I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 47: "Secret Base"

Chapter 889: “Three Official Tamers Occupation”

According to the guidebook, here were the fatherly charm type, motherly charm, baby charm…

Little sister charm, little brother, nephew, niece, older sister, older brother, and so on. 

There was even a friend charm and potential mate charm. 

It ’s weird, isn ’t it? 

Someone could even have a prey charm. It means that the monster would see the person as a prey but unlike a normal prey, the monster would cherish this one better. 

Of course, it was quite impossible to command the monster to do anything to someone considered its prey. 

But fortunately, with the new contract scroll, the tamer could still sell their ’tamed ’ monsters. 

The girl here obviously belonged to the little sister charm, and because the monster was also a female, it had that kind of reaction! 

The girl was taken aback, and her eyes instantly lit up. 

”It works! I can really charm this monster! ” 

But to tame it…she still had a long way to go. 

After all, the charm was only effective for less than a minute! 

Before the girl could ask the monster to do whatever she wanted, the monster had already returned to its aggressive state. 

Still, the girl was so excited knowing that she really did become an irregular tamer! 

Following the girl ’s success, the other team members tried to charm the monsters, and they quickly identified their charm type. 

The team leader had an elder sister charm type, and it was generally easier to command the charmed monster to obey her. 

Especially if the monster was generally young. 

But if it was a mother monster…one couldn ’t say whether the mother monster would obey this ’elder sister ’ or not. 

After all, once the monster became a mother, It was hard to say if they would be obedient in front of their elder sister. 

The other three group members all identified their charm type too. 

There was someone with a little brother charm even when she was a girl. Then, the other girl had an aunt charm. 

It was really weird! 

But it was effective against young and naughty monsters! 

Oh…wait. The only man in the group even had a grandpa charm…

Both old and young monsters respected this guy unless the monster was also considered a grandpa or a grandma. 

The team members were excited and confused at the same time, mainly because so far, their charm type had always been the same type. 

It was the seductive type and could be effective for all kinds of gender, both male and female. 

But when they became an irregular tamer…there were so many charm types, ah! 

The members quickly tested their abilities and left the monster before the monster could chase after them. 

After all, they had checked their new skill and it was really effective! 

The same goes for other members as well. 

After they tested their abilities, they went back to the East Torii gate and the staff there quickly recorded their charm type against monsters or beasts. 

With this, there would be new information on everyone ’s guild account. 

Mainly the type of their charm when used against monsters and beasts versus when they faced human beings. 

The irregular tamer ’s charm type would all be the same whether it was used on a monster or a beast. 

But it could be different when used on human beings. 

This new discovery made the guild members idolize their guild even more. 

A lot of them even updated their social media accounts and told the whole world what they had just experienced! 

[Really. I didn ’t know that I have a grandma charm type in front of monsters and beasts! Hahahah! PS: I ’m a 17-year-old male.] 

[Same here. I actually don ’t know what type of charm I have at first because the monster ’s reaction is weird. But guess what?] 

The poster paused before sending another comment. 

[I actually had the first love charm type!] 

The first love charm type…it means that the monsters and beasts would feel as if facing their first love. 

It would be more effective on beasts with high-intelligence since it had something to do with love and not desire or familial affection. 

But it was really unique! 

Ainsley even updated the guidebook and included more irregular charm types for these irregular tamers. 

The first day of the on-site registrations finally ended, and the guild welcomed around 10.000 guild members at once. 

The second day, another batch that had been selected came to the Crimson Lily branch. 

All of them had known more or less about the guild from the guild member ’s first batch, but seeing with your own eyes was different, after all. 

The second batch was even more enthusiastic than the first batch, and the guild slowly became something that others couldn ’t easily look down upon. 

Especially the guild members themselves. 

The guild ’s prestige in their hearts had become the number one, and some even revered the guild as if it was a kind of religion. 

These guild members were even more loyal to the guild than the alchemists! 

And they were also proud of being a part of this guild. 

None of them lowered their heads when they met other big guild members and would be proud to show off their irregular tamer identity. 

Especially when they met the monster and beast tamers. 

These two were usually arrogant because not just anyone could be tamers. 

But now, there was the third type of tamers, and it could be stronger than the other two types…

Frictions and conflicts couldn ’t be avoided. 

Of course, the guild members knew very well that the beast tamer and monster tamer guild leader were close friends with Ainsley, the irregular tamer guild founder. 

And so, even if the members got into a fight, they never really harmed each other! 

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