I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 52: "Illegal Curses"

Chapter 894-895: “Online Debates Between Two Camps”

Not to mention that the talk shows director and producer attracted more audiences by adding some moremelons to enjoy– 

The two guests were actually father and daughter! 

A dispute between family members wasnt common in this show, but Ainsley and Leroys identity was really unique. 

One was a young father with two children and a husband. 

The other one was theleftover daughter who miraculously became a famous and competent mafia boss. 

The drama between the two of them would be exciting, okay?? 

The audiences started to know about the case between the two of them only a day before the talk show started to be broadcasted live on various broadcasting platforms. 

[So, the father wants to be the daughters official guardian, but because he already left the mafia family, he cant?] 

[Yeah. Hes seen as a traitor because he was their mafia boss but left the family to start a new family.] 

[The daughter is the current mafia boss and she disagrees with her fathers request to re-join the family as her guardian.] 

[Leroy didnt say that he wants to join, right? The Court Talk Shows official info didnt say that…] 

[Well, who knows? I heard that this man barged into his daughters birthday party, even bringing his other two children to make a fuss.] 

[Damn. If that info is true, this man is really nasty, right? I dont care if hes a big star or something. Hes only handsome and has a charm ability!] 

[Hey! Dont insult our Deestar brother! Hes also innocent, okay? The Sloan Family plays a trick on him to kick him out!] 

[Yeah, yeah. He also doesnt want to leave his daughter and can only come back after a few months of separation.] 

[Run run. The starfield is here. These brainless fans are really annoying, lmao.] 

[Passerby here. I think both sides are suspicious…] 

[Hey. Can you even suspect a four-year-old toddler? Isnt she the most prominent victim here?] 

[Agree. If she doesnt even accept her biological father, it means that theres something wrong with the father!] 

[Oh, geez. That toddler isnt your ordinary toddler, okay?] 

[Yes, yes. Look at her official biography. To be such a competent mafia boss when shes so young…she isnt simple!] 

[She must be a scheming kid. Rotten and poisonous. Shes a mafia boss, after all. She must have a black heart!] 

[So what?! Are you jealous of our little loli boss? All hail loli supremacy!] 

[Oh fck, the otakus are at it again. Run!]

[Lets all calm down and wait for the live broadcast, how is it? We shouldnt bully a kid, and we also shouldnt speculate against Deestar.] 

The rational netizens tried to fuel the fire between the two guests camps, but it almost had no effect. 

Ainsley might only be famous among the ability users and the mafia, but it didnt mean the ordinary people didnt know her at all. 

They have heard of her achievements but so far, most of them didnt believe such nonsense. 

They all thought that the mafia was trying to show off and made trouble. 

But after the Court Talk Show announced their latest episodes two guests, the ordinary people also actively tried to know more about Ainsley. 

These online detectives dug out Ainsleys long history from the moment she was born, and in no time, the ordinary people were all amazed. 

They watched Ainsleys battle videos, how she defended her family, which was in danger at that time…

Various news and videos or pictures were spread around nary people. 

One by one, they started to sympathize with this mafia boss who was even younger than their children. 

[I think Leroy is really an irresponsible father.] 

[Agree. When his family was in danger, he didnt appear to save them at all. It was his daughter who risked her life to save her family!] 

[What kind of father is he? After Ainsley recuperated for a long time, theres no news about this man visiting her to show his concern.] 

[He visited the family only when they became a high-ranking family. I smell a boot-licker! A leech!] 

[No wonder the daughter doesnt want this man to be her official guardian.] 

[A guardian can influence the childs decisions at all times, and he might destroy the Sloan Family!] 

[If I am Ainsley, I also wont recognise that man as my father. Scum!] 

[I read and watched all news related to Ainsley Sloan, and she doesnt seem to be a black-hearted mafia boss.] 

[Yes. Yes. The people living in her territory were all thriving.] 

[Look. She even saved children from slavery and freed the prostitutes and other slaves!] 

[Her business is also decent despite breaking the law. She doesnt sell human organs, become a loan shark and such.] 

[Yeah, yeah. Its only because the country doesnt allow her to sell potions and other items that she has to break the law.] 

[Peh. The government just wants to monopolize the market of these rare items.] 

[And look, if you see the rating on the Sloan Familys potion auction website, its all good ratings!] 

[Didnt she just build an Irregular Tamer guild recently?] 

[Yes, yes!] 

[Listen. She actually can become the sole unique tamer in this country…] 

[But she chooses to share her skill and make a guild to accommodate more charm ability users.] 

[Oh wow. Thats really a noble thing to do. She directly elevates the status of the charm ability users.] 

[Im an ordinary person, but I also know the status of charm ability users in the ability user society.] 

[Ainsley gives a lot of people a chance to have a better life and status…she also doesnt mistreat ordinary people like us…] 

[The mafia members under her ruling are also satisfied with her rules.] 

In conclusion, Ainsley is better than Deestar! 

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