I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 67: "The Dangerous Casino"

Chapter 910: “Defeated?”

Ainsleys IT team already made a program to make the data search easier. 

In just a few minutes, the big screen already showed the list of members activity logs that had some intersections with Leroys. 

“Looking at this data, every single person who left the mansion the day you disappeared left the mansion a few hours after you left.” 

Ainsley rubbed her chin and mumbled. 

“Lets see. If I am the kidnapper, I wont wait for a few hours to leave the mansion and kidnap you. Who knows where you will go in a few hours, right?” 

Leroy was almost persuaded with Ainsleys logic but he quickly retorted. 

“They can place spies around me to monitor my activities. A few high-ranking personnel also know my itinerary for that day.” 

“Okay. Lets check your itinerary for that day. We still have the recorded agenda special for the family head, ” Ainsley answered. 

Its clear that Ainsley was well-prepared and whatever Leroy said would be countered immediately. 

“Look at the split screen. The boss itinerary should be visiting the alchemist guild to discuss a potion business license.” 

This is really such a coincidence. Ainsley didnt know that Leroy had this agenda before she became the new family head. 

Clearly because Leroy left, this agenda was never fulfilled and it was finally fulfilled after Ainsley became the new family head. 

“Lets see…we can contact the Roane branch alchemist guilds receptionist to show us the guest lists from a few months ago.” 

Actually it had been almost a year, but Ainsley was sure that such a big guild like the alchemist guild would still keep the guests list data. 

Even if their guild was just a regional branch guild. 

Since Ainsley had a connection with the guild leader, she just sent a message through her phone and Gerald immediately approved her request. 

In just a matter of minutes, as if Gerald had prepared the evidence a long time ago, he sent an email containing the guest list of those who visited the branch guild that day. 

The audience kept looking at the big screen but didnt see Leroys name on it.

One couldnt use a fake name and had to show their ID card if they visited the guild for an appointment with the guild leader. 

Even if this is just a branch guild, the rule was still the same. 

Leroy should have come for an appointment with the Roane branch guild leader but his name was never there. 

“See? You never visited the guild. So what did you do? Dont say that youre kidnapped. The people who left on the same day came back in just one or two hours.” 

Its impossible to kidnap someone who left the mansion for a few hours that quickly. 

First, the culprit had to find Leroys location. 

Even if there were spies or something, it was still hard to find Leroys location, especially if he visited the guild. 

After all, kidnapping someone inside a big guild was something impossible…

“Dont say they kidnap you on the way to the guild. You obviously left early and you would have arrived at the guild sooner than any of the possible culprits!” 

And Leroy didnt visit the guild at all. 

So where did he go? 

Thats the question! 

“Let me ask you. Where did you go on that day? If its not the guild, where else?” 

“You didnt follow the agenda and you left alone without any guards or members following you.” 

This is absolutely abnormal for a mafia boss like Leroy. 

“I think you really didnt go to the guild but went to meet your lover and ran away with him, right? Thats why you left early in the morning to avoid suspicion!” 

To prove this statement, Ainsley also accessed the Mercenary Guilds guests list and showed the audience that Renmaure didnt come to the guild that day. 

As for how Ainsley got this info…a little bit of coercion was inevitable. 

Of course, the one who forced the mercenary guild to give this information was Ainsleys people… 

“How is it? What can you say to refute this?” Ainsley folded her arms in front of her chest and didnt let Leroy speak up at all. 

“Is it so coincidental that Renmaure didnt visit the guild that day at all and you also left the mansion?” 

The baby continued her attack and Leroy was almost dizzy with her accusations. 

Ainsleys accusations really make sense, though! 

“I-I…” Leroy wanted to lie, but he couldnt think of anything that could convince the others. 

The fact that a mafia boss left their house without bringing even a single subordinate was already weird enough. 

Then, he also didnt follow his agenda, which was actually quite fatal for a mafia boss. 

After all, the plan was decided by himself. If he went back on what he had planned and didnt notify others about this…

How could he become a good mafia boss? 

This evidence will just further solidify his image as an incompetent mafia boss. 

And then others would also believe that he left the family because hes not a good mafia boss, anyway. 

Leroy broke in a cold sweat, and for a while, he couldnt speak. However, Leroy was still essentially someone experienced. 

He had been a mafia boss for a few years and had also been an internet celebrity for months. 

If he didnt know how to debate with others and turn lies into reality, how could he survive in this cruel world? 

Leroy couldnt refute Ainsleys words, but he could distract her and shift the conversation. 

Leroy bit his lips and sighed. 

“I cant tell you why I didnt visit the alchemist guild and why I left early in the morning without bringing anyone. But!” 

Well, but what? 

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