I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 66: "A Regressors Problem"

Chapter 909: “Activity Logs”

“Okay. Lets take a look at this guys activity log.” Ainsley signaled Elliana to move while she herself kept her eyes on Leroy. 

“Oh, right. In case people think the activity log is fake or not accurate, Ill tell you first.” 

Ainsley hooked the corner of her lips and smiled confidently. 

“The one in charge of recording the activity log is someone with super memory ability.” 

“We also transfer all the data to a computer program, and its well persevered.” 

“Our IT team can be the witness. You can also check the programs codes and history to see whether we tweak the data or not.” 

With this strong evidence, even before Ainsley showed the first suspects activity log, many people had already believed that Leroy was lying. 

[Its impossible to fabricate such complicated data just to frame this celebrity who doesnt have any impact on the ability users or mafia society!] 

[I agree. From how Ain is so prepared…it is clear that shes determined to expose Leroys lie.] 

[Yeah. On the other hand, we dont see Leroy taking out evidence, right?] 

But the Starfield at the live broadcast comment section still strongly believed in Leroy. 

[Is it possible to give proof that you have been kidnapped before? What kind of proof? Photo? Recording? Its impossible, right??] 

[Yeah. Unless Leroy reported it to the police! But hes a mafia. Its useless to report to the police.] 

[We can just check Leroys activity log a few days before hes declared missing!] 

[If Leroy is really out of the mansion, the chance of getting kidnapped is quite high.] 

[True. But if hes still inside the mansion and didnt go out at all before goingmissing, its impossible to be kidnapped.] 

[Lets see. The Sloan Family declared Leroy to be a missing person after how many days? Is it a week? A month? If its just a few days, its not fair…] 

[Lets wait for the little boss to show us the evidence.] 

Ainsley and Elliana quickly worked together to show the evidence, and indeed, on that day, the first suspect went out of the mansion to do some missions. 

But he was back only after a few hours, and he came back with the mission items required to accomplish the mission. 

Leroy saw this and couldnt help but frown. 

“He can pretend to do the mission but has prepared the mission items beforehand. This activity log doesnt prove anything.” 

Indeed, but this activity log was at least authentic,, and everyone could believe the activity log. 

Ainsleys purpose of showing the activity log wasnt to use the first suspects activity history to prove Leroys lie. 

Actually, she just wanted the audience to believe in the activity log first and then…

Ainsley smiled softly at Leroy before opening her mouth. 

“We have checked the first suspects activity log. Then, lets compare it with your activity log?” 

“Even if you were a mafia boss, the family still recorded your activity history, ” Ainsley added. 

Lets compare the activity logs! 

When Ainsley said this, Leroys face instantly became pale, and even the on-site audiences who sat far away from the stage could see it. 

This…this will expose whether what Leroy said before was true or not! 

Ainsley ignored Leroys reaction and immediately showed Leroys activity log on the day of the supposed kidnapping. 

“See here. Leroy left the mansion once, but he left at a different time and came back after the first suspect came back. So…” 

So hes not kidnapped at all. 

Leroy immediately slapped the podium and refuted. 

“I-I dont remember the kidnapping date. Maybe I mentioned the wrong date!” 

“Okay. But it should be around this date, right? Lets see your activity logs after this specific date and a week before.” 

Ainsley hurriedly showed the timetable along with the activity descriptions. 

“On the second day after the specifickidnapping date, you left the mansion three times but still came back in the end.” 

No kidnapping case. 

“The third day…you still came back in the end.” 

“The fourth day. You left the mansion early in the morning and you never came back. This should be the real kidnapping case, isnt it?” 

Or maybe Leroy went out to do some business far away from the mansion. But for a few days after he left, Leroy never came back. 

After a few weeks of empty activity logs, there was finally a new activity log…but the name displayed wasnt Leroy. 

It was Ainsley. 

“This is a memorable date. So, the family members recorded it into my activity log even when I didnt leave the mansion.” 

It was the day Ainsley was crowned as the new mafia boss. 

“As you can see, within these few weeks, a lot of members came out of the mansion and the reason why they left was to search for the previous family head…which is you.” 

Ainsley lifted her face and sent a provocative gaze to Leroy. 

Her face was calm and theres a smile on her face, but it looked so creepy in Leroys eyes. 

“Hum. Theres no case of kidnapping at all. These five suspects activity logs never crossed paths with your activity logs the day you disappeared.” 

It means that either Leroy was never kidnapped or he remembered the wrong kidnapper! 

Leroy was also a stubborn man and before Ainsley could really corner him, he would never admit defeat.

“I might remember the kidnappers names wrongly. I didnt really recognise them back then and just tried a few familiar names.” 

Facing Leroys rebuttal, Ainsley was still calm. 

“Okay, I get it. Lets see the members activity logs that have some intersections with yours and see if they really kidnapped you.”

Cmon, keep lying! 

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