I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 38: "A List"

Chapter 882: “The Crimsons & The Roidley”

Tons of new members constantly joined the group, and they all had to use their real names. 

The members could click on these names and check the owner ’s account. 

Whether it was their standard information or their account level, it was all visible to the other app users. 

Just like in the Sloan Family internal app, the guild app also issued virtual badges corresponding to the members ’ guild branches. 

For now, there were only two badges lit up while the rest, including the headquarters, were still dim. 

The app was indeed a mature and complete online app. 

For new guild members, the app not only gave out a lot of information related to the guild but was also a necessity in their daily life. 

There was a guild trading zone in the app, where the members could use their contribution points to buy items. 

There were also members trading zones, allowing the guild members to sell things online, and fellow guild members could buy the items. 

This guild app was not only an official guild app, but it also acted as a small society among the members. 

The app undoubtedly made the members from all kinds of guild branches closer to each other. 

Unlike the other big guilds that rarely got along between guild branches, the Irregular Tamer Guild eliminated this factor in the early stage. 

The forum allowed members from all types of guild branches to communicate remotely. 

There was also a ranking list…one was the ranking list for each branch, the other was a united ranking list, combining all members from all guild branches. 

This allowed the members to know which members got more contribution points and the such. 

The members ’ account also had levels, and they could level up using EXP gained from doing missions issued by the guild. 

Not only would they get EXP, they would also receive contribution points and money! 

Of course, in most cases, the members had to choose between directly receiving the payment from doing the mission or changing it into contribution points. 

This feature isn ’t available in the Sloan Family app, but it was there in the guild app because the guild was undoubtedly larger than the Sloan Family. 

Of course, aside from levels, there were also coloured account names. 

The ordinary members had a white account names; the elites had either bronze, silver, or gold names. 

There were also those with blue and purple names. Purple was the guild ’s higher-ups while blue was the guild staff. 

Of course, the members paid more attention to bronze, silver and gold names. 

After all, these were people that had been tested to have a good charm ability. 

It was estimated that they would be a better irregular tamer than other members. 

But the colors could change anytime…so even these elite members couldn ’t relax at all. 

After the members were busy checking the fun guild app for almost a whole day, the inheritance ceremony was finally about to start. 

An hour before the ceremony started, all members who had successfully registered as the guild members already crowded the guild hall. 

Because it was nighttime, the venue was chosen to be indoor instead of outdoor. 

But the guild hall was brightly lit with countless floating balls of light…it was still pretty even at night. 

The guild members had received their badges and cloaks as their uniforms. 

Now, all of them wore the cloaks and badges neatly, waiting for Ainsley ’s arrival. 

Even when they ’re already a guild member, they still couldn ’t tour the Crimson Lily guild branch ’s building, and so, they could only wait patiently at the hall. 

At this time, the members couldn ’t help but look at their fellow members and talked to each other. 

”Hey, hey, you ’re a Crimson! ” 

One of the members looked at the person with a small crimson lily symbol on their badge with a slightly envious look. 

Crimson was the term the members came up with to mention the members registered to the Crimson Lily branch. 

As for the members of the Roid Valley branch…the members called them Roidley– a merger between Roid and valley. 

The Godfather Mausoleum branch members would be called the holy spirits, while the Butterfly Pagoda members were called the caterpillars. 

As for the Sloan Village guild branch members…they ’re called the Sloan villager. 

The one at the headquarters was called Pandora Islanders. 

The person who called out Crimson was a Roidley, a member of the Roid Valley branch. 

”I really envy you, brother. Everyone here wants to join the Crimson Lily branch or the headquarters. ” 

But the Crimsons didn ’t feel as fortunate as what the Roidley thought. 

”You don ’t know…this might be a temporary identity. ” 

The Roidley was clearly startled, not expecting this answer at all. 

”Temporary? What do you mean? Aren ’t you already a member of the Crimson Lily branch? ” 

But the Crimsons shook his head. 

”I heard that a lot of people currently registered to Crimson Lily will be dispatched to other branches once the guild branch buildings are ready… ” 

So, it ’s not certain whether he would stay as the Crimsons once the other guild branch buildings were built. 

The Roidley didn ’t expect this information at all and suddenly didn ’t know what to say. 

”Well…it is still better than being a Roidley like me…the Roid Valley is the smallest and should be the weakest guild branch, right? ” 

At least the other guild branches would be better than the Roid Valley! 

”Not really. The Roid Valley guild branch building might be small, but I heard that there are a lot of monsters to be tamed… ” 

The Crimsons looked at the Roidley with a faint smile on his face. 

”Maybe the business will be more prosperous there, ” he added. 

Yes, their fate is still not fixed! 

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