I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 384: "Treating Ainsleys Core"

Chapter 1188: ”Love Net ”

Donny usually could tame a beast within fifteen minutes or less.
If not for the wild grasses ’ sudden attack, he would have tamed a beast already!

While Donny was in slight trouble, Terry was quite lucky to do his research before entering the Death Meadow.

He went to a great length to tame a mid-level and high-level monster with a blood clan ’s lineage.

When he entered the meadow, he immediately summoned the two monsters with the blood clan ’s lineage.

The first monster, the mid-level one, was a giant oval bat with a broad back, enough to carry one adult with no discomfort at all.

Because the giant bat looked like a chibi bat with a disk-like back, people only saw the bat looked like a cute one wearing a wide hat.

However, this ’hat ’ was actually his own back.

The giant chibi hat bat didn ’t have a good combat ability, but it was a very good means of transportation, especially when used at the Death Meadow.

The Death Meadow didn ’t allow any beasts, monsters or other beings to fly above them, but if they had something to do with the blood clan, the rule didn ’t apply.

Terry actually didn ’t have enough ’slots ’ to contract more monsters, but he used a temporary scroll contract to make a contract with these monsters.

However, after a day, the monsters would be free from the contract, and he had to let them go.

Still, Terry didn ’t mind letting go of the two monsters when he only wanted to use them at the Death Meadow.

If the first monster was a strange chibi hat bat, the second monster, who was apparently a high-level monster not weaker than Ava, was a black leopard.

The leopard ’s skin was black, but its spots were all crimson and gold, making the leopard look way more majestic than ordinary leopards.

This leopard also had sharp and long fangs, just like the other blood clan-related monsters.

It was unusual for mammals to be monsters instead of beasts.

Usually, monsters were composed of insects, reptiles, and other beings aside from mammals.

But this leopard was indeed a monster because his legs were not leopard legs at all but crocodile legs.

The leopard with short crocodile legs looked bizarre and ugly, but the speed was super fast.

It could also jump high and was extremely agile, just like ordinary leopards.

The vampire leopard ’s ability to fight was top-notch compared to the giant chibi hat bat.

For this reason, Terry let the leopard roam around on the ground while he flew in the sky with the giant chibi hat bat.

Thanks to this flying advantage, Terry could spot a lot of monsters hidden behind rocks and boulders around the meadow.

He knew that mons

ters usually didn ’t roam around the center of the meadow with only grasses and trees.

Thus, relying on the bat ’s flying speed, he resolutely went to the edge of the meadow at the very left side.

This side was full of tall rocks, mountains and caves.

Monsters really liked to live here and went out to hunt some mountain animals.

Since the monsters living here more or less had the blood of the blood clan members, they also liked to drink blood and hide from the sun if they could.

Fortunately, the Death Meadow looked hot and dry, but there were always thick clouds above the meadow, especially around the mountain itself.

Thick fog also came out often, sheltering these monsters from the light.

Essentially, this area was still the Death Meadow ’s area but focusing more on the monsters ’ territory.

After all, the left and right side of the meadow was colder than the center and the back area.

The mountain range, the caves and the terrains were also vastly different.

At this moment, Ainsley was heading to the very right side of the meadow because she knew that she had to hunt not only beasts but also monsters.

Still, the baby aimed to go to the border between the beasts ’ territory and the monsters ’ territory, which means she went to the back area of the Death Meadow and turned to the right side a little bit.

Along the way, Ainsley met various beasts, and the further she dived deeper into the meadow, the higher the level of the beasts.

If before, the beasts she usually spotted would be a group of low-level beasts with one or two mid-level beast leaders…

Now, the group would be full of mid-level beasts and several high-level beast leaders.

Of course, the love vampire tigers were an exception.

They shouldn ’t have appeared near the meadow ’s entrance, but because they smelled Ainsley ’s smell, they came to her voluntarily.

Whenever Ainsley saw a group of beasts, even if they were low-level, she would immediately spread her charm aura like a net.

This is a new skill that Ainsley acquired after training the Irregular Tamer Guild members to tame a lot of beasts or monsters in one go.

Of course, the newbies could only catch two to three low-level targets in one go using this skill, but that alone could already shock the other two tamer guilds.

It was already hard to tame monsters or beasts within minutes, not to mention taming a lot at once!

But Ainsley trained her members to be a bit more like her.

Thus, every new member would have to rebuild their perspective of taming because the way they tamed monsters and beasts was really unusual.

They used charm and affection t

o make the beasts and monsters voluntarily willing to be tamed!

Ainsley didn ’t rush to tame the group of new mid-level beasts and looked at the camera with a smile instead.

”Everyone, do you want to see how I use the love net to tame these beasts? ”

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