I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 59: "Quick Money"

Chapter 902: “Double J”

The studios light shone on the babys face, highlighting her good look and the camera faithfully recorded the HD image of this living doll. 

The moment Ainsleys face appeared on the screen, the audiences on the internet instantly exploded. 

[Oh my God! So cute! The real thing is really better than just photos and blurry videos!] 

[I bet she will be even cuter in person…] 

[How come I dont see any mafia boss aura on this baby? Shes so cute, okay? Looks so soft and kind!] 

[Upstairs dont be fooled. If you see her battle video, you will never say that shes soft!] 

[Yes, yes, but shes still cute. Can we pinch that cheek? It looks so good to be pinched…] 

[Me! Me! I also want to rub her fluffy hair!] 

[Am I the only one who thinks of her cute pink uniform? She obviously wants to imitate the way a mafia boss dresses up but she still wants to use such a girly color…] 

[A gap moe! Too cute!] 

[I heard that her handgun is also a dolphin-shaped bubble gun but its lethal because this baby can use her charm ability to kill.] 

[…maybe her targets died of cuteness.] 

While the netizens were discussing Ainsley, the hosts didnt let Ainsley stand alone for too long. 

The next moment, Ainsley could immediately hear the hosts voice echoing in the studio. 

“Lets take a look at one of our esteemed guests today…it turns out to be the legendary baby mafia boss!” 

The host didnt forget to introduce Ainsley to the audience and summarized her life before applauding loudly. 

“Welcome to the stage, Ainsley Sloan!” 

The light above everyones head also went to Ainsley, and the baby immediately waved at the camera while stepping up to the stage. 

“Hello. Its my honor to be here.” 

Ainsley wore a small microphone clipped on her pink tie, and her milky, clear voice instantly sounded in the huge and bright studio. 

She didnt forget to wave her small paws before calmly sitting on the sofa behind the pink podium. 

Thankfully, the podium was short and didnt block the couch at all, unlike Leroys podium. 

Because of that, the audiences who were seated at the C-shaped seats circling the stage could see Ainsley from all angles. 

No one could see anything bad about this baby, who always looked polite and cute. 

The audiences were already having a better impression on Ainsley even when shes actually a little mafia boss. 

After inviting Ainsley to the stage, the hosts didnt let Leroy come up first and actually interviewed Ainsley. 

After all, this is the shows usual operation and even if Leroy felt uncomfortable under the stage, he had to endure thishumiliation. 

The male host was the first one to interview Ainsley. 

“Hello, hello, can I call you little boss?” 

The male host grinned comically, and Ainsley couldnt help but laugh at this middle-aged mans attempt to be nice to a child. 

“Yes, you can call me little boss, uncle host.” Ainsley smiled with her eyes bending into crescent moons, cute yet slightly sly, like a small fox. 

The on-site audiences and the live broadcast audiences suddenly felt like cursing. 

[Ah, ah! So cute! Shes not using her charm ability, but shes still so cute!] 

[I know, right?? Maybe because shes an amazing charm ability user, and that makes her physique unique or something.] 

Even when Ainsley didnt use her charm ability, she could still charm people with her appearance alone. 

The male host was someone with a child, and he was also not immune to this cute baby charm. 

The mans fatherly love instantly flooded out of his heart, and he hurriedly patted Ainsleys head. 

“Wow, thank you, little boss! Youre really a cute baby!” 

Ainsley squinted while enjoying the uncles gentle pat, and the male host also retracted his hand before focusing on the interview. 

At the same time, the female host was looking at the male host with a face full of jealousy. 

She also wanted to touch Ains head! Shes a momma fan! 

The live broadcast audiences could see the female hosts face and all of them laughed out loud. 

[Hahaha, look at this sisters face! Shes so jealous of her working partner!] 

[She said: why cant I pet the little baby?! Aggrieved.jpg.] 

[Yeah, yeah. But its understandable. Julia also had children. Her motherly love is strong. Who doesnt want to stroke a cute babys head?] 

[John is so lucky to pat the little boss head, and the little boss even allows him to do that…] 

The hosts names are John and Julia, which made the shows audiences also give them a nickname– double J. 

Double J was famous for being this shows regular hosts, yet it was the first time the hosts showed such a blatant favor for one of the invited guests. 

After all, the hosts had to be partial and neutral so as not to mistreat anyone. 

But since Ainsley was just a child, everyone didnt think it was unfair. 

Thus, while the two hosts crowded around Ainsley, Leroy was left alone for ten to fifteen minutes, still below the stage. 

The young mans face darkened, and he almost fainted on the spot. 

What are these hosts doing?! Hes still down here! Cant they quickly shut up and invite him to the stage?? 

But no matter how unwilling Leroy was, the two hosts, John and Julia, only followed the shows script. 

They would need to interview the invited guest for ten to fifteen minutes which is why Leroy had to wait for that long. 

Turning back time to fifteen minutes ago. 

John finally asked Ainsley the first question that the shows staff collected from the netizens who wanted to ask Ainsley some questions. 

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