I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 3: "Eavesdropping"

Leroy ’s eyes widened as he shuddered in horror. 

Even worse than misunderstanding the sacred beasts ’ intention, he had just offended the sacred beasts by bringing the twins. 

No, he might even put his children in danger because of this! 

All thoughts of becoming Ainsley ’s guardian or inserting his children back into the mafia family to reap some benefits instantly disappeared from his mind. 

Yes, he had left the mafia family because he felt that following Ren was the best choice. 

Even up to now, he was sure that he didn ’t want to leave Ren or his children. 

That ’s why he wanted to bring his family back to the mafia family, all because he wanted his family to receive the best thing in this world. 

Leroy ’s special ability was charm, but it was weak and he really wasn ’t useful other than his handsome face and his identity as an ex-mafia boss. 

He thought of using his past identity to smuggle his family back to the Sloan Family, but who would think that…

He would bring danger to his family instead. 

Leroy always thought that even if he left the Sloan Family, he ’s still a part of the Sloan Family. 

Ainsley should appoint him as her guardian and let his lover and children enter the Sloan Family. 

It would be even better for his children to replace Ainsley since he had long disliked this child born not out of love but out of obligation and pressure. 

Even if the twins were not born naturally and were born with the help of advanced technology and such, Leroy still felt that his twins were more ’real ’ than Ainsley. 

Even when his blood also flowed in Ainsley ’s vein, he didn ’t feel any affection for her. 

But it was obviously a wrong move. 

Who would have thought that the sacred beasts actually liked Ainsley and wanted to surprise her instead?! 

Ainsley herself was also shocked. 

She thought that the sacred beasts liked the twins and blamed the Sloan Family for not bringing them to the family. 

But…but…the two beasts actually came out for her? To surprise her on her birthday? 

The previous trauma, humiliation, and grievances instantly disappeared from Ainsley ’s heart. 

The whole person seemed to be reborn, and she was now glowing with a cheerful aura.

So the sacred beasts came out for her…she misunderstood them and even lost consciousness for a few seconds out of shock. 

Ainsley suddenly realized that she just did something embarrassing! 

The baby helped Grandpa Yofan and the others in her family to stand up while hiding her face behind the adults ’ backs. 

Ahhhhh! So embarrassing! To faint out of shock just because of this…ahhh!! 

Even Cellino also shuddered in shock, still in disbelief. 

[Eh, eh? My siblings really did come out to surprise my master?] 

Ainsley didn ’t answer Cellino ’s question as she was busy calming the frightened guests while occasionally peeking at the two gigantic beasts. 

Ah, compared to them, Cellino ’s beast form was really small, but it was suitable to be brought everywhere. 

If she brought the two beasts out while they ’re in this gigantic form…she might scare others to death, right? 

Compared to Zilla, who was as tall as buildings, the sacred beasts were indeed smaller, but they didn ’t look weaker at all. 

Especially the beast that resembled a white tiger mixed with a cat. 

She just stood there, not talking, but her deep blue eyes seemed to contain otherworldly wisdom that people couldn ’t understand. 

Not to mention her aura and her pressure. She ’s a sacred beast who was already on the brink of becoming a legendary beast. 

She just needed that one push or enlightenment to advance. 

Compared to the panther-like beast and Cellino, the white tiger-like beast was really different. 

Ainsley couldn ’t help but look at the only female beast among the three feline beasts before speaking to Cellino. 

[That…your sibling…the one similar to a white tiger…] 

[Ah, Code-L? What ’s with her, master?] 

Cellino was instantly on guard, afraid that Code-L would be upset and suddenly did something to harm the people in the hall. 

Code-L was the most arrogant among them but also the kindest. She ’s brimming with motherly instinct but also a heroic aura of a hero. 

The mix between a gangster, a hero, and a mother made the creature such a unique being. 

[Yes, Code-L. Say, I heard that some sacred beasts that are about to be legendary beasts can transform into humanoid form?] 

Although there was a time limit of only a few hours a day, but the rumors said that it was possible! 

Cellino immediately nodded. 

[Yes, it ’s true. Once I ’m stronger, I can speak the human language or other languages in my beast form. Then, if I become even stronger…] 

He could also transform into his humanoid form for a few hours a day! 

Ainsley was suddenly looking forward to the day Cellino would transform into his humanoid form. 

But for now, her focus was on the silent Code-L. 

While Code-B took the role of the villain and vented on the innocent guests and Leroy ’s group, Code-L just quietly watched the scene. 

After a few minutes, she suddenly opened her mouth.

”Enough. Let ’s not ruin the lil brat ’s birthday anymore than this. ” 

Her voice was in contrast with her majestic beast form. 

Her voice was so cute and milky! It sounded just like a kitten who often cried for milk! 

Ainsley was dumbfounded with this gap moe. 

How come this cool beast ’s voice is like a loli? 

Will she get another loli friend? Two OP lolis?

Before Ainsley ’s imagination could run around wildly, Code-L had already shrunk her body size to her cat form and patted Code-B ’s huge front paw. 

”Let ’s kick these corrupt humans first before we settle our business. ” 

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