I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 45: "Reunion"

Chapter 888: “Irregular Tamers Various Types”

The type of monsters and beasts lingering around the Crimson Lily forest were generally forest animals. 

One could see all sorts of carnivorous beasts and also herbivores. 

As for the monsters…there were more flying-type monsters than other types of monsters at the hunting ground. 

Since the hunting ground didn ’t include the Xocolet lake, there ’s no way to try taming the water-type monsters or beasts. 

For now, the type of monsters one generally found in Crimson Lily Forest were reptiles such as snakes, small-sized dinosaurs, or bizarre mammals. 

There could be a strange metallic goat or a fire horse with green fire…the monsters were usually uglier than beasts, and were more ferocious. 

It was not strange that the first time the new guild members entered the hunting ground, what welcomed them were a bunch of night monsters. 

There were blood-sucking bats, weird armored squirrels, cows, bulls, or even mutated plants. 

However, most of the monsters were either low-level or mid-level monsters. 

One couldn ’t see any high-ranking monsters when they didn ’t go too deep into the hunting ground. 

Looking at the map on the phone, the guild members could see the three zones inside the hunting ground. 

”We are here, the green zone. It ’s not too far from the eight torii gates, and the monsters or beasts we will find here are generally low-level. ”

The leader of the five-man team explained to his team members as they used their phone torch to illuminate the path. 

The hunting ground was huge, but it was only in a  simple circle shape. Thus, the three zones were divided like outer and inner circle rings. 

The outer zone was the one marked green. The guild purposely put the low-level monsters and beasts in this zone. 

There was even a dividing barrier between each zone so that monsters or beasts with different strength levels couldn ’t easily mingle with each other. 

After all, the monsters still eat other monsters, especially the carnivores. 

It would be bad if a high-level monster devoured all the low-level monsters at the hunting ground. 

After the green zone, which was the outer circle, one could go even further to the hunting ground. 

After passing through another layer of fog, they could enter the mid-zone marked with blue. 

The middle circle housed mid-level monsters and beasts, stronger than the low-level ones. 

Once the members went even deeper inside, after passing through another layer of darker fog, which was pitch black, they would arrive at the inner circle– high-level zone. 

It was red because the monsters and beasts inside weren ’t a lot, maybe didn ’t even exceed 50, but all of them were high-level beasts and monsters. 

The guild would regularly release low-level preys for these bosses ’ lunch and dinner. 

So, the guild members could still find mid-level or low-level monsters and beasts inside the red zone too. 

But be careful…if the high-level monsters or beasts had marked their prey and the guild members captured their prey…

One could imagine the consequences. 

”Let ’s just linger around the green zone. Find one or two low-level monsters, surround it and try to tame it. We can tame it in turns. ” 

A lot of teams had the same thoughts, so they quickly spread around the green zone with their team members and went to find monsters or beasts to tame. 

There were countless low-level monsters and beasts here, but since the area was large, one didn ’t need to be afraid of an accidental beast and monster tide. 

Of course, it means that they had to explore the terrain and faced mutant plants or other environmental factors before finding their targets 

When a team successfully found a monster, before they could even approach, the monster already noticed their presence and instantly reacted. 


The monster was so aggressive that it immediately dashed toward the five people, about to claw them or bite them to death! 

These people were only charm ability users and rarely fought in a real battle, but it didn ’t mean they were completely useless. 

Sensing the danger, the team immediately dodged the monster and started to surround the monster within a safe distance. 

”Quick! Release your charm ability! You first! ” 

The team leader appointed the nearest member to the monster and asked her to release her charm ability. 

70% of charm ability users were women, so it wasn ’t weird that there were more women than men among the 10.000 new guild members. 

The team leader itself was also a woman with a good charm ability, and the team only had one man. 

Oh, well, after the team leader shouted, the girl heard the team leader ’s command. 

She subconsciously answered, ”Y-yes, captain! ” 

The girl mentioned by the team leader immediately reacted and released her charm ability, targeting the monster. 

If this were the usual, she would have never been able to charm a monster because her charm only worked for humans. 

It was even a bit hard to charm ability users in her usual day. 

But after the inheritance ceremony, the girl actually received two balls of light and her potential was really shown here. 

In just a few seconds after the girl released her pink aura toward the monster, the monster obviously paused for a bit, and it suddenly stopped being aggressive. 

The monster looked at the girl with a weird gaze, but it didn ’t try to attack her anymore. Instead, it was looking at her as if looking at their little sister…

Its eyes were full of disgust and reluctance, but there was still a little bit of affection inside. 

When the other team members saw this, they instantly recalled the guild guidebook. 

The guidebook told them types of charm they would have when they used it against monsters and beasts. 

There were so many weird types included! 

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