I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 5: "Charm"

Ainsley ’s birthday party was quite a mess, but after Code-B kicked Leroy out, the guests at the connecting hall slowly calmed down. 

Each of them backed off a bit to prepare a space for Ainsley and the sacred beasts to communicate. 

The beasts said that they came out to meet Ainsley, so they should want to talk to her. 

Indeed, after the annoying Leroy was gone in the blink of an eye, Code-B also shrunk into his cat size and trotted over to Ainsley ’s leg. 

”Nyaaa~ nice to meet you, Lil Ain. ” Code-B rubbed Ainsley ’s calf and shamelessly tried to act cute. 

The guests and Ainsley, who saw Code-B throwing Leroy out of the window earlier, couldn ’t help but twitch their lips. 

This cat…is so fake, ah! Don ’t act cute after you throw someone out of the window! 

But Code-B ’s voice when he ’s in his beast form and when he ’s in his cat form was like two extremes. 

One was full of power and might. The other was cute and coy. 

Not to mention that ’nyaaa ’ noise he produced…that was so cute. 

Ainsley could feel Code-B ’s fluffy and soft fur rubbing against her calf and all her fear towards these two instantly disappeared, leaving only her love for cats. 

”Hi, nice to meet you, Code-B… ” 

Ainsley squatted and put Cellino on the ground before rubbing Code-B ’s furry body. 

Because his fur was so thick and soft, Ainsley ’s fingers just sunk into a bunch of fluff and disappeared just like that. 

The baby couldn ’t even see her fat fingers as she rubbed Code-B ’s fur. 

This is a new experience! 

Ainsley ’s eyes lit up, and she was suddenly addicted to rubbing Code-B ’s fur. 

Cellino ’s fur was also good but not as thick as this beast who was supposed to inherit a black panther bloodline. 

What a weird combination! Shouldn ’t a wolf ’s fur be thicker than a panther ’s fur? Even the fur type was different. 

This Code-B is another anomaly! 

”Hehehe, nyaaa~ thank you for taking care of my brother, nya~ ” 

Code-B rolled on the floor, showing his furry belly as he peeked at Cellino, who had already come to lick his fur. 

[Brother. Long time no see.] 

Cellino was a bit cold when facing the cat who used to bully him, but he knew that his brother only wanted to tease him, not really bullying him. 

Code-B nodded at Cellino as he opened his mouth again to speak human language. 

”It seems that you ’re growing up well. Your master is so good to you! ” 

He indirectly praised Ainsley, knowing that Cellino made a contract with Ainsley. 

This cat, who only knew how to act cute was waiting to make a contract with Ainsley too! 

Cellino could see his brother ’s thoughts in just one glance, and he couldn ’t help but snort while flicking his furry tail. 

[My master is really good to me. What? You want to make a contract with her too, brother?] 

”I want, nyaaa! ” Code-B twisted his butt as he looked up at Ainsley, who was already addicted to rubbing his fur. 

She ’s close to plastering her face onto his belly! 

”Say, Lil Ain. Do you want to make a contract with me? It won ’t be complicated at all, and you don ’t need to hold a ceremony and such. ” 

After all, he had awakened his bloodline a long time ago, and making a contract was easy, not as important as bloodline awakening.

Ainsley was busy taking advantage of Code-B ’s fluffy fur when the beast suddenly dropped a bomb, catching her off guard. 

The baby ’s fingers on Code-B ’s belly paused as she looked at the coffee-like beast with wide eyes. 

”What? Making a contract with you? Really? ” 

She had heard that it was hard to make a contract with the other two beasts, because they ’re really picky. 

But how come this one was so casual when making a contract?! No ceremony and other things needed either! 

Ainsley wasn ’t the only one dumbfounded. The other guests also heard Code-B ’s words, and all of them looked at the cat with weird gazes. 

This…so casual? Just like that? So easy??? 

If it was this easy, who would the previous generations failed and the Sloan Family declined? 

The sacred beasts are really unpredictable! 

Ainsley didn ’t know who Code-B suddenly wanted to make a contract with her, but she immediately nodded. 

”Okay, I agree! It ’s my honor to make a contract with you! ” 

Code-B instantly grinned as he rubbed his cheeks onto Ainsley ’s palm. 

”Good, good, nya~ with this, I can always play with my brother and follow him everywhere! ” 

The guests were once again stupefied. All of them twitched their lips awkwardly. 

Oh, so that ’s the real reason for making a contract….

But Code-B also added a few more sentences to his speech. 

”Consider this contract agreement as my birthday gift to you, nyaaa~ do you like it, nyaaa? ” 

Oh, this time, it ’s a birthday gift for Ainsley? 

The guests were suddenly jealous of Ainsley. How come her birthday gift could be so grand and priceless?! 

It was a contract with a powerful sacred beast! Who wouldn ’t want that?? 

Ainsley was also startled at Code-B ’s words, but when she knew that he came out to surprise her and give her this birthday gift, her heart felt warm. 

”Thank you, Code-B. This gift is perfect. You ’re so kind! ” 

”Hehehe, nevermind, nya~ first, you have to give me a name, and then we can continue making the contract. ” 

Ainsley immediately became serious as she looked at Cellino, silently consulting him about good names for his brother. 

[How about something that starts with B, awoooo? Because his formal name is Code-B, ] Cellino suggested. 

And Ainsley accepted the suggestion. 

Let ’s see, a name starting with B…for a boy. 

What kind of name is good?

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