I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 374: "How Many?"

Chapter 1176: ”Spying On Ainsley ”

Monsters breed and grow faster than beasts, anyway. 

They were really like an insect army that could destroy the world if their number continued to deflate. 

But Ainsley was still disdainful of wild monster and beast hunters in Gasha Country. 

She had seen a lot of videos related to them, and some of them actually hunted monsters or beasts for fun. 

They also escorted ordinary rich people with no abilities who wanted to taste the feeling of killing monsters and beasts. 

They treated the Death Meadow as their own hunting ground. 

Thankfully, the number of monsters and beasts residing there was the highest among all monster and beast lairs in Gasha Country. 

They didn ’t have to be afraid that they wouldn ’t have enough beasts or monsters for the tamers. 

Ainsley let out a sigh as she went around to greet the guild members. 

At the same time, Reina, who was still doing a live broadcast, immediately recorded Ainsley ’s appearance. 

”Ahhh! I can ’t believe it.
The guild founder is here! Everyone! Look at her! She ’s going to eat with us like usual! ” 

Reina screamed like a mad man, but the girl lowered her voice so Ainsley wouldn ’t hear her scream. 

The live broadcast audiences also saw Ainsley going to eat at the same table with some random guild members, and they instantly felt sour once more. 

How come other people ’s guild founders could sit down and eat with the guild members at the cafeteria? 

Not to mention the long-dead guild founder. 

Their guild leader, vice leader or higher-ups at the guild rarely greeted the guild members unless they were geniuses. 

How could newbies like them meet important guild members like the Irregular Tamer Guild members just now? 

Everyone couldn ’t help but regret that they weren ’t charm ability users and couldn ’t enjoy the charm ability users ’ privilege. 

Still, Ainsley actually often mingled with the guild members simply to see whether spies or impersonators were mixing with the guild members. 

Martin ’s case at the Sloan Family back then taught her a lesson to frequently check her people to see whether they were still their old selves. 

It was also good to prevent power abuse, bullying, and so on. 

If not, the guild could silently change its goal and members, just like the Shaman Guild when Jake ’s grandma left the country. 

Ainsley wanted her guild to still be on the right track even after she left the country to go somewhere else.

While Ainsley was busy socializing, some people in Reina ’s live broadcast room quietly went to inform the two geniuses from the monster and the beast tamer guild. 

”Young master, that kid is currently recuperating.
I heard that her injury is serious, but she looks fine right now. ” 

The person paused before continuing his short reports. 

”Maybe the kid used an expensive potion and medicinal healing cabin to heal her wounds fast. ” 

Donny and Terry, the two people who were listening to the reports together, couldn ’t help but frown. 

They had decided to join hands to beat Ainsley, and when they heard that Ainsley was severely injured, they almost jumped in excitement. 

But then, the follow-up reports said that the baby looked fine! 

The two geniuses looked at each other and gritted their teeth. 

”Continue to monitor that brat ’s condition.
It ’s good that you know her habit of mingling with the ordinary guild members. ” 

Donny praised the informant and promised more money so that he could continue to monitor Ainsley. 

It was hard to monitor the baby when it stayed at the guild all the time. 

The guild was strictly guarded, and they couldn ’t even put a spy there, not even a simple cleaning service or an ordinary staff. 

They also tried to bribe some charm ability users who hadn ’t entered the guild yet and be their spies, but none of them agreed. 

No matter how much money they promised, the other party didn ’t give a damn! 

Maybe because the future after joining the guild would give them much more money than what the two geniuses promised to give. 

Just one monster taming service for a low-level monster alone already required tons of money that ordinary people wouldn ’t be able to earn in a few months. 

This is why so many charm ability users worshiped Ainsley like a God because not only did she give them a future but also opened a field of money for them. 

Although the guild also took a lot of commission fees, the money and resources they got for each taming service session was already a lot. 

Not to mention if they could tame a lot of monsters in a day. 

Just thinking about it made so many people refuse to be spies for other forces of guilds.

That ’s why the two geniuses could only find someone to watch the guild members ’ live broadcast, hoping to see a glimpse of Ainsley. 

After they finally saw Ainsley ’s condition just now, the two geniuses immediately fell into a bad mood. 

”How did she heal so fast? She was still injured and fell into a coma yesterday! ” Terry bit his thumbnail and nervously looked at his phone. 

He really didn ’t have confidence that he could win against Ainsley— unless they played some dirty tricks. 

Donny was also sober and didn ’t feel too confident facing Ainsley.
Even Keane failed the spirit hunting challenge, not to mention them.

After all, Ainsley ’s expertise was always her taming ability derived from her charm ability, not her shaman ability. 

If she could beat a genius shaman when she ’s not that good as a shaman…what about when she competed in her expertise? 

They would lose! 

This can ’t happen.
If they can ’t win fair and just, isn ’t it also okay to be unfair and use dirty tricks? 

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