I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 7: "Alarmed"

The black spots on Ainsley ’s soul were like acid, continuously gnawing on the flickering soul fire and slowly dyeing the golden-pink soul black. 

The soul looked incomplete as if it was riddled with many holes. 

Bello could see that there used to be something damaging nestling inside Ainsley ’s soul, which made this effect. 

If the soul wasn ’t treated and Ainsley let it be for decades or so, by the time Ainsley became adults, her soul would have long been dyed black. 

A black soul was dangerous for everyone because not only the soul would suddenly reject the body, the soul might also extinguish into nothingness. 

Actually, the hunters who shot Ainsley ’s soul also didn ’t want to make Ainsley ’s soul become like this because a contaminated soul wasn ’t useful for them. 

But they didn ’t mind contaminating the soul since they had a way to cleanse it before using it! 

Bello certainly knew a lot about souls and how it could be useful in all sorts of incidents. 

But he still couldn ’t understand how Ainsley ’s soul was damaged to this extent. 

Even worse, there were still some foreign substances inside Ainsley ’s soul, which was why the black spots kept growing. 

The black spots mainly corroded the golden soul part, and maybe that ’s why Ainsley couldn ’t use her luck manipulation as she wished anymore. 

The moment she used it, her soul would react, and the black spots would be agitated, which sent a soul-piercing pain toward Ainsley. 

The pink part…it was the unique charm ability that Ainsley triggered and was also affected by the body ’s special charm bloodline. 

The Sloan Family had always been a family with a charm ability inherited from generation to generation. 

All sorts of charm abilities would appear in the Sloan Family, and the strongest would be the charm effective against sacred beasts. 

Ainsley ’s baby charm was the result of her being a foreign soul, plus her body age and her hidden bloodline triggered at the same time. 

Right now, the black spots over the pink area weren ’t as much as the ones at the golden area. 

Thus, Ainsley didn ’t feel anything when using charm abilities. 

But sooner or later, she would also feel pain whenever she used her baby charm, and that would severely weaken the baby. 

The young World Tree, Elpízo, had helped Ainsley to cleanse some of the black spots, but because the root of the problem was still there, it was useless. 

As someone good at dealing with souls, Bello could mask Ainsley ’s soul aura and could actually ’operate ’ souls, just like a surgeon. 

But the time wasn ’t right. He needed Code-L ’s help, but for Code-L to be able to see Ainsley ’s soul in detail, she had to make a soul contract with Ainsley. 

Unfortunately, Ainsley was still too weak to make a contract with Code-L. 

Ainsley was already about to advance to the core-purification realm where she could cleanse her energy core. 

But because she was waiting for her abilities to fill all the slots, she had been stuck for a few months. 

Fortunately, once Ainsley managed to awaken the fifth ability, her fifth ability would directly advance to the core-purifying realm, and Ainsley could immediately cleanse her energy core. 

By then, the baby could directly break through the core-splitting realm, and after that, she would be strong enough to make a contract with Code-L. 

Even if she had only separated one ability core from her main energy core, that would be enough to endure Code-L ’s tyrannical strength. 

[Lil Ain, your soul state is quite bad. You have to get stronger quickly and let me help you with your soul problem.] 

For now, to avoid the black spots from spreading further, Bello suggested Ainsley visit the young world tree for three hours a day. 

[You can ’t just upgrade your ability skill to become stronger. You have to advance in terms of realm strength too, ] Bello added. 

Upgrading one ’s ability skill was like a qualitative improvement, while advancing in terms of realms was like a quantitative leapt. 

A lot of people choose the quantitative leapt because it was easier than upgrading their ability skill. 

It was even harder to gain enlightenment to have skills related to their ability. 

But for Ainsley, it was the opposite. She could upgrade her ability skills easier than other upgrades, thanks to Zev ’s potions rewards. 

If others had to train with their abilities for years before gaining unique skills related to their abilities, Ainsley only had to drink a potion. 

That ’s really such a cheat, but the power upgrade became imbalanced. 

[If you want to wait until you have five abilities before purifying your energy core, that ’s okay, but you have to hurry! Otherwise, just directly advance and forget about aiming for perfection.] 

The Godfather said that purifying one ’s energy soul when they had five abilities was the best move because five abilities were the first threshold of ’perfection ’. 

Once Ainsley achieved this and then purified her energy core in the core-purifying realm, her abilities would become much much stronger than before. 

The speed of ability activation, the effective ability range, and the energy consumption, all of it would improve to be better than other ability users. 

That ’s why, the Godfather recommended waiting until Ainsley could awaken the fifth ability before advancing. 

But obviously, Bello couldn ’t bother to wait for Ainsley to awaken her fifth ability. 

She had awakened four abilities in just a year. That ’s already abnormal, okay? If she didn ’t awaken another ability in a few years, that ’s still logical. 

Many multi-ability users awakened their abilities once every three years, or even a decade. 

Ainsley awakened abilities in the span of months…

Undoubtedly, it would make her knowledge of her abilities more shallow than other ability users who used the same ability over and over again for years. 

That was Ain ’s weakness! 

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