I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 385: "The Big Shots Make A Move"

Chapter 1189: ”One-shot Kill ”

It was rare to be able to see how Ainsley tamed her targets because her charm aura was usually colorless.

This time, Ainsley volunteered to show them the taming pro


The audience immediately went wild with joy.

[Hurry up, cub! I want to see the mighty love net in person!]  


[This is so exciting.
Ain tamed the previous beasts way too fast and we didn ’t even know anything until the beasts were suddenly docile…]

[Okay, okay, let ’s watch!]

Ainsley ’s net of love was usually invisible, but for the effect of the live broadcast, Ainsley purposely made the net full of pink.

Her pink charm aura was now fully visible to the audiences, showing them the way the baby tamed her targets.

”Okay, here we go. ” Ainsley grinned as she started her operation.

First, the baby patiently weaves the love net as big as sturdy as possible to capture a lot of targets.

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