I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 381: "Here We Come"

Chapter 1185: ”Love Vampire Tiger ”


Ava instantly kicked off the ground with her two hind legs, showing off her strong muscles and her gleaming metal scales.

Under the sunlight, it was such a sight to behold.

Ava was worthy of her race as a raptor.

The momma raptor restrained her speed but she was still so fast that the camera almost couldn ’t catch up with the two of them.

Seeing this, the intelligent Ava could only slow down one more time, letting the camera barely catch up with them.

At this point, the live broadcast audience had noticed Ava ’s various behaviors and all of them couldn ’t help but marvel.

[Is it only my imagination or this raptor is highly intelligent?!]

[Upstairs, it is not your imagination! Which monster can communicate well with their master without using the power of a contract??]

Usually, other monster tamers communicated using their contract.

The contract with the monster directly linked the two sides ’ feelings, allowing the master to give command easily to the monsters with low IQ.

Still, they had to train together with their contracted monsters more often so that the monsters could rely on conditional reflexes and tacit understanding during fights.

The same goes for the highly intelligent beasts.

It was a must to train together so that the beast could execute the master ’s command perfectly and work together.

It wasn ’t strange to see beasts responding to their masters with little gestures and affectionate growls, but it was obviously rare for monsters.

Some of the live broadcast audience, who were also monster tamers, immediately explained the general knowledge related to monsters to the rest of the live broadcast audiences.

[Monsters generally have low IQ, so we train them by using food.
Usually, when we summon the monster out of our contract space, we will first give them food.]

Only then would the monster know that this is their master.

They would also first sniff their master to distinguish the smell before they were ready to accept commands.

[The commands we can give to monsters are also relatively simple.
It ’s indeed harder to train monsters than beasts.]

Still, many people also liked monsters because of their vast numbers and their tough bodies.

Compared to beasts, monsters had better physiques, and monster tamer could contract a lot more monsters than beasts.

[Beasts have high intelligence, so they can be jealous of their master ’s other contracted beast, which sometimes creates troubles.]

But monsters didn ’t care about this.

They were indeed territorial beings, but as long as they were connected to the same source, they could work together pretty well.

[As you guys can see, the momma raptor called Ava is really unusual.
Not only can she act affectionately towards her master, but she can also respond to Ainsley ’s words!]

This is obviously a sign of a mutated monster

with a high IQ.

[Not to mention that from her size and her aura, I bet she ’s at least a mid-level monster or higher.
Such a monster is really good!]

A lot of Ainsley ’s fans knew about Ava and also saw the growth of this metal-based monster.

Thus, they knew that the monster also had a few children!

[Ain ’s luck is really good…but usually, it ’s hard to evolve or upgrade this kind of rare monster.]

[I wonder if Ain has successfully leveled up the monster.]

While the audiences were talking about Ava, Ainsley and Ava had entered a competition mode.

First, they relied on the Godfather ’s telepathy to find their targets, and Ava would approach the targets carefully.

She didn ’t even make a sound as her metal body swept through the tall grasses!

This monster once again showed her high IQ, and the audience all sighed with jealousy.

However, when they saw the two people on the screen approaching a group of beasts, the audience immediately held their breaths.

[It ’s here! The first target!]

[Why did Ain choose a group of beasts at once??]

[Take a look at this group of beasts.
It ’s a type of tiger beasts, right?]

The group of beasts that Ainsley targeted was indeed a family of tiger-like beasts.

The beasts had the same skin pattern as ordinary tigers, but looking at their bodies which were twice as big as ordinary tigers…

These beasts are really dangerous.

Ainsley estimated that these beasts were at least mid-level beasts.

Still, Ainsley ’s attention unknowingly went to a certain beast among the crowds with the biggest body.

It was more than five meters in length, and if they stood up on their hind legs, it was close to three meters tall!

The tiger was suspected to be the group ’s leader, and the other tigers should be the team members or something.

But if Ainsley remembered carefully, tigers didn ’t have the habit of grouping up, unlike lions.

Tigers were individualistic animals.

Of course, beasts were different from normal animals, but usually, there were still some similarities here and there.

Ainsley squinted her eyes as she carefully assessed the tiger beasts in front of her.

At this time, Ava had already lowered her body and hid among the tall grasses, concealing their traces from the beasts.

Ainsley had more time to assess the beasts, and when she saw their strange black and pink stripes, the baby ’s eyes immediately widened.

Wait, wait.

The tigers obviously looked like normal orange tigers with black stripes, but seconds later, they turned into completely black tigers with pink stripes?!

Even the live broadcast audiences were shocked.

[What kind of beast is this? Anyone a beast tamer or a beast appraiser?!]


e Death Meadow can really nurture strange beasts and monsters, huh…]

One of the beast tamers among the live broadcast audiences immediately sent a comment to help the other audiences.

[I know, I know! This tiger is called the love vampire tiger!]

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