I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 61: "Where Is That Baby?"

Chapter 904: “How Ainsley Awakened Her Abilities”

“Ain, the audiences and netizens want to know how you awaken your first few special abilities.” 

“Ah, I first awakened keen hearing because I wanted to eavesdrop on the elders meeting next door.” 

Ainsleys answer brought laughter to the studio, and even the previous sad yet inspiring atmosphere was gone. 

“After that, I awakened my charm ability. I think it should be a baby charm type…” 

“How did you awaken the charm ability?” Julia asked curiously, and Ainsley smiled playfully at her. 

“I awakened this ability because I tried to act cute to the elders and wanted them to listen to my wishes.” 

Ainsley laughed as she rubbed her palms together. 

“Thats how my strong desire successfully awakened my charm ability!” 

“Hahaha. Okay, any other abilities? We heard that you have at least three to four abilities!” 

“Well, there is. I think the third one should be related to acurse type ability, but this one just appeared so suddenly….” 

Ainsley didnt talk much about her luck manipulation ability because it was her trump card. 

A good fighter wouldnt reveal all your cards to the public. 

“Okay, lets talk about how you awaken your shaman ability instead. I heard youre a shaman who made a contract with the Godfather spirit. Is that true?” 

At Johns curious question, Ainsley nodded solemnly. 

“It is true. Actually, the reason why I awakened my shaman ability and even managed to contract the Godfather is because of a lie.” 

Ainsley had never told about her pretending to be a shaman controlled by the Godfather to her people before, but this time, she planned to reveal her lie. 

Anyway, she had already successfully contracted the Godfather and became a genuine shaman. 

“At first, I need backing and a kind of deterrent ability to make the people in my family listen to me.” 

After all, charm ability alone was hard to make these old and influential peeps in the Sloan Family listen to their young boss. 

“So, I pretended to be possessed by the Godfather and pretended that Im a shaman.” 

Ainsley winked at the camera as she said this, as if to tell the people in her family who should be watching the show right now. 

“My acting is too good, and everyone believes me!” 

“Not to mention that my curse type ability emits a similar golden aura to shamans who are being possessed.” 

Ainsley giggled and her giggle slowly turned into a soft yet playful laughter. 

“I lied to them about me being a shaman and it continued until I really did become a shaman. Even the Godfather came to me because of the lie I made…” 

The audiences were all dumbfounded. They listened to this story and couldnt react for a while. 

This child is too clever, okay? 

She knew that her newly awakened abilities couldnt convince the people in her family thats why she lied to them. 

But her acting skill should be very good if she could lie to her people about her being a shaman! 

“My people rarely see a shaman, and thats why they are fooled. I also ask my secret friend to help me with manipulating the wind just to lift me to the air.” 

This way, Ainsleys lie was really a high-level lie. 

“At that time, I also used my charm ability and confused it with the Godfathers signature ability– dominance.” 

The two abilities were actually similar, and if people could use it right, they could fool others once or twice. 

“I make my people think that Im cute, but I act arrogant and mighty like the Godfather.” 

“Then, I force them to kneel but I use my charm ability instead of dominance.” 

Ainsley recounted what she did back then with a huge smile on her face, but the audiences and the hosts couldnt even smile. 

All of them felt as if they had just eaten a fly. 

This can be done too?! Pretending to be a shaman possessed by the Godfather is not easy at all. 

But Ain still did it and even fooled her people! 

They bet her people didnt know about this until now. 

Indeed, Grandpa Yofan and the others who were watching the broadcast were so shocked that they almost fainted. 

The new members and the guild members who didnt know about this event at all started to ask the old members and they finally knew the whole details. 

It turned out the boss did convince the old people by revealing her shaman ability backed by the Godfather. 

But who would have known that its all a lie?? 

“Heheheh. But this lie is precisely what makes me awaken the shaman ability and even attract the Godfather.” 

“The Godfather visited me first because of this lie, and after that, I managed to convince him to stay around me.” 

“Under the baptism of the high-level spirit, I naturally awakened as a shaman, ” Ainsley added. 

In other words, she not only fooled her people but also baited the Godfather and then abducted the Godfather to stay with her. 

Maybe she did that with her baby charm. 

And thats what made her become the real shaman and really made a contract with the Godfather! 

Grandpa Yofan and the others were speechless. 

So from the very beginning, they had fallen into this babys trap, right? 

She is really cunning! Worthy of being our boss! 

The audiences were also shocked but all of them thought that Ainsley was really witty. 

This is what people call a genius! 

John and Julia laughed at Ainsleys short story, and they started to ask a few more questions to end the interview. 

“Lets talk about your sacred beasts and contracted monsters?” 

Ainsley immediately spoke about Cellino, Bello, Ava, and even Zilla. 

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