I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 380: "The War Ends"

Chapter 1184: ”The Start of The Taming Challenge ”

The fourth person, who hadn ’t opened their mouth at all, suddenly looked at the third person and whispered.

”You don ’t know.
The people above also want to ignore the kid but some bosses still want to target this kid… ”

It ’s none other than because the baby had a connection with the Godfather and she herself was also amazing.

The fifth person didn ’t want to be left behind in this conversation and hurriedly added some more gossip.

”Some bosses said that this kid ’s soul is special…far more special than other transmigrators. ”

The fifth person sighed as he looked back at the little kid on the video.

”She killed three of our elite members and even stole their abilities.
Maybe that ’s why the people above wanted to target her again… ”

They wanted to take back the stolen abilities, especially the realism art ability that had a great potential.

”I don ’t know why the people above asked us to do this when there is a live broadcast around that kid.
Are they not afraid of the Billios Family anymore? ”

The first person who started the conversation scratched her head and was really confused.

As a member of this noble organization that kept the world in order and protected world peace, she knew a lot of things related to the transmigrators.

Naturally, she knew about the Billios Family and their influence.

The Billios Family ’s main strength had always been their network connection and there was also this transmigrator protector organization…

Their transmigrator hunter organization also didn ’t want to offend too many enemies, even when they were backed by the World Union.

The World Union gathered higher-ups and rulers of various races to keep the world peaceful, including sealing the demons for thousands of years.

Their influence was really great in the dark, but the protector organization also had some relationships with the World Union.

No one could deny that many transmigrators brought more benefit than harm to their world and the World Union also often pretended not to see new transmigrators.

As long as they contributed to this world and didn ’t make a mess.

Anyway, there were many problematic transmigrators that they could target instead of the obedient ones.

”This kid obviously looks obedient and good…why do the bosses keep targeting her? ”

The first person let out a sigh and the others immediately responded.

”I heard some rumors about foresight or something…anyway, this kid will be a threat to the organization. ”

”This kid is quite popular among people like us, huh…but so far, she survived all the assassinations. ”

”Ehhh this is different from what I knew.
I heard from my friends that some people want to replace the organization ’s officials and these people are the radicals… ”

They extremely hated transmigrators and they wanted the organization to keep their backbone, not bowing in front of other forces.

”Maybe if we manage to do this mission right, the radical camp can prove their ideology to the rational camp… ”

Anyway, their tasks were just to kill the baby on the spot and harvest her soul…

No mercy.

The five people looked at each other and shook their heads before focusing on Ainsley again.

At this time, the three challengers had already lined up in front of the vast Death Meadow.

Each of them had a grim face as they waited for the battle arena staff to finish the countdown.

”You guys can enter the Death Meadow and start taming in three, two, one… ”

The team leader paused before shooting the gun with an empty bullet into the sky.


”Go! ”

The moment the gunshot sounded, the three people immediately ran towards the Death Meadow and one by one, they summoned out their contracted beasts or monsters.

Since Ainsley couldn ’t bring her sacred beasts, she could only take out her loyal raptor, Ava.


Ava appeared mid-air, and Ainsley skillfully leapt to the tall raptor ’s back, landing on her two feet without losing her balance at all.


The silver-black raptor with ruby eyes immediately growled in excitement, shaking her head to the left and to the right.

It was as if she was welcoming the little master on her back.

The raptor was a huge one, close to four meters tall and also had a long, slim body.

This monster was also a high-ranking monster, who was also a mother monster.

A pity, Ainsley left Ava ’s children to guard the branch families all over the Godlif Country.

Ainsley stood on tip-toe and carefully stroked Ava ’s head as she whispered in a sweet voice.

”Long time no see, Ava! This time, I need you to explore this meadow with me and tame as many monsters and beasts as possible! ”

Ava immediately gruntled and squinted her sharp, reptile-like eyes, but instead of looking scary, she looked like a gentle mother.

Of course, that was only for Ainsley.

Ava hurriedly produced wire-like metal and gently tied the baby ’s feet right to her back and neck so she wouldn ’t fall.

She also made a metal rope to tie herself and gave the rein to the little master.

Seeing this, Ainsley immediately laughed and thanked the sensible momma raptor.

”Thank you, Ava.
You don ’t need to run that fast.
We only have to find some quality monsters and beasts. ”

”Grrr. ” Ava nodded, indicating that she understood.

After Ainsley settled Ava and the rein, everything was ready.

At this moment, Ainsley subconsciously glanced at the floating Godfather and Zev next to her before nodding.

[Let ’s go, uncle Godfather.]

[Got it.] The wind suddenly blew, and the Godfather immediately departed before Ainsley, trying to be her scout.

At the same time, Ainsley gently tapped Ava ’s head while shouting.

”Go, Ava! Let ’s go! ”

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