I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 25: "Little Guest"

With his money when he was a mafia boss, Leroy actually helped Ren to develop his mercenary team to be the best mercenary team in Godlif Country. 

It ’s all thanks to Leroy. 

Now, when he became a celebrity, he also contributed a lot to The Glazier Mercenary Team. 

Leroy might be useless and had no influence in the world of the strong, but after he left the Sloan Family, the internet and the common people became his home ground. 

Even some influential Ability Users who liked celebrities were also his fans.

He had more than fifty million followers on various internet platforms! 

He appeared with his original face, but always changed his hair and eye colour to black and purple. 

He went on a mysterious yet occasionally gentle persona route. 

His identity was tightly concealed, but people knew he already had kids and a husband. 

Usually, this would make a negative impact on his career, but Leroy was just too good. 

His husband was handsome and had quite a good family background. His twins were all cute, and the family became famous on the internet. 

Of course, no one knew that Ren was a mercenary leader and no one knew that Leroy was once a mafia family head. 

After all, common people still had a negative stigma of mercenaries and the mafia. 

Thus, using his connections with various people in the entertainment industry, he tightly concealed his past. 

But…he wasn ’t satisfied. Leroy had grievances and felt that his success wasn ’t a success anymore. 

Leroy was about to speak when Ren slowly shook his head. 

”Leroy, at least you ’re popular and make a lot of money… ” 

At Ren ’s reminder, Leroy slightly calmed down, but he still couldn ’t let go of his grievance for so many years. 

The man walked to Ren, who was sitting on the bed and immediately sat on the man ’s lap. 

Then, he looked up at his husband with reddened eyes, looking like a bullied bunny. 

”Ren…you know that I never want to be successful as an entertainer, right? I ’m an ability user. My destiny should be in the world of ability users, not in the entertainment industry… ” 

After all, most people in the entertainment industry were the common people without abilities. 

The only ability users who would become an entertainer were charm ability users or those with useless but fancy abilities. 

As long as it ’s enough to make a good show for the common people, these low-level ability users could easily came to the top of the entertainment industry– 

Just like him. 

Special abilities were also like magic, and those who didn ’t have ’magic ’ always loved magic. 

Normal ability users wouldn ’t want to use their abilities just for show. 

Who else would satisfy the common people if not the low-level ability users with useless abilities? 

In the ability users society, becoming an entertainer was something to be looked down upon, and Leroy, who was once a mafia boss, had a high pride. 

He didn ’t want to be an entertainer if not for helping his new family to thrive. 

Ren also never forced Leroy to be an entertainer. It was Leroy himself who made a sacrifice for the family. 

Now that he had a chance to be a useful ability user but the chance depended on the daughter he had neglected for quite a time…

Leroy was obviously not content with the current situation. 

”Hubby, can you think of a way to make that kiddo accept me into the guild? I ’m really a good charm Ability User… ” 

Leroy hugged Ren ’s neck as he tried to ask his lover about his opinion. 

Right, he believed that Ren could help him give a solution. 

Ren actually didn ’t want to have any dealings with the Sloan Family anymore, but the guild was a neutral zone. 

Anyone and everyone could join, as long as they remained neutral and didn ’t join any powerhouses. 

Leroy himself wasn ’t a part of the Glazier Mercenary group, so it means Leroy was still able to join the Irregular Tamer Guild where he could shine. 

”But, Leroy. Have you really thought about it? Once you want to join, you will be bound forever. ” 

Ren paused before explaining. 

”The guild has a rule that anyone leaving the guild will lose the special skill they received. ” 

Yes, Ainsley did give this rule because, in the soul oath, one of the soul oath ’s contents was this. 

Once the member left the guild, they would also lose the unique charm skill they received from joining the guild. 

It was really fair because they could get that skill all thanks to the guild. Once they left, the guild could also take back the skill. 

The soul oath was something mysterious but it was really sacred. 

Once someone violated the oath, the soul oath would be triggered, and all conditions included in the soul oath would be fulfilled. 

Ainsley ’s requirement for the guild member was this. 

Of course, the most crucial thing was loyalty and prohibiting members from harming each other. 

Ainsley also added a clause about the punishment for leaving the guild or betraying the guild in the soul oath. 

Leroy didn ’t know that the rule would be this strict. He thought that once he got the skill, he could leave the guild anytime if he didn ’t suit the guild. 

But now, once he joined, he could only stay. If he didn ’t, he would lose the newly-gained skill! 

Leroy pursed his lips and contemplated for a while before nodding. 

”I don ’t mind this rule. Even if I dislike the Sloan Family and Ainsley, she ’s still a family. I don ’t mind joining the guild as a regular guild member and contributing to the guild. ” 

Of course, as someone ambitious, Leroy also dreamed of becoming the branch head or, even better, the Godlif Irregular Tamer ’s guild leader. 

”But hubby, there ’s no way Ain will let me in. So, is there a way to force her to accept me? ” 

Leroy still didn ’t give up on this matter! 

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