Godfather ’s hanging heart immediately returned to its original position. 

Okay, it ’s okay! Ainsley is fine! 

The Godfather hurriedly bent down and tried to hug Ainsley into his arms but sadly, the moment his arms touched the baby bull ’s body…

They just passed through Ainsley ’s body like that. 

He couldn ’t touch the baby at all. 

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