I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 57: "Selly Or Kyuseli?"

Chapter 900: “Ains Guardians”

When the passersby first saw the child with that eye-catching purple hair and blue eyes, almost all of them sucked in a deep breath. 

What an angel! Her face looks so similar to Deestar, that popular celebrity, but this kid actually looked even better than Deestar. 

Maybe because shes still a child, and her cuteness was doubled. 

Not to mention the contrast between her cute look, her title as the youngest mafia boss and the two solemn-lookingbodyguards behind her…

This kind of contrast is so cute, okay? 

These people thought that the youngest mafia boss would either be someone cold or someone arrogant. 

Or maybe she would look down on ordinary people like them. 

After all, shes such a powerful kid and also a mafia boss of a large mafia family. 

Who knows that when Ainsley came to the studio, there wasnt even any aura of a mafia boss. 

The baby only looked like a walking French doll, ready to be kidnapped. 

So cute! So weak! Ahhhh! 

Oh, well, some people who read a lot about Ainsley finally realized why some articles on the internet talked about Ainsleys good looks and her success as the mafia boss. 

The articles mentioned how her enemies underestimated her because of her cute and harmless look. 

But underneath such a cute girl was a bloodthirsty and cruel demon. 

No wonder the enemies were fooled…

Look, look, even the staff already fell in love with her at first sight! And Ainsley still didnt purposely use her charm ability….

What she had now was only her passive charm ability to make others look at her kindly and have a good first impression of her. 

But a lot of people already liked such a cute, polite and sensible child. 

More and more staff suddenly felt like cursing the irresponsible father, a.k.a,  Leroy.

“How can he abandon such a cute child? If I were him, I would never have the heart to leave her! No matter what the reason!” 

“Yes, yes. Did you see her calling some of ussister andbrother?! So polite and cute!” 

“Her voice is so milky…I cant think of her as a mafia boss.” 

“Yeah. Only the two people behind her look like a mafia. Ain looks more like an idol!” 

The passersby and the buildings staff leisurely called Ainsley by her nickname. 

Some fans on the internet even created a fanbase for the baby, and the members were a mix between mafia people, ordinary people and ability users. 

Ainsleys guild members even joined the fanbase silently and contributed a lot to make more people know about Ainsley. 

Ainsleys fans were calledAins Guardians, which means theyre all claiming to be Ains legal guardians. 

This is undoubtedly a slap to Leroys face. 

Ains fans were all fighting to be Ainsleys guardian! 

The fans also created a sect and united with people who love children and named the sect as the loli supremacy sect…

If Ainsley knew that she suddenly became a sect leader without her knowing, she might twitch her lips, shocked by these peoples brain logics. 

After gaining a huge amount of fans by relying on her cute face, Ainsley was finally escorted to the recording studio. 

The studio chosen was the biggest one, and it could accommodate up to 300 audiences plus the staff and the guests. 

When Ainsley arrived at the studio, the audience was already there, and the stage was already prepared. 

Before coming to the show, the producer team had already sent out a script about the talk show itself so that Ainsley could adapt smoothly. 

As for other arrangements…the producer left it to fate. 

This talk show was popular because it was well-known to be genuine, without any arranged scripts for the guests or the audiences. 

Many talk shows like this actually hyped the guests or deliberately asked the guests to act abnormal, just to make the show more exciting. 

But the Court Talk Show wasnt like that. 

They were good at finding the right guests to hype the show and didnt need arranged scripts at all. 

Strangely, because of this, the show became even more popular and was known for its credibility. 

There had never been any evil editing either, even when the show didnt use a live broadcast until today. 

When Ainsley arrived, the assistant director, the director and the producer immediately rushed toward her with countless snacks and other items that children liked. 

“Welcome to our studio, little boss! Heres a cake for breakfast.” 

“Good morning, little boss. Here are the rules and regulations of our show. We hope you can follow our rules.” 

“Lets go, lets go. Sit over there and then after 10 minutes the staff will guide you to record the show.” 

Ainsley had a calm smile on her face as she accepted the items and food, plus the electronic tablet, before grinning surely at the adults. 

“Thank you, uncles and aunties. Ain will follow whatever you want Ain to do.” 

! Critical hit! 

Ainsleys milky voice, coupled with her rabbit-like impression, was enough to steal the adults hearts, especially the women. 

The audiences at the studio also saw Ainsley from afar and they couldnt help but squeal. 

“I think Ain has already used her charm ability on me. Otherwise, why do I feel that shes so cute?!” 

“Hey, hey, same here! Ahhhh! But who cares. Im willing to be her doormat!” 

Obviously, Ainsley didnt do anything yet, but these perverts who liked children already became her fans…

A kids cuteness was really a weapon that could kill others without a trace! 

Ainsley had a helpless smile on her face as she went to the sofa near the stage to read the rules and regulations sent by the staff.

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