I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 63: "Computer & Smartphone"

Chapter 906: “Who Would Protect Her?”

Ainsley closed her eyes and hid the pained look in her eyes, but the live broadcast audiences could still catch her grieving look. 

Shes recalling that hell-like experience. 

Following Ainsleys wounded look was her weak whisper. 

“I…I saw death for the first time. I saw blood…and the blood belonged to the people I should have protected. But…but I failed them.” 

The studio suddenly became silent. Everyone could feel the depressing mood, and they subconsciously held their breath. 

Even Leroy was shocked when he first heard of this and didnt know what to say.

Ainsleys voice became weaker and weaker. The baby clenched her skirt tightly and didnt dare to lift her head. 

“At that time, I was almost insane with guilt. I was really…my mental state wasnt good at all, and it was stimulated so much that my keen hearing evolved briefly.” 

“When it evolved…I can hear the voice of the dead souls.” 

The audience sucked in the cold air. Even the barrage on the live broadcasts comment section slowed down and became as silent as a grave. 

“I…I heard their pain, their accusation and their unwillingness to die. I also heard their desperate plea, begging to live.” 

Ainsley bit her lips, and she almost bit her lips until it bled. 

“I…I was terrified. I dont know what to do. I have never killed people before, and I am scared to kill. But if I dont kill, my remaining people…will all die.” 

Ainsley described how desperate the situation was back then. The Sloan Family was on the brink of eternal extermination. 

If Ainsley werent strong enough, the family would have perished. 

And if she were soft-hearted and didnt kill, she would be the one dying. 

“Really. The first time I kill people should be through the monsters and beasts that I controlled through my charm ability.” 

Ainsley closed her eyes tightly as if wanting to forget the gruesome event. 

“I…I didnt see the enemies dying. At that time, my thoughts were only to appease the soul of the dead.” 

“I know that their souls should still be around the battlefield…thats why I avenged them. That way, they can rest in peace and reincarnate safely.” 

The audiences also watched the part where Ainsley created a death requiem, mentioning the names of the dead members one by one. 

She killed ten people in exchange for one life belonging to her family. 

She really counted the number and then softly told the deceased souls that she had avenged them. 

They could rest in peace. 

For a moment, the audience could feel Ainsleys feelings when she had to kill enemies to send her people to the afterlife. 

It was the first time she saw her people getting slaughtered like that. And even the innocent villagers were all implicated. 

How frustrating should it be? Ainsley must be feeling really guilty about this and also powerless, right? 

But she didnt give up, and she fought back. She couldnt think of how she felt when she first killed someone. 

Her mind was on her deceased members, trying to avenge them to get their forgiveness. 

“After the whole war ended…I got nightmares and almost got consumed by my inner demons. If the Godfather didnt save me, I wouldnt have lived up to now.” 

Ainsley told these people what nightmare she had and how she solved the problem. 

Ainsleys story was really too interesting, albeit tragic and sad. 

The show hadnt entered the debate section, but the show had already climbed up the trending ranking in various social media platforms. 

All the hashtags had something to do with Ainsley, which made more and more people come to the live broadcast room and silently listen to Ainsleys story. 

No one ever thought that behind the babys ruthless character as a mafia boss, she was hurt to this extent. 

Because of her family massacre, she strived hard to be stronger and become what she is now. 

“Until now, I still feel sorry for the people who died at the Aretha War back then. If only I was stronger or I arrived earlier….they wouldnt have died.” 

This is Ainsleys true  thoughts which is why up to now, shes still visiting these peoples graves and talking to the monument everytime she finished a war. 

She also became super protective of her own people in any type of battle, no matter how big or small it was. 

The experts even said that the Sloan Family had the lowest casualty rate per battle and this is all because of Ainsley. 

Ainsley certainly didnt become like the Godfather who rushed to fight the enemy alone. 

She used her troops to fight but she also protected them as much as she could. 

This is the reason why many ability users who didnt want to join a mafia family finally joined the Sloan Family. 

After all, the Sloan Family had such a good boss. 

The casualty rate here is the lowest compared to other equally strong powerhouses. 

Thus, the members became even more loyal to Ainsley and they became fearless in a battle. 

They could leave their backs to their little boss and knew that their boss would try her best to save their lives, even if they only had a breath left. 

The members became even more skilful in a battle, afraid that they would drag their little boss with their own incompetence. 

Such a cycle was really good, and it made the Sloan Family stand out among other powerhouses. 

Only now did the audience understand why Ains fans were so protective of her. 

The baby had suffered so much grievance, but she still wanted to protect others. 

But what about the baby? 

Who would protect her? 

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