I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 54: "Guard Dogs"

Chapter 897: “Ains Backers”

If they were Ainsley, they would also reject Leroy and keep him away from the guild they built on their own. 

Why should they let a traitor enter their guild? 

Not to mention this person didnt seem to love them and only favored other children. 

More and more people turned their backs on Leroy while the blogger who previously revealed some secrets stopped chatting on the internet. 

He quietly closed the forum and went to inform someone else. 

[Boss, Ive done what you asked me to do. Please pay the remaining money.] 

Zenan: [Good job. Heres the money.] 

Yes. The blogger was actually paid by someone to reveal Leroys secret…and that someone turned out to be Zenan. 

Not only Zenan. The other children also quietly hired people behind their parents and flamed the internet to side with Ainsley. 

The children created a new group chat without Ainsley and named itAin Backers. 

[Zenan: Ive done my job. What about you guys?] 

[Caca: Same here. I spread information about Leroy and made it a trending topic in the forum.] 

[Azkar: I paid a lot of keyboard warriors to scold that scum dad.] 

[Larsen: I coax my parents to boycott Leroy and cut off all endorsements related to him.] 

After all, Larsens family was a shaman family, and they did have a lot of business in the ordinary peoples society. 

Things such as incense, fortune-telling papers, and so on were popular among ordinary people, and the Larsen Family produced one of the best-selling brands. 

Once they boycotted Leroy, one could see how Leroy strives in the entertainment industry. 

[Arlin: I also asked my parents to boycott Leroy. I think one of my parents friends is the owner of Leroys entertainment company….] 

Oh, now we can see what will happen to Leroy after he attends the talk show. 

Even if he won the case, the company that signed him as an internet celebrity would try their best to hinder the young man. 

They would also do their best to press Leroy to the ground! 

[Arlin: Hmph. Hmph. I saw that scum dad at Ains birthday party and was so shocked. How could he be so shameless?!] 

[Azkar: Right! Did you see how hurt Ainsley was? Her own father was such scum, and he ruined her birthday party.] 

[Larsen: Ain looked as if shes about to cry.] 

The children knew Ainsley as someone strong, cute, witty, and wise. They never thought that the girl would be so hurt by her own dad and would cry because of him. 

She didnt even cry when she got hurt at war or when her life was in danger. 

But she almost shed tears because of Leroy. 

Well, the childrens filter for Ainsley was already beyond saving. If Ainsley knew what they were talking about, she would be dumbfounded. 

When did she cry because of that scum dad?! She was itching to kill him, ok?!

Under the joint effort of the five children, Leroys name became even worse than before and the majority also felt that hes a scum. 

Leroys agent panicked and immediately contacted Leroy. 

“Did you see what happened on the Internet? Your name is already smeared to the ground!” 

They have been waiting to clear Leroys name after he attended the talk show but who would have known that the netizens couldnt wait to scold people? 

“I know.” Leroy gritted his teeth as he read the forums and other platforms talking about how bad he was. 

“Im sure that someone played a trick behind the scenes and guided the fans to go against me. Have you investigated this?” 

The agent was really professional and had seen many things in the entertainment industry. 

How could he didnt know that Leroy was being targeted? 

“I have investigated these unknown people but I found that theyre from the ability user society. You know its hard to investigate the ability users…” 

The agent wasnt an ability user, and it would be hard to investigate the ability users because they had the special hackers and special IT teams. 

These special people could defeat ordinary hackers and IT teams as easily as turning their palm. 

This is why there was such a huge rift between ordinary people and ability users. It had always been that way. 

There was this invisible wall between ordinary people and ability users. 

Even if the ability users families might be ordinary people, but once they turned into ability users, there would be a gap. 

It wasnt only because the ability users were arrogant but also because the ordinary people feared the ability users and admired them. 

The majority of people in this world were ordinary people, but those at the top were always ability users. 

In all sorts of fields, ordinary people never became the best. 

The agent was an ordinary person. He didnt dare to investigate further after knowing that the ability users were involved in this. 

“Leroy, you offended one of the most brilliant ability users in the ability user society.” 

The agent paused before sighing helplessly. 

“Im not surprised that a lot of people who want to curry favor with your daughter will help her to suppress you.” 

The agent also informed Leroy about the various resources blocked by the higher-ups, about how his endorsement contracts were gone…

And a lot more. 

Leroy was dizzy as he listened to his agent. He never thought Ainsley would be so amazing to have so many ability users protecting her. 

When he left her, she was still the innocent and dumb three-year-old toddler. 

But maybe because he pushed her to hell, the babys personality changed 180°, awakening her buried potential. 

Bit by bit, the baby lost her innocence toward the world and became a true-blue mafia boss, even better than him! 

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