I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 382: "Transfering Lifespan"

Chapter 1186: ”Vampire Cubs ’ Pets ”

[These tigers can change their skin color freely, and they usually feed on other beasts or monsters ’ blood.]

As for why they ’re called love vampire tigers…

[The scary thing is, when their skin color changes to black and pink, they can activate a completely new ability.]

[This ability allows them to bite their targets and turn their victims into the same kind as them.]

[Some victims will also become zombies who are obsessed with these tigers, as if in love.
This is why the tigers are called love vampire tigers!]

[A few more interesting facts.
These tigers are rumored to be the blood clan ’s pets for the younger generations.
It was said that whenever there are blood clan cubs, the tigers will gather.]

No one could affirm whether this fact was true or not because the monsters and beasts at the Death Meadow were really unique.

However, when the audience saw the word ’blood clan ’s cubs ’, they almost fell from their seats collectively.

[Are you sure? Did these tigers gather here because they noticed Ain ’s smell?]

[But she ’s not a blood clan ’s cub, right…]

[Uh, this is only my guess.
Do you guys remember when Ain pried open blood crystals at the Spirit Cave? What if that blood is the blood clan ’s blood?]

[!!! Remember! Spirits are most afraid of the blood clan ’s blood…yes, yes, this must be true!]

[Then…Ain got the smell of the blood clan members from the blood she manipulated?]

[Exactly! I heard that all blood clan-related beasts and monsters had the keen smell of blood.
They must have misunderstood Ain!]

Ainsley herself didn ’t know that these tigers did appear after she entered the Death Meadow, which was why the Godfather could spot them.

Before she could approach the tigers to charm them, the leader of the tiger group suddenly sniffed the air.

Then, the tiger ’s golden eyes lit up, and it growled to the sky, just like a wolf.


The tiger seemed to be speaking excitedly to its people, and within minutes, all the tigers, big and small, suddenly turned their heads to Ainsley ’s hiding place.

Ainsley instantly saw the scene, and the whole person was dumbfounded on the spot.

Did she just see it wrong? Otherwise, how could the tigers suddenly spot her hiding place so accurately?

Ainsley was ready to shoot her charm ability to tame the tigers at once, but before that, the six tigers with one leader rushed to Ainsley ’s place as fast as bullets.

The beasts had long legs and long bodies.
Their speed was comparable to ordinary tigers, and some were even faster.

In just less than two seconds, the seven tigers already surrounded Ainsley ’s place.

Each of the tigers grinned, showing their sharp teeth.
True to their name, their fangs wer

e longer than ordinary tiger ’s fangs.

But unlike sabertooth tigers who also had long and big, sharp fangs, the tigers ’ fangs only slowly grew longer.

Just like vampires when they wanted to pierce someone ’s neck to suck some blood.

Ainsley ’s back was completely drenched in sweat.

Even Ava immediately stood up straight and growled menacingly at the surrounding tigers.

At this time, Ainsley didn ’t hesitate to spread her charm ability to surround the tigers, wanting to charm them and tame them in one quick swoop.

Surprisingly, the tigers hadn ’t even got affected by Ainsley ’s charm when the leader suddenly squatted like a good cat and rolled over, showing his soft belly!

The other tigers followed suits, and each of them purred loudly, just like a tame, spoiled cat.

They were exactly like the three sacred beasts when the sacred beasts wanted to act like spoiled children.

Seeing this scene, Ainsley almost bit her tongue and fell from Ava ’s back.

Her charm ability had already swept the tigers collectively, and this instantly pushed the tiger to approach Ava closer.

One by one, they nudged at Ava ’s body and rubbed their giant heads against Ainsley ’s tiny legs.

They didn ’t forget to purr sweetly and even wet their eyes, so they looked cuter.

The live broadcast audiences were dumbfounded.
Ainsley was also shaken to the core, almost questioning her life.

Is this what a tiger should do? Why can ’t you guys be handsome and cool?

Why did you guys act like a spoiled cat instead?!

No wonder the blood clan took the tigers as their cubs ’ pets!

These tigers were really like cats in a sense, but towards outsiders, they would instantly become fierce.

Ainsley had no choice but to laugh and let the tigers accompany her behind Ava, sometimes stroking one of their heads in delight.

Oh, oh, their fur is so soft and they also smell good! Really like a big cat!

Ainsley was extremely delighted here, but Donny and Terry were not so lucky.

Donny rode on his horse-type beast, a war horse that was used to pull a celestial chariot.

In ordinary times, although the horse wasn ’t a celestial beast and didn ’t have wings either, it could deter a lot of beasts with its aura alone.

It was said that this horse was personally blessed by the celestials, ranked second behind the pegasus as the official celestial beast.

The horse wasn ’t a celestial beast but with the celestial blessing, it had its own healing power and could manipulate light elements.

It could also run in the air without any wings, becoming a unique existence even among other horse-type beasts.

The horse had the body of a horse and the head of a goat with tw

o huge horns capable of destroying even the strongest metals.

The horse also had a water element ability, and it could breathe underwater, taking its master to dive underwater without worries.

Unfortunately, Donny used the horse in the wrong place.

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