I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 376: "I Avenged You"

Chapter 1178: ”Discussing Cooperation To Hunt Ainsley ”

The person sent a nodding emoji, indicating that they understood what Terry meant. 

Still, they sent another text message, patiently explaining to the two boys. 

[We know that we can find the target through the live broadcast and approach her, but she ’s too careful.
If you can guide her to us instead, she won ’t know that she didn ’t accidently meet us.] 

In this way, they could relax Ainsley ’s vigilance and catch her off guard. 

The person knew Ainsley ’s reflex pretty well and knew how the baby could respond in various sudden circumstances. 

If they approached Ainsley on their own, Ainsley would already raise her vigilance and their chance of catching the girl would be too low. 

[Just send some people to chase the girl, wanting to rob or kill her tamed beasts and monsters.
Then, guide her to our place.] 

The person convinced Terry and Donny once more.
The two boys didn ’t have to do anything to guide Ainsley personally. 

But this is also strange. 

[Why don ’t you guys hire the mercenaries on your own? Don ’t tell me you don ’t have money.] 

The unknown person seemed to be suppressing their annoyance and didn ’t reply for a few seconds until they finally sent another message. 

[Whenever someone hires mercenaries, there will be a track record of the transaction.
Even when we can use disguises and other things, it ’s still easy to track us.] 

In other words, these people didn ’t want to hire mercenaries on their own because they knew what they did would be dangerous for them, and they didn ’t want to get caught. 

It was as if they were restrained by something but still wanted to play dirty tricks behind the restriction. 

[Ordinary rich and influential forces might not be able to track our traces but a lot of bigger forces can use their connections with the Mercenary Guild to catch us.] 

Such as the Billios Family. 

The person didn ’t add the last sentence and the two geniuses also didn ’t know. 

But they understood why this group of people needed them to cooperate. 

If people tracked down the transaction and saw their identity as the ones hiring the mercenaries, it wouldn ’t break the rules or anything. 

At most, Ainsley ’s fans would only spit on them and hated them more than now. 

But this group of people seemed to be afraid of getting caught. 

Maybe they were a runaway criminal or something. 

Maybe their organization was a secret one that couldn ’t be exposed to the outside world. 

Anyway, the two boys had started to believe the person and even contemplated whether to agree to this request or not. 

The request was really easy and they would add another trouble to Ainsley. 

If that ’s the case, the girl couldn ’t win the challenge for sure. 

Actually, it didn ’t matter even if one side lost to the other side, but this concerned the guild ’s prestige and their own reputation. 

A lot of geniuses had lost to other geniuses, and it wasn ’t a problem. 

However, this simple-looking challenge was actually a war between the two sides— beast and monster tamer guilds versus irregular tamer guilds. 

Not to mention that both sides were tamers. 

Potential customers would definitely watch this challenge to see which side they should visit whenever they wanted to ask for help. 

The monster tamer side didn ’t provide a monster taming service unlike the irregular tamer guild, but they actually could show off their strength to escort people who want to hunt monsters. 

The other party said that they were a type of hunter.
Maybe if they cooperated, the other party could be a potential customer. 

The two boys were thinking about their guilds and finally agreed to the person ’s request. 

[Okay, we will handle this but make sure you can completely prevent that brat from winning.
Whether she ’s alive or dead, we don ’t care.] 

Terry replied on behalf of Donny, and Donny didn ’t continue to send messages to the other person. 

After getting the answer they wanted, the other party finally relaxed and sent a few more cheerful emojis. 

Could you leave it to us? Happy cooperation!] 

Terry also had a smile on his face as he replied. 

[Happy cooperation!] 

The two boys thought that they were helping their guilds. 

A pity…they didn ’t know that Elliana had just contacted their guilds ’ higher-ups, proposing a truce after the challenge between the three guilds ended. 

The two tamer guilds had been worrying about losing their jobs and money to the Irregular Tamer Guild. 

Even when their evil deeds were exposed, they were still thinking about various ways to trouble Ainsley ’s guild so that they could maintain their guild operation. 

Who would have known that Ainsley threw the olive branch and said all their grievances would be solved with the taming challenge? 

After that, she proposed cooperation with the Monster Tamer Guild to assist their Irregular Tamer Guild whenever they went to tame some monsters or beasts. 

[We can also help the monster tamers to tame monsters that they can ’t tame just yet.] 

Everyone knew that monster tamers were also divided into several levels and since they used aura to suppress monsters to worship the strong…

It was rare to be able to tame monsters stronger than their current level, especially with a large strength gap. 

Usually, the geniuses could still tame monsters with a small strength gap, albeit being the weaker party. 

But once they wanted a much stronger monster…it was impossible. 

However, Ainsley could do that by relying on her strong charm ability.
Just look at Zilla. 

Zilla ’s level was undoubtedly stronger than Ainsley ’s by several levels, but in the end, the monster still agreed to make a contract with Ainsley! 

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