I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 4: "Bleak Future"

When Leroy heard what Code-L said, he was so terrified that he almost kneeled on the floor. 

”T-this, this… ” Leroy stuttered as he watched Code-B waving his right paw. 

A wisp of dark smoke suddenly wrapped Leroy tightly before flinging him out of the window! 

”AHHHH!! ” 

Ren and the children were so caught off guard that Leroy ’s scream already echoed throughout the garden before the ice dragon made a move. 


The ice dragon ’s speed was fast, and in just seconds, before Leroy ’s body hit the ground, it had already caught Leroy with its tail. 

The connecting hall was on a different building from the main mansion, but although it only had one floor, it was quite high, comparable to the mansion ’s third floor. 

Thus, if the ice dragon didn ’t act on its own, Leroy might have smashed his head and died. 

The ice dragon caught Leroy ’s waist with its tail before slowly putting the man to the ground. 

At this moment, Leroy had already fainted out of shock while Ren and the twins snapped out of their stunned state. 

”Leroy! ” Ren ’s face instantly paled as he beckoned the ice dragon to come up to the connecting hall and pick them up. 

In less than a minute, the ice dragon already flapped its wings and hastily carried Ren plus the twins on its back before approaching the unconscious Leroy on the ground. 

The whole small family left the connecting hall to check Leroy ’s condition, but the guests and the Sloan Family members didn ’t even move from their place. 

All of them swallowed their saliva nervously as they looked at the panther-like beast with eyes full of horror. 

They didn ’t even see when the beast used its darkness ability, and Leroy was already thrown out of the window! 

And since when the window was opened? Everything happened too fast! 

If Raphael were still here, he would have seen Code-B ’s perfect control over the darkness ability, and the young man would surely want to learn from Code-B. 

The current guests at the connecting hall were all people close to Ain, all the people who attended the tea party. 

But even these people, who were all elites, couldn ’t help but shudder in shock. 

The beastman Yeon, the elf Eth, and the dwarf Tyra gulped as they looked at this mighty sacred beast. 

Even among their races, sacred beasts were rare but highly sought after. 

Unfortunately, sacred beasts usually liked to mingle with humans instead of other races. 

It was just like how the fairies favoured humans more than other races. 

This was why humans could stand their ground against other races despite being one of the weakest races. 

One really couldn ’t offend a sacred beast even when they ’re generally friendly toward humans! 

Leroy had fainted, Ren and the twins left the hall without saying goodbye to Ainsley. This matter was considered done with. 

The guests outside of the connecting hall, those who still stayed at the main hall, didn ’t know what happened, but they could sense the sacred beasts ’ pressure even from afar. 

Code-B and Code-L were leagues stronger than Cellino. 

Their pressures could envelop the whole Sloan Family ’s territory, scaring the rest of the guests. 

Those who didn ’t know what happened immediately discussed with each other and speculated things. 

”Say, what ’s going on? Don ’t tell me those uninvited intruders anger the sacred beast? The pressure is no joke! ” 

The beast they mentioned was, of course, Cellino. But the senior guests immediately denied the speculation. 

”No, it shouldn ’t be Lord Cellino. He ’s not this strong yet. Not even the sacred beasts from the Aretha Family are this strong. ” 

”Then, is it…another sacred beast? ” 

”I think so. The intruders said that they wanted to see the other two sacred beasts, right? ” 

”Right. ” 

”Well, I think they successfully summoned the beasts but angered them instead. ” 

”Ohhhh! So the pressure comes from the two sacred beasts? ” 

”Should be. Don ’t you know that back then, the Sloan Family was one of the strongest mafia families thanks to these sacred beasts? ” 

The Sloan Family ’s founder was someone with a high affinity for beasts, especially sacred beasts. 

He ’s close with the sacred beasts, and that ’s how these sacred beasts still protect the Sloan Family even after a century. 

But the Sloan Family ’s later generations failed to impress the sacred beasts, and that ’s how they declined. 

The sacred beasts might also be tired of facing incompetent family heads from years to years, and finally, choose to ignore everything in the family. 

They had fulfilled their promise to the Sloan Family ’s founder. They were now free to leave the family. 

But Ainsley ’s appearance ultimately held them back in the Sloan Family. 

Maybe because her charm ability was special, or because her body also inherited the founder ’s high affinity with beasts….

The sacred beasts just couldn ’t help but like Ainsley. 

In the previous life, the original Ainsley had never been able to activate her baby charm ability and thus, failed to trigger her unique bloodline inherited from the founder. 

In this life, Ainsley was a transmigrator, and she successfully awakened the charm ability, leading to her bloodline awakening as well. 

Although weak, Ainsley was still loved by beasts such as Cellino, Code-B, Code-L, and even Blaze. 

The effect was minimal, but it was there. 

The guests at the main hall couldn ’t help but discuss the two sacred beasts ’ possible coming out, and they were slightly wary of the Sloan Family. 

With the two sacred beasts finally coming out of the prairie, would the Sloan Family regain their lost prestige and position? 

The ones particularly alarmed were the 7 sacred families, especially the bottom rank families. 

The Sloan Family had successfully brought out three sacred beasts…it ’s just a matter of time before they ’re replaced! 

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